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Hello, TNT! *waggles fingers* I am rather curious. Will you be adding a feature that would allow an account to attach more than one Petpet to a Neopet at a time? My Lupe likes his Snorkle, and now he wants a Nuranna as well. I really don't want to add another Neopet to the account until I'm absolutely sure I can care for it. Thanks! ~lavendermyst
Just like you desire to be a responsible owner, so should your Neopet! We don't have any plans for allowing Neopets to have more than one Petpet, since they are an awfully big responsibility.

Hey, TNT! *gives cookies* Anyway, I was wondering... when people submit Editorial questions, do you correct their grammar and spelling? ~rosa556
Yes, we spend a good amount of time correcting grammar and spelling, so have pity on us and remember to use those fancy capital "I"s when you write in! We'll love you for it!

I've noticed lately that many users have been altering their hobbies to a more personalized version. I was wondering: is this okay? I've also wondered if there was a single place where most of the User Lookup rules were compiled, and if not, could such a place be arranged? :D Thanks and keep up the great work!
This is fine, as long as the listed hobbies are appropriate. The User Lookup rules are actually pretty simple. Don't write anything inappropriate, put up music with bad lyrics, or post your pic, and make sure all the info is visible.

Okay, um... is playing games on your side account to get Neopoints okay if ALL the funds are going to your main? Please remove my username. ~[username removed]
No, you may not play games on your side account for any reason. "What if I don't play the games on my main that day?" No. "What if I just play it once for the avatar?" No. "What if--" No.

I've seen quite a few people who have adopted a Neopet from the Pound comment about the large amount of Neomail they've received from people claiming to be the old owners. The common claim is that the Neopet was lost during a transfer or was accidentally pounded. Is it considered a scam to Neomail people who have adopted Neopets from the Pound to claim you were the original owner (and imply that, or outright ask for, the Neopet to be returned) if you never did own the Neopet? Thanks. ~michellesteward
This is very much a scam. Why? Because you are lying in order to trick someone into doing something profitable for you. If a monitor sees you doing this, be prepared to receive a warning or perhaps be frozen if we see that this isn't the first time you've attempted such shenanigans.

Hmm... something smells rotten here.

Hi, TNT!!! I was just wondering: when you go to freeze someone, do you actually have someone LOOK at what they were reported for, or do you just automatically freeze them? I think you guys should look before acting, because someone might be frozen for no reason if it's just done automatically. That being said, however, you guys are AWESOME; thanks for creating Neopets! Also, really... answer my question! (: ~flowerpower21
Trust us, while we do have programs that help us track and pinpoint people that may be cheating or behaving inappropriately, there is always a real person looking into the situation, and a real person that is deciding whether you were reported for no good reason, if you need a warning, or deserve to have your account frozen. We are human, and therefore occasionally make mistakes or misinterpret situations, but the vast majority of the time people who claim they were "frozen for no reason" were frozen for a very valid reason.

Okay, so my account got wrongly iced, but I got it returned. Hunky-dorey! :) Except... well, I had 5.2 million NP and, when I got my account back, that was all gone. Instead, I had 52 piles of dung in my Safety Deposit Box. I'm not moaning; I know you can't give NP back, but... is that, kinda, what you guys do? xD Give 1 pile of dung for every 100k (I think it's 100k *bad at maths*)? I'm just a wee bit... confused. It does seem a bit unfair that all my Neopoints are gone when I didn't actually do anything, though; especially since I don't think anyone got into my account, or else my Neopets, stocks, and items would have been gone, so... *points finger accusingly* DID YOU DUNG ME?! xDDD ~_totchi
Actually your account was iced because it was compromised. If an account is scammed, we freeze it in order to protect it, though sometimes we can't freeze it in time to stop the scammer from stealing your Neopoints / items / etc. :( Also, not all scammers take everything out of an account, or else we may have frozen it before they took everything. In any case, the dung is left over from them stealing your NP. Don't worry, though; we tracked down the thief and froze all their accounts. Hopefully this clarifies things for you and others with similar stories. We assure you, we have better things to do than stick 52 piles of dung in accounts, amusing as the thought might sound to us sometimes. ;)

Hello, lovely Neopets staff! I have been playing Neopets on and off with different accounts for six years now and, for some reason, I remember glowing fonts on the Neoboards. I believe that they vanished during one of my off seasons. Am I imagining them? If not, then what happened? ~lydacxo
You're not imagining things. We did away with glowing fonts quite a few years back, because of so many complains about them. They really could make the boards difficult to read. D:

We sure don't miss it!

Completely theoretical situation: a user starts a board that requires frequent bumping (such as advertising for a trade lot). They receive the occasional "free bump" (though I've never heard of a "paid bump," but that's outside the point) and get to chatting a bit with another person. The other person mentions something that, while not exactly inappropriate, is probably not something permitted. For this example, it's an offhand mention of "shipping" a.k.a. pairing off characters romantically. The board starter politely mentions that Neopets probably isn't the place for such topics, and the other person changes the subject and ends up leaving after a few more posts. Would the topic creator get in trouble if they continued to bump the post? They didn't say anything wrong themselves, but in bumping they are further exposing the questionable post. ~cookybananas324
For something like this, no, you wouldn't get in trouble for continuing to post on the board, though it could face deletion anyway. The only examples we could think of where you could get a warning due to someone else's post is if you quoted something they said that was inappropriate, or maliciously began bumping a board that had extremely inappropriate content or a link to a User Lookup or Petpage that had bad images. The monitor would need to use their best judgment to decide what your intent is, then warn if necessary.

I would just like the following clarified: sometimes users receive "messages" from TNT rather than warnings. The former does not qualify as an official warning, right? I recall reading somewhere that such "messages" were just little hints to players to stop them from breaking a minor rule. Please leave my username out. Thank you. ~[username removed]
Yes. We have several "non-warnings" (as we call them), which are just messages from us when we either need to tell you something specific or use one of our pre-written messages to remind you guys not to post personal information or other things that don't quite constitute a warning for the first offense. These messages do not count toward your warning tally. However, if we see that we've messaged you regarding something and you've chosen to ignore our kind reminder, we may have to upgrade to a warning next time.

I have a nephew who really wants a Neopets account, and I've heard of Neopets Jr. How do you get on it? Could you please send me a Neomail if you don't answer this in The Neopian Times? Please and thanks! ~mari681
Neopets Jr. is aged based, so please just enter his correct age when you help him sign up. If he's young enough, he will automatically be set up to play Neopets Jr., which is a more simple and pictorial version of Neopets for our youngest players. :)

Is it true that you can get frozen / suspended for not feeding your Neopets? ~cherrycoke73196
Nope. While it would not be very kind of you to let your Neopets starve, there is no direct punishment for not feeding them.

By the time it's time to vote in the Caption Contest, is it too late to send in any more captions? ~stripes_chowder
We put up all the best entries we've found at the same time, to make it more fair for voting. So, yes, by the time we're requesting votes it's too late to enter.

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