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It's Only the First Day

by yuki_azumi


"Hey, Owner Lady, what exactly are you trying to get?" asked a yellow Gelert as he watched his new owner jumping into the pile of people surrounding the Money Tree.

     A girl was pushed out of the pile a second later and responded, "Nothing really, but a toy or some food would be nice. Anyway, we should go to the Toy Shop now."

     With his tail between his legs, IsamuJun followed the girl he had barely met a few hours ago. There was nothing wrong with her, just that the minute they met she ran off in search of anything they could do that would get them something for free or cheap. Something that wasn't odd for anyone, however this Gelert hated it. The feeling of being poor, not having enough money to buy food, he always hated it and that's why he searched for an owner.

     "Okay, Jun! We're here. Let's go find something you'll like to play with."

     The two entered the shop, and Jun was glad at the lack of people buying toys. They walked around for a bit and realized there had been some sort of rush not long ago. Jun walked over to the small supply of toys still in stock and was unimpressed at the little keychains. Eventually his owner found a simple Red Yarn Ball and bought it from the Lupe who ran the store. Jun frowned at the thought of such a simple toy but thanked the girl anyway. "Thanks, it's better than that Blue Ixi Plushie you got with the Newbie Pack. So, where to next, Owner Lady?"

     The girl smiled sadly at her Gelert, not really fond of being called that. "I was thinking we'd try to find you some clothes to wear, but I don't know where to start."

     With the thought of wearing a brown sack in his head, Jun stammered, "Y-y-y-you don't have to! In fact, let's go to the Book Shop! Clothes are expensive anyway!" He then dashed off back in the direction they had come, with his owner in pursuit.

     Moments later they were both in front of the large shop and were about to enter when the girl saw another shop next door. "General Store? Oh! Maybe they sell clothes; let's check it out!"

     An old yellow Kacheek smiled from the cash register as Jun and his owner entered. "Welcome to the Ever Stocked General Store!" he said proudly. "Your days of waiting for the shops to restock are over -- here at the Ever Stocked General store, we offer a wide range of items, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!"

     "Wow, isn't this great, Jun?"

     "I guess so," muttered Jun as he tried to avoid the eyes of the Kacheek.

     The girl picked up a Basic White Shirt and exclaimed, "Look at this, Jun! I've got enough Neopoints for it too!" She then skimmed through the selection of books and picked a copy of The Big Blue Blumaroo Book and handed them to the Kacheek. "Maybe we can find a nice scarf or necktie for you too, Jun!"

     The Kacheek turned away from the cash register and noticed Jun, then smiled warmly when he said, "Well, Missy, there is the Ghostkerscarf that you could buy. Just try searching at the Second-Hand Shoppe or ask the Shop Wizard to search it at someone's store for you; they're mighty easy to get."

     "Oh really? Hey Jun, why don't we give it a shot?" asked the girl to her Gelert, who just frowned sadly at her. "Jun, what's wrong?"

     "Nothing, but I'd rather read this book you just bought," answered Jun halfheartedly.

     With that, the girl walked out of the store promising to meet up with him at the Second-Hand Shoppe. Jun began to walk off shortly after when he heard a voice.

     "Now, Isamu, what seems to be the matter?"

      Jun turned back to the old Kacheek and smiled weakly. "Nothing, Gramps." The Kacheek gave him a look that said, 'Don't try and fool me' and Jun sighed deeply. "Well, you know, I never liked this whole 'lack of money' thing. That's why I tried to leave it all behind. That's why you told me about getting an owner, remember?"

     The Kacheek nodded. He remembered the time when a yellow Gelert entered his shop and begged for a job of some kind. How the Gelert looked so sad and hopeless. He offered a simple job cleaning the shop and immediately something appeared in the Gelert's eyes; a weak fire sparked into his eyes he began to thank the Kacheek over and over. He introduced himself as IsamuJun and got straight to work cleaning the place, eager for his first paycheck. A week or so later the Kacheek had learned much about Jun and why he had asked for the job.

     "Well, you see, my dad really liked gambling. Usually my mama made sure he didn't waste all of our money, but..." Jun stopped sweeping and sighed. "She got sick; Neomonia. Dad was going to buy the Medicinal Soap after work, except I think he got in a game of gambling. He never came back.... I couldn't get the money and ended up calling an uncle who was heading to Faerieland real soon, so he took Mama with him so she could be cured at the Healing Springs."

     "What happened to your mom?" asked the Kacheek.

     "Oh she's all better and still in Faerieland, but when she called me to say she was coming back, I told her no. I didn't want to have that feeling of not being able to buy a simple medicine. I... I told her that I would live on my own. That it would be better if she stayed in Faerieland... since she could get better help over there than coming back to me."

     The Kacheek frowned at Jun, realizing it really hadn't been long since that discussion. "Isamu, I know you don't like how things are right now. Still, this is only the first day. I promise that things will change, and change fast."

     "How do-?"

     "I saw that look on that girl. She really does care about you and wants you to be happy. I guarantee that if you stick with her, you won't even care how much NP you have."

     "If you say so, Gramps," replied Jun as he walked out of the shop. "I think Owner Lady is waiting for me. Bye!"

     Jun walked in the general direction of the Second-Hand Shoppe, not really paying attention to his surroundings. Even if she cared for him, what if HE couldn't take care of HER? What if something happened and he couldn't do a thing to help? As he worried, he eventually got to the store.

     "Oh Jun, took you long enough!" said the girl as she approached him. She immediately put down her shopping bags and picked up an Adorable Hex Doll. "Here, Jun, I found this while I was shopping. I figured this was nicer than a silly ball of string."

     Jun grabbed the doll from his owner's hands and came to a small conclusion. 'It's only the first day, so of course we should start off small. However, she cares for me and I should do the same for her. I'll worry about the money later.'

     Jun smiled up at the girl and with a spark in his eyes said, "Thanks, Yuki, I'll take great care of what you've given me."

The End

Hope you enjoyed! :3

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