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Cybunny Chronicles: Letters

by mckinleybooksfan


26th day, Month of Eating, Year 6

Dear Essy,

      Happy birthday! It’s not every day you turn 16. In fact, that only happens once in your life. :p

      I am really, really sorry I can’t be with you to celebrate. Unfortunately, my family’s plans for this vacation were made even before I met you. (Hard to believe we only met a couple months ago, isn’t it?) But anyway, as I can’t be with you to celebrate, I’ll want you to send me a letter detailing everything you did! That way, it’ll almost be like I’m there with you.

      I’m enjoying our stay at Mystery Island. The weather, of course, is gorgeous. Almost too wonderful, in fact, if there is such a thing. It will be difficult to readjust to Neopia Central weather. Mom’s going to take me, Orod, and Laurie down to the beach in a few minutes, so I need to finish up this letter.

      Again, have an absolutely wonderful birthday. Who knows? Maybe today will be the day you’re adopted! (I still have trouble believing you haven’t been adopted yet; you’re a Cybunny, after all.)

      Cheers, and happy birthday,


28th day, Month of Eating, Year 6

     Dear Aear,

      Sounds like you’re having a marvelous time on Mystery Island! It must be nice for a Peophin like you to be able to swim daily.

      My birthday was surprisingly enjoyable. I didn’t get adopted, but I’m not surprised. I’m waiting for a particular type of owner to come along before I’ll agree to go with her. (I’m special. I have permission from Rose and Dr_Death to choose my own owner.) I think I’ll know the right owner when I see him or her.

      But anyways, my birthday. As I said, I enjoyed it far more than I had expected. The pets in the pound were going to throw me a surprise party, but someone fortunately realized that secrets are impossible to keep. So instead they threw a nice, normal party. Dr_Death even came by to wish me a happy birthday! I got a special cake, even if it was pink. Ick. But it was really nice, and had white rosettes on the top that spelled “Happy Birthday.” And it was huge! There was seriously enough to feed everybody at the pound for a week. Or, I should say, it would have been enough for a week if we didn’t have any Grarrls, Skeiths, or Jetsams. :D It’s amazing how much a hungry Skeith can eat! Fortunately, there was enough for everybody to have a big slice. Dr_Death and Rose are very good about keeping the bigger pets from overdoing it on sugar.

      I also got some presents. As it was my “Sweet Sixteen”, some pet decided I needed some makeup. (It’s okay, I forgive you! But honestly. Sky Blue Eyeshadow? I thought you knew me better than that!) I also got something TOTALLY awesome that’s probably going to make you think I’m a total nutcase. Seriously. I’ll even give you three guesses.

      Give up? Alright. It was a complete set of Zafara Double Agent stuff! I’m not sure if you knew, but the Agent is seriously one of my absolute favorite heroes EVER. I don’t care if she’s technically a villain; she’s one of my heroes. I think everybody from the pound chipped in a few Neopoints for that one.

      Let’s see. Oh, thanks also for the Fluffy Cybunny Slippers! Those more than make up for the makeup, so to speak.

      That was basically my day. I spent a bunch of it reading Mercenaries for Hire. All in all, it was a fabulous birthday.

      So when are you getting back into Neopia Central? The pets at the pound are nice, but I miss my best friend.

     Feel free to drop in as soon as possible!


30th day, Month of Eating, Year 6


     I’m really glad you had a good birthday. Again, I’m really sorry I couldn’t attend the party. And did you even open the “Sky Blue Eyeshadow”? I’m guessing not, since there’s more to it than meets the eye. (Did you really think I’d send my best friend an item she detests for her 16th birthday? I’m crushed. *insert melodramatic acting style here* Really.)

     So, you mentioned that you can choose your owner. How does that work? I thought that Dr_Death and Rose were obligated to find homes for pets in their care as quickly as possible to cut costs. Of course, if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine too. But you’ve piqued my curiosity!

     Mystery Island is still great. Although you can’t see it, underneath my blue fur I’m getting a nice healthy tan. And sunburn. (But that’s beside the point!) It’s things like vacations at Mystery Island that make me really glad I’m a Peophin. I love being able to see all the Pfish and other aquatic creatures up close. After all, I’m practically one of them!

     The exotic fruit is also, well, exotic! It’s also tasty. I’ve never had so many kinds of fruit in one week! And it’s all fresh. That’s really nice. Of course, we also visited the Mystery Island heads, and went on a Tiki-Tour. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever felt motion sick. Needless to say, I’m not begging Mom to do that again anytime soon. Other than that, though, we haven’t done much. It has mostly just been a relaxing vacation.

     As much fun as it has been, I’m looking forward to going home in a couple days. I’ve really missed you, Essy. Orod and Laurie are two of the best sisters I could ever ask for, but they’re not you.

     See you in just a few days!


2nd Day of the Month of Hunting, Year 6


     I finally opened the Sky Blue Eyeshadow, and OH. EM. GEEE!! I CANNOT believe you talked your Mom into adopting another pet! I TOTALLY accept your invitation to be another member of your family! I know you’ve said in the past that your mom, I mean OUR mom, (w00t!) has a tendency create her own pets. Could you tell her I’m really grateful (and ecstatic) that she’s adopting me instead?

     In answer to a previous question: I did a couple favors for Dr_Death and Rose just before I came into the pound, so they promised me a place to stay until I found a loving family of my own choosing. As I’m sure you will ask, the ‘favor’ involved a bit of specialty work which I cannot at the present time send in a letter. *insert really dry tone of voice here* Otherwise, the clowns will eat me. (Just kidding!)

     Okay, as excited as I am that your family is going to adopt me, I have just a couple of questions. Let’s start with the trivial, silly one first. :) Do you think Laurie and Orod will like me? I’ve never really spent much time with Gelerts or Lennies... And on a more serious note, I have just one small little doubt... Is your mom really adopting me for who I am, or because she’s always wanted a Cybunny? I’ll still accept your invitation no matter how you answer, but I want to know what to expect.

     Tell my new family I say “Hi!” to them all!

     Thanks again SOO MUCH!


4th Day of the Month of Hunting, Year 6


     I’m glad you liked your ‘Sky Blue Eyeshadow’. *insert wicked grin here*

     When you get home, I’m really looking forward to hearing all about your ‘favor.’ Again, you’ve piqued my curiosity!

     On a different note, I didn’t need to talk to Mom about adopting you. The day I was going to mention it, she brought it up first. It’s seriously almost scary the way she can read minds! XD

     I’m absolutely POSITIVE that Laurie and Orod will LOVE you. And anyways, even if they don’t like you much at first, they’ll soon adjust. *insert another evil grin here* I know, not helping. And concerning Mom. I’ve managed to somehow or another... not mention the fact that you’re a Cybunny. I think Mom’s guessing you’re an Usul. (Sorry, I know you don’t like them very much.) But from the day I first met you, I’ve half considered asking Mommy to adopt you. And I also knew that neither of us would want the lingering doubt of whether she adopted you because you were a Cybunny. (Don’t worry, though; she doesn’t have her heart set on an Usul. She’d far prefer a Cybunny with your personality to an Usul with your personality.)

     And I’ve got a confession to make. The last few days, we’ve actually been at home preparing your room. I told Mom you really like Rainbows, Snow, Ice, and Zafara Double Agent furniture. By the time we pick you up, it’ll all be ready! (How does tomorrow work? Or, by the time you read this, today!)

     Welcome to our family, Sister.



The End

Author’s Note: If you’re reading this, I’m in the Times! Yay! Please feel free to send me ANY comments/suggestions/questions/fanmail you wish. Thanks! And special thanks to my sister, Parmadur, for her fantabulous editing.

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