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Underwater Fishing: The Easy 5-Step Guide!

by kacim22_2


In the depths of Maraqua, an exciting new sport has come afloat! Underwater fishing, an instant classic with many Neopets today! The older, more experienced, Neopets enjoy this sport daily with a toss of the reel. But what about the younger Neopets, the ones with no experience whatsoever? Well, this guide will help you smaller ones to understand the ins and outs of casting your reel!

Step 1: Choosing a Pole

The first step to the big catch is to choose your Fishing Pole. There are so many wonderful poles out there for you to fish with; therefore I’m here to help. This might be hard at first, but once you find your pole, you’ll know it.

Basic Fishing Rod - This pole is your basic, all around, trusty fishing rod. This pole is wonderful for beginners and is great at catching smaller fish, and some medium sized fish.

Broken Fishing Pole - Not the ideal pole for ANYONE, the Broken Fishing Pole doesn’t quite do the trick. This pole fails to succeed at catching anything, and just hinders you with trying to repair it!

Fancy Fishing Pole - The Fancy Fishing Pole is much better than the Basic Fishing Rod at holding together and reeling them in! This pole can catch larger fish, but takes a bit more skill to use; not meant for beginners.

Hand Crafted Fishing Rod - This rod is quite hard to come by since its rare way of claiming it. Given out from a rare TCG code, this rod is quite advanced! Although not very popular since rejection from Princess Amira. Wonderful at catching all sorts of fish.

Orange Fishing Pole - Looking more like a toy, the Orange Fishing Pole is not in mind for serious fishers. The brightness of this rod may scare away the fish, or blind you!

Step 2: Baiting the Hook

After choosing a pole, the next thing on the list is to bait the hook. To do this, you first need to mosey on over to the bait shop, and buy some bait. There you will see a slightly freaky Grarrl. DON’T PANIC. That is just Gimble. Throw him a peanut and everything will be alright (we hope D;). Now kindly ask, in your sweetest voice: “May I please have a Packet of Gravel?” Why gravel, you ask? Well, I don’t exactly know. Now, toss the Packet or Gravel and ask for a Wiggling Grub. This little thing is going to be tricky to keep hold of, so keep an eye on it! Once having full control over it, slide the little sucker onto the hook. Don’t worry! This didn’t hurt the little thing one bit! If we could talk to them, maybe we could be for sure, but scientists think they are naturally immune to pain. Now, the Wiggling Grub will be trying to get away while you're feeling bad for it, so fold it over and slide it on the hook once more. Congrats! Your hook is baited!

Step 3: Casting the Line

This is where most beginners get a bit baffled. Casting your hook is the next step in our process. First, take your pole, confirming that the bait is still applied, and place it over your shoulder. Make sure your hook doesn’t catch onto your clothing! Next, prepare for the cast. Look around to make sure you won’t hit anyone with your crazy casting skills, and look up to see that you won’t hit something that might cause the Fishing Cove to collapse. After all this is done, you are ready for the cast! Take in a deep breath and then hurl the fishing line over your shoulder. But wait! Make sure you hold onto the pole! Maybe I should have said that first... if you just threw your pole, I advise you don’t go into the water to look for it. Mysterious things lurk throughout those waters...

It seems you’ll have to buy another and try again.

Step 4: The Catch

You’ve done it! You’ve finally caught a fish! Now what to do? First off, tame your fish by stroking it and singing “Old McDraik”. Once your fish has calmed down, you can shove him in your pockets and head home, or continue on to the next step. Either way, it has been a successful day of Underwater Fishing!

Step 5: Showing It Off

Now that you have your prized fish (caught by YOU!), you’ll probably want to show it off! It can be a bit awkward to know how to show off your catch without ever doing so, so here are a few ways to go about this.

I CAUGHT SOMETHING! LOOK WHAT I CAUGHT!!1! - The ever popular scream and shout reaction is great for getting attention, although you may get a few complaints. Try to keep your volume at a semi-deafening yell.

-poke- Hey, check this out! - The quiet approach to showing off is nice, but not quite as satisfactory to younger Neopets. To do this, poke someone next to you (not Gimble; he tends to be moody) and quietly let them know that you caught something.

Wow, I really do rock. Do I get any better? - The self show-off is a Neopet who doesn’t feel too comfortable showing out around others. This is perfectly normal, and wonderful if the elders are around.

Now you can enjoy the fish you’ve caught, and look forward to catching more fish every day! To keep your fishing pole in ship-shape, make sure you re-string it every day. Also, if you get really into Underwater Fishing, make sure you nab some Lucky fishing gear; which could possibly make you slightly more lucky for your next fishing trip! There are also some fishing sets available for you to enhance your fishing experience! Keep an eye out for any new fishing gear that comes out so you can stay on top of your fishing habits. I hope this easy 5-step guide lead you through your fishing troubles without any sticky seaweed along the way!

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