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ALL of the fonts have shrunk to about size 2. Is this a glitch? I hope that you can fix it; I can't read like this. Could it be that it's just me? I can't tell, since I have no side accounts. ~rebeccag12363
It sounds like a browser issue to us. Try going to "View" at the top of your browser menu, then scroll down to “Text Size” and see if you can fix it there.

Just out of curiosity, why didn't those of us who answered "Your Mother" to Round 246 of the Lenny Conundrum get credit for our effort? ~donfay11
You should have gotten credit if you only responded with "Your Mom/Mum/Mother." The answer we were really looking for, however, was "Your Mom." :)

On the smilies page it says :[ will give you the :K face but it doesn't. In fact, :[ messes up your font. ~givemechocolateores
Woops! We think the :[ predates NeoHTML. We will look into fixing that.

I don't know why, but I absolutely love the bucket of fish from the Neomall. Also, thanks for the free Space Faerie doll for Premium members! Yes, I do have a question. I'm just wondering why people who buy Neocash via Paypal don't get a free item, but those who redeem cards do. It seems a little unfair. ~joancrr17
The players that bought the Neocash Cards from the store basically got a Virtual Item Code, which comes attached to most of our items. The Neocash Cards are just like any other plushie or toy that you might buy. Since there's no physical item with a Paypal purchase, there is no virtual item code attached.

My friend and I have been going through our SDB lately and we have both noticed that several of our items are missing. The items in question are sponsor items, such as cereal boxes, gum, and a certain fast food chain's items. While I realize that, like the sponsor games, sponsors pay for these items to be floating around Neopia, is it not a little dishonest for you all to pull them from our accounts after the agreement has expired? Could you at least put some sort of warning in the item's description like, "This item will disappear after its sponsor has sent us their last check... buy with caution." These are items we have spent our hard earned NPs on and for them to just up and disappear is not fair. ~misskitty_purrs
The items were not destroyed, just changed into items that are more Neopian. None of us here can think of any instance where we have actually removed an item completely from existence.

*is confused* So I was just playing Kiss the Mortog and could not help but notice that they no longer explode... why is that?!? ~debcat76135
OMG THEY DON'T! We will look into this and see what is going on.

Alas, I was enjoying the whole non-blowing up thing... :(

I'm going to get right to the point: what happened to my awesome subscription to the Neopets Magazine? Are you not making any more magazines? *sniffle* :( ~lizzie401neo
We're also sad to see it come to an end, but hopefully it won't be our last magazine.

Hi TNT! I've got a question. If someone comes in, say, second place at Better Than You, then wins first place the following week, what happens? Do a gold AND a silver trophy appear in their User Lookup? ~bpkeller
No, the silver is replaced with a gold trophy. :) Also, if working properly, there should be an "x2" under the trophy, as well.

Dear Neopets Team, I was just wondering why all Neopets have to have different names? It's actually kind of annoying to always have to add 006 or something on the end of my Neopets' names. So maybe you could change it so that we can name our Neopets whatever we want, or if you can't, just tell me why it has to be that way. ~1stlittlepig
We think no one would like it if they tried looking up "sweet" or something and had 200,000+ results. Our servers/database wouldn't like that either, and we think Neopets are quite happy all having unique names.

The Neopets site used to have smaller images of Neopets that would randomly appear when viewing a pet's lookup; it almost seemed like it was raining them (it's raining Neopets!). I've noticed, though, that when those funny little pictures appear nowadays, they show the old Neopets from before the era of customization. Is this just a mistake or is it intended to show us what Neopets (the site and the pets themselves) used to look like? ~_riding_queen_15_
It's not really a mistake, per se. It's just something that didn't get removed when we redid the site and added customization.

I don't know if you are good with hypothetical situations, but here I go. Say I have a friend that keeps getting frozen for no apparent reason who isn't getting a response back from his queries. Now, I have a side account on a different email that I no longer use. Could I give this account to my friend, under the condition that the account is completely emptied and the friend changes the account's email address, password, etc.? Please omit my name. Thank you. ~[username removed]
Oh goodness, no! Do not EVER give an account to someone, especially someone who has repeatedly been frozen. That will only end up with both accounts involved being frozen. Neopet accounts are free, so this person can just make a new one themselves. If they want an older account, tell them to earn it themselves by not breaking the rules.

There is a bank account called Ultimate Riches, for Neopians with more than 10,000,000 NP deposited. I mean, are you serious?! Who has that much -- well, except The Neopets Team, of course... but will normal players (like me) be able to reach that goal? ~lana1234567
Actually, a large number of players have that and far more. Neopets is a very large game with a lot of ways to make Neopoints. Also, very few members of TNT have that many Neopoints. If we have that much, it's because we've earned it just like you.

Just like in real life, investing your Neopoints can really help your income grow!

Dear TNT, on the news page for January 16th (Elephante Day, no less!) you used the term "Zombom." What in Neopia is a Zombom?!? ~hard_candy_flame
Zombom is a “who,” not a “what.” He's one of the many mini bosses you'll need to defeat while playing Neoquest II.

You guys seriously need to make some kind of law regarding allllll the lame introductions that about 95% of the Editorial questions have. Please, for the sake of us Neopians that are tired of all the "*hands you a cookie/asparagus/any type of odd food*" and "*throws a rock*" stuff, I beg you to do something! ~litefoot
Trust us, we're about thiiiiis close to editing them out ourselves. *eye twitch*

So TNT, something random I just thought of... does it really bother you when our questions/intros are longer than your replies? For example, the ten liners from us and your one line response... =) ~pandanata1

Wooaah... on the news pic for Sloth Appreciation Day, Sloth is playing the flute/piccolo backwards. o_o Was that intentional, like, he has the superior intellect and twisty hands of doom to be able to manage it? ~nyteviper
It almost sounds like you're claiming that Dr. Sloth may have made a musical error. We're sure that isn't the case though! However, his "associates" may have to stop by your Neohome later and make sure of it.

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