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All About Antwerphs

by daburro



The Antwerph- one of Neopia's most overlooked petpets. One of the most forgotten and unknown petpets- the Antwerph. You, the reader, do you know what an Antwerph even is? Based on the responses I get from people, I bet not. Well, lucky for you, this article is about everything you could possibly what to know about that cute, little petpetpet-devouring anteater know as the Antwerph. Read on to discover the amazing beast. Before we go into how to care for them, let's start back in the prehistoric times of Neopia.

-Far, Far Back into the Past-

The year was 5,000 BN. With no humans in sight and only a few Tyrannian pets around, ferocious petpets roamed Neopia. One of them was the mighty Antwerphtaraptorous. Being as large as average modern day pets, it was able to easily feast on smaller, bug-like petpets like the Buzzeraptor and the Zebbasaur. The Antwerphtoraptorous lived mainly around what is now known as Geraptiku. Besides the fact that it ate petpets that were smaller than itself, the Antwerphtoraptorous was a very peaceful being. It would not fight unless threatened by something, like a Gratlikasaurous. But this is probably what caused the Antwerphtoraptorous population to become so low. Eventually, the Antwerphtoraptorous starting changing and evolving. It became smaller and more agile to avoid larger foes. Being small, it had to eat smaller things. With the sudden invasion of small creatures know as petpetpets, the Antwerphtoraptorous had tons to eat and the population began to rise. (This may explain the rarity of petpetpets today) The Antwerphtoraptorous changed over many years, becoming today's Antwerph! However, no one knew about the Antwerph until The Lost City of Geraptiku was no longer lost, and it was discovered amongst the ruins.

-Today and Recent Happenings-

In the present, the Antwerph is a rather rare petpet. While walking around crowded areas like Neopia Central, you'd rarely see a pet with an Antwerph. Instead you'd see things like Doglefoxes and Harrises, maybe even a few Lizarks and Blugars, two other Geraptiku petpets, but no Antwerphs. Why this is, I have no idea. In shops, the Antwerph is priced roughly around 20,000 to 30,000 Neopoints. This is relatively expensive, but to me, I could care less about much they are. If they were 100,000 Neopoints and I didn't have one, I would still buy one. I love Antwerphs, plain and simple. Getting back to the article now! Currently, Antwerphs can not be painted at the Petpet Puddle. I know, it's horrible. But maybe, TNT can work their magical magicness soon and spot some strange coloured Antwerphs running around. :) Hmmm?

Getting back, recently a few months ago, Antwerphs would refuse to be owned by pets! Why they did this is beyond me. So unfortunately, many pets were left petpetless and their owners sold their poor Antwerphs and bought new petpets. I know. It's terrible to think about.

Currently, Antwerphs live in the wilderness of Geraptiku, like where they used to live thousands of years ago. Living mainly away from people and pets, they are quite a rare sight. But if you're lucky you may just spot one climbing on the deserted tomb or exploring the inside. However, a mysterious something captures Antwerphs as well as other petpets and sells them at Geraptiku Petpets. Who does this? We may never know.

-Antwerphs, How to Care for Them-

So, you finally decided to get an Antwerph, eh? Great! But, oh yes! Do you know how to properly care for them? No, I didn't think so! Here are some ways to provide the best care possible for your miniscule Moach munching friend.

1. Supervision

Being active and inquisitive, Antwerphs love to explore and travel. You should never leave your Antwerph unsupervised because they can wander away from home and go back the wild. Or worse, it may just try to eat someone else's petpetpet. Imagine what would happen if you met a pet whose petpet had a Mootix and your Antwerph ate it. You'd be chased all the way to Kreludor, that is, if you're lucky.

2. Housing

Antwerphs love to play in bushes and fallen branches. I recommend that you add a room onto your Neohome made entirely of bamboo or other natural material to make your Antwerph feel at home. Also, filling the room with indoor trees, as well as having your Neohome covered with them, will be excellent.

3. Food

Antwerphs are fully capable of feeding themselves, and with petpetpets being expensive and rising, this is a very good thing. As I said before, though, always supervise your Antwerph so it doesn't eat someone else's petpetpet.

-The Antwerph's Future-

No one knows what lies in store for the coming years of Neopets. Not one soul (except Adam, Donna, and the other TNT staff members maybe) knows what will happen. There may be things like petpetpetpets running around- another snack for an Antwerph. Maybe there will even be an Antwerph Day in the future, like other popular pets such as the Symol. Based on the number of Antwerphs today, there will be quite a few in the future. But looking at how many are actually cared for and given a loving home, there won't be too many... Very sad it is. Hopefully this article will show people how wonderful they are and perhaps buy one and give it to a beloved pet.

-Why Antwerphs??-

You may have already asked yourself when you read this article, "Why Antwerphs?" Why Antwerphs, you ask? Why do I make a big deal about such a unpopular petpet? Well, I think Antwerphs are the cutest petpets in Neopia! Their lavender and reddish brown fur is so dazzling and unique. Their tiny black eyes are so soulful and deep.

"Are you insane, Daburro?" Yes. Yes I am. Or am I? I don't know. I do know though that I love Antwerphs. And this, brings a close to my Antwerph-tastic article. Thank you for reading this article by a much esteemed Antwerph enthusiast.

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