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Can you cover up your shields? Someone said you could and now I'm confused. ~cutelizzy_y92
You can cover up your shields with original art, but you cannot cover them with another Neopets shield or anything that specifies a number of months or years that is untrue. Basically, something that says "Forever" or "Way too long" is fine, but if your account is 3 months old and you place the Neopet 36 month shield over it, or vice versa, you will have your UL cleared.

Don't display me if you haven't earned me!

Well, since I'm writing in, I'd like to thank you guys for doing a great job on Neopets (Yay, praise!). You guys come up with so many things to keep us busy instead of thinking where our plot prizes are... *shifty eyes* anyway, I'd like to ask -- I've seen people having 5 Neopets recently and, when asking around the ever-helpful Help Board, I was told that it was merely coding and that not all the Neopets were theirs. True enough, when I checked, 2 out of the 5 Neopets weren't theirs. Not meaning to get anyone in trouble, but... is this against the rules? I mean, I'm not that envious (my 4 Neopets keep me awake all night long already) but I'd just thought I'd ask... ~wanling1424
Hrmm... we talked about this and decided it is okay, as long as:
* You are not purposefully trying to trick anyone, and if anyone asks, you must tell them it is coding.
* You must own the additional Neopet(s) on a side account. Claiming you own Neopets you don't is part of that tricking bit mentioned above.
* The Neopets are part of the stats, which are not to be covered at all, so do not modify existing Neopets to make them look like something else. Everyone must be able to see which four Neopets are on your account.
* While we can't see any problems with this if the rules are followed, we may discover something later that means this will no longer be allowed. If so, no worries. We'll mention it in the Editorial/New Features and give everyone plenty of time to change their code. This is just our disclaimer. :P

Hey TNT! First off you all did a great job in the games room, it looks awesome. There is one minor detail it seems has been left out. Why is there no 75 Neopoints for every 100 points scored? I loved those statistics! Please bring them back!!! ~jadedwolv
Yup, sorry about that! We're still tweaking things and will be updating again with a few changes. :) Ratio and other information will be available, as well as the ability to once again change the game quality.

Hrm, we need a game-related image...
This okay?
Eh, close enough!

In the last editorial, someone talked about the Tale of Woe and said something about Sophie's lab and doing something with potions. Also, in several comics, I saw them talking about digging. I know that I can't go to these places but I just want to know, where WERE these places? I would be thankful if you guys could tell me. ~machoman96
Sorry you missed out on the plot! The various areas were unmarked, clickable areas around the Haunted Woods. Part of the fun to plots like these is finding the areas in the first place, so we usually don't tell. ;) To clarify for others, though, these areas are no longer accessible since the plot is now over.

Thank you so much for reading this, TNT! *hugs* Okay... I've never been frozen, and I've never broken any rules (as far as I know). However, I really need to know two things before I do something that I don't know is wrong. One, will you get frozen for saying that your Neopet has a "mate" in its description? Two, is it against the rules to use the Lab Ray on two of your accounts? I know you're not supposed to use Neopets as a dating service, but I'm not sure if that counts. Also, I know you're not supposed to use your side account to make Neopoints or get extra items, like from the Snowager, but what if you've earned two Lab Rays? I didn't cheat to get them, and they're not giving me any special Neopoints or items. Also, what about quests? If a faerie gives you a quest on your side account, are you allowed to accept it? Thank you so much for answering, if you do! It's really important to me; I've been playing Neopets since the year it started and I don't want to get frozen. ~naako
Mates are not allowed, so you're right to be cautious. :) Simply mentioning that your boyfriend has an account or that your Neopet and another Neopet are close is fine. However, RPing romantic involvement with any person/Neopet/animal on Neopets will result in a warning or freezing. You shouldn't go around asking for a boyfriend or girlfriend for your Neopet.

As for the Lab Ray, as long as you earn the Neopoints for it on your main account, then send the pieces to your side account, it's perfectly fine to have Lab Rays on all your accounts. :)

Faerie quests are fine, too, as long as they are random event faerie quests, not ones you request like the Snow Faerie or Illusen/Jhudora quests. If you need to purchase something to complete the quest, buy it on your main and send it over, or just send the Neopoints over to buy the item there. :)

As for... oh, that was the last question. *whew*

Thank you for doing your best to be a good Neopian!

Good job on the new games design; it takes a while getting used to, but it is definitely nice. That said, when you updated the games room, it seems that the Balthazar Basher game/high score table disappeared! Please tell me that this was a simple mistake and that you didn't intend to remove it from the site. It is one of the few Battledome-related trophies that Neopets users can aim for... ~djeanmi
A chunk of the games that have high score lists but do not have a game page (the one that has the "CLICK TO PLAY" piece on it) weren't updated to work with the new system. We're currently tracking all of those down and updating them as we find them, so if you know of any more, let us know! Balthazar Basher should be added back in shortly!

I LOVE the new gameroom, but there is one feature I am not sure of! What do those medals I see everywhere mean? Could you clear this up? Thanks! ~clubdirthill002
These are basically game play achievements each game has earned. It's just an interesting fact about each game and how popular it is. We'll be putting up a key for what each medal means so you can see. That will come with our next update we mentioned above (with the Neopoint ration, quality selection, etc.).

Ahh, we knew there was a logical explanation!

I am concerned with the messages below the Advent Calendar, Tombola, and many other places that say "IMPORTANT - Do not use more than one account per person to claim the prizes. This is against the rules, and people who cheat will have their accounts frozen." or something like that. My brother and I both have an account, so I was wondering how you would be able to tell if we both wanted to claim our prizes, so we went on both accounts and got them. Could we be frozen? This has been bugging me for a long time, so please answer my question. I really don't want to be frozen, and I don't think that my brother wants to be, either. You've done a wonderful job on Neopets! Thanx! ~hailey1010101
Don't worry, we understand that families often play Neopets together! :) We have quite a few ways to determine the difference between families and cheaters. Things you can do to help is making sure you and your brother have different email addresses, passwords, names, etc. Otherwise, just play as you normally do you'll have no problems.

PS: To all those multiple-account cheaters out there, we have other ways of tracking, so don't try to use this information to be clever and try to hide. ;) *cackles*

TNT, say if a Neopian *cough* was frozen a time or two for breaking the rules (which is not good!) and they make a new account, trying their hardest to be a great Neopian and follow the rules. Will you forgive them for the past? (Not giving old account back just forgiveness.) ~0kitten
Good question for a number of reasons! It usually depends on what you did that got you frozen in the first place.

Most people are welcome to return if they can behave, especially if it was for something minor like spamming or multiple accounts. We understand people make mistakes, so we have no problem with users returning if they're willing to follow the rules. For more serious offences, such as repeated scamming or cheating/botting, there is little tolerance for those who return. Though we wish we could completely forgive them for their past mistakes, there are far too many people who simply come back again and again, repeating their same poor behavior, and it's our job to do our best to make sure they don't ruin the fun of others.

We often get asked why someone with 2 or 3 accounts has them all frozen when only one account broke the rules, and why, if they return on a new account, they're frozen immediately without warning. The answer is that just because the account is "clean" doesn't mean your track record is. If you've been repeatedly warned and frozen, it's clear to us that you don't intend to play by the rules on any account. Your side or new accounts may be frozen straight away, or they may be frozen for the first infraction (instead of receiving a warning) because we know you've already received warnings of this nature before. Basically, if you make a mistake, you're welcome to try again and we won't hold it against you, but you'll only get so many chances. If you've been repeatedly warned and frozen on other accounts, the excuse that you've never been warned on your new account won't fly. You've had plenty of chances in the past.

I have completed Aaa's challenge, on my main account, and I have two questions. One: what species of Neopet is he? The head is so distorted that I can't tell. And two, what are the points useful for? I have 846 points. Are they spendable somewhere? Please help me. I am totally confused. ~fnoog
Aaa is a Blumaroo, of course!

What do you mean my head is distorted?!?

As for the points, they're just a way to see which challenges were harder than others. They will not be used for prizes, since you were awarded a prize for each challenge you completed. ;)

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