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And It All Ended with Peachbread

by bubblebob052


Faye glared at Karidee with tear-stained eyes. How could she have done this to her?

     Faye was a cloud Poogle, often emotional.

      Karidee the white Acara simply looked at her friend. She was tired of her friend always overreacting. The two lived in a small, one-roomed apartment. They had met in Neoschool as youngsters and had been friends ever since, but the two were very diverse. Karidee was simple and elegant, while Faye often cried, corrected other Neopets, and demanded attention.

      Today the cause for Faye's unhappiness was the fact that Karidee had had enough of her friend's childishness. She was tired of her always being so particular and bossing her about. She had been planting some flowers in her section of the garden when Faye stormed outside and demanded that Karidee let her do the job right. So, she decided enough was enough and told Faye to take her bothersome irking somewhere else.

      "Do you really mean it?" Faye asked her now.

      Karidee hesitated then barked, "Yes, I do. Now go away. Go annoy some other poor soul."

      Sobbing, Faye ran off.

      Karidee smirked, knowing the crybaby would be home soon, begging forgiveness or ordering an apology. She finished planting her flowers, then went inside and washed up for supper. She basked in the glory of having to prepare a meal for only herself and not some ungrateful rat, then she fixed a steaming Meaty Pot Pie.


      Meanwhile, Faye was sitting in Oscar the orange Ogrin's large living room sipping from a vast mug of coffee. Oscar mulled over her predicament, then advised her to wait it out and see what would happen.

      "But where shall I stay?" Faye asked with big, teary eyes. "I have no friends but you and Karidee in this neighborhood."

      "You could stay here, but what would my sister say?" Shrugging, he added, "Guess you'll find somewhere, love." Then he escorted her to the doorstep and shut her out from his world.

      Faye's lip trembled and she burst into tears. She ran wildly from Oscar's home, bumping into strangers; some were sympathetic, but others shouted scornfully at her to watch out. Soon she was in Neopia Central Plaza. She found a nice tree and curled up under it, falling into a horrible nightmare.


      Karidee was startled from a catnap. She looked around. She had fallen asleep in her Pink Bean Bag Chair. She bit her lip and sipped from her Purplum Mocha. She glanced at the blue clock on the table by her seat and jumped. Five hours had passed since Faye's departure. Normally Faye never stayed away from home this long after an emotional breakdown.

      Karidee placed her empty coffee mug in the sink and trundled to bed. She prayed that a tenderhearted friend or helpful stranger had taken Faye into their home for the night. Karidee promised herself she would look for her friend tomorrow as she fell into an uneasy sleep.


      The sun peeking over the horizon awakened Faye the next morning. Guessing it was around five A.M. she stood and stretched. Then she remembered where she was and why she was there and scowled. Anger had replaced her fear and sadness. Then with glee she realized that Karidee would most likely come looking for her. Faye decided that she would play a game of cat and mouse with her, letting her worry and suffer for her unkind deed.

      Then her stomach rumbled. She checked her pockets and discovered she only had four hundred Neopoints on her and she was very hungry. She strolled to the Food Shop, happy to find a box of 100 NP Neocrunch and a 150 NP carton of milk. She purchased both, then went to a nearby bench and ate her breakfast. As she ate, she wondered what Karidee was doing.


      Karidee woke up and yawned, remembering right away the task before her. She made up some Toast with Jam and Fresh Lemint Juice then quickly gobbled it down, eager to find Faye.

      She put her dishes in the sink, then hurried out the door, locking it behind her. She contemplated where to search first. She knew Faye would be too scared to visit anywhere but Kiko Lake, Roo Island, or Faerieland, so she assumed she was still in Neopia Central and began her short journey there.


      Faye waited impatiently for Karidee to show up. She had decided to come out of hiding in ten minutes when Karidee appeared, walking toward the Money Tree calling Faye's name.

      "Faye! I'm sorry! Where are you?" Karidee called.

      Faye giggled softly and slipped into the shadows behind the Petpet Shop. When Karidee turned and headed off toward the Art Centre, Faye took the opportunity to run. She dashed to the Neopian Bazaar and hid behind the Toy Shop, stifling her snickers

      After about an hour of her hide-and-seek game, Faye was tired and decided to go to Faerieland for some peace and quiet.


      Meanwhile, Karidee broke down sobbing by the School Supplies shop. She was so worried about Faye. She checked the Pound, the Soup Kitchen, and the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters one last time before returning home and vowed to search for Faye until she was found.


      Concurrently Faye checked her pockets again, upset to find only 150 Neopoints left there. She reluctantly bought a Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie for 145 Neopoints and made sure she enjoyed it. Then she nestled down on the clouds for an early bedtime.


      The next morning, a blue Lutari awakened Faye and asked her if she was all right. She nodded and sleepily sat up.

      "Are you sure, miss?" the kind stranger asked.

      "Yes, but I'm just a little hungry," Faye replied, her stomach grumbling.

      "Maybe you could come to my home for tea and explain why you were sleeping in the clouds."

      Hesitating slightly, Faye shyly replied, "I suppose." Then took the Lutari's hand and followed her home.

      After telling Miss Caroline, the blue Lutari, her story, she sighed and took a gulp of her Strong Berry Java.

      "Well, you can't run from this Karidee forever. Why, with what you've told me about her, I wouldn't be surprised if she's out looking for again you right now!"

      "You really think so?" Faye asked, her big eyes wide.

      "Of course! Now you run along home and make your amends. Here, take some of this with you," Miss Caroline ordered, giving Faye four slices of Peachbread.

      "Oh thank you! Thank you so much!" Faye exclaimed.


     Karidee sat sulking in her Pink Bean Bag Chair. She downed some Earl Grey Tea and was about to get up and search for Faye again when the door banged open and Faye ran in.

     "Faye!" Karidee cried, taking her friend into her arms. "Oh I am so sorry for the terrible things I said to you. Could you ever forgive me?"

      "Well, I have missed you. And you've been searching for me and worrying about me like crazy, so yes."

      "How did you know?" Karidee gasped.

      Faye gave an impish smile. "I was watching you."

      Karidee scowled, then lightening up said, "Well, at least you're alright."

      "I'm sorry too," she said and gave the bread to Karidee, who made a snack for herself and Faye.

      "It's so good to be home!" Faye said. Then, hand in hand, they went to bed.

The End

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