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Game Guide for Kou-Jong Addicts

by steward26


Also by wamhk


Weary from your journey, you enter the young Kougra's ship cabin, hoping for a bit of distraction from the rolling sea. Instead of finding a refreshing cup of tea on the table before you, you see stacks of glittering, painted tiles. The Kougra invites you to sit down and try her game, which she calls 'Kou-jong.' You begin matching the tiles, pair by pair, until the table is clear. As the Kougra starts restacking the tiles for the next round, you realize that you're beginning to feel quite relaxed.

Kou-jong is a very addictive game. Knowing how to play does not mean that you are good at it. Luck plays a very important part too. On top of that, you still have to move (move the mouse as quickly as you can) and think fast as well (think if you can have another move by matching these two tiles). My guide will show you step by step how to master the game to complete the game. Read on...

Before getting started

Okay, this section is for those who do not know how to play. If you know how to play, please move on to the next section. Before you load the game, adjust your resolution to high so that the game will not go so fast. Set the game window size to as small as you can in order to move around in a small area. Go to your start button on your extreme left hand side, and then go to the setting mode and find the control panel mode. Click enter and find a mouse picture and click on it. Go to pointer option and adjust the pointer speed. Try the speed that you are capable of controlling for the cursor to move from tile to tile to clear. If you adjust it too low or too fast, you will encounter difficulties on getting the cursor to be on the tile to clear. You must remove the tiles in pairs. The pairs must be the same and be "free". "Free" means that the tiles must not be blocked by other different kind of tiles lying above it or partially covered.

Identify your tiles

It consists of bamboo, dot, pointed hand, food, pagoda, dragon, birds, folded hand fan, flowers and season tiles. Bamboo and dot tiles are from number one to nine. For number seven tiles there are two kinds; one, the top is red, while the other center is red entirely. So look and choose wisely. Folded hand fan, food and dragon are different in colour. Birds only have one kind and colour. As for season and flower, they have four different kinds, but you can mix and match them to clear.

Difficulty level

There are three difficulty modes: easy, medium and hard. There are three stages in every mode. For those who do not really know how to play, try to start with easy mode first. When you are comfortable with that difficulty mode, then you can move on to the harder modes. Eventually, you will be able to tackle the hard mode.


You are given 3 hints for you to solve in each stage. Use them wisely! I usually scan through first and when there seems not to be any moves left, then I will use it. Using the hints blindly will only cause you to lose time scanning the remaining tiles and in return, you will lose the bonus time. Do not worry if you have used all the hints in that stage. They will be awarded back on the next stage or resetting the game when there aren't any moves left.

Easy mode

For the easy mode, you will be awarded 32 points for first stage, 34 points for second stage and 58 points for the third stage for completing the stages. There will be a bonus time of 60 seconds for every stage. For those who know how to play, it will be an easy level for them but as for those who do not know how to play, you have to learn to look and think fast in order to complete and clear fast to gain the bonus time.

Medium mode

You will be awarded 74 points in stage one, 62 points in stage two and 114 points in stage three. 180 seconds of bonus time will be imposed for every stage.

Hard mode

This difficulty level is for the experts. 144 points will be awarded for this mode for all stages. A countdown of 360 seconds of bonus time will be awarded for completion. It is wise for you to open the window as big as possible as most of the tiles have four of the same kind. If you happen to see four free tiles, take it quickly so that you will unblock some of the tiles that you can clear. If you happen to see three tiles of the same type, this is the time for you to choose which two of the three you need to clear to give you the best chance to clear another type of tile. For this round, it is wise for you to slowly clear from the top to the bottom. By having too many tiles on top, you may encounter the problem of having no moves later on and thereby resulting in resetting the game. Nevertheless, even if you reset that particular stage, you will not lose any life in this game.

Completion on each level

Every mode will have three stages to clear. Although the same amount of bonus time is imposed for every mode in different stages, the tiles are stacked differently. I feel that stage two is usually the most difficult stage to clear because the tiles are stacked higher (with the exception of medium mode because there are fewer tiles in stage two than stage one in that difficulty level). This is the reason why you have to clear the tiles from top to the bottom as I mentioned earlier.

Neopoints earner

You need to clear at least one stage in order to send score and gain Neopoints. For example, if you clear easy mode stage one and you send a score without any bonus time, you will gain 32 points and you will be awarded 48 Neopoints.

Trophy collector

For my advice, I think you should play as many times as possible to gain experience and practice your eye catching tiles tactic to clear the tiles and move your mouse as quickly as possible. Luck plays a very important part as well, so keep your fingers crossed until you clear the stage. If you think that the stage you are playing does not give you a good score or you do not gain sufficient bonus time, reset it and play it again.

Hopefully with this guide, you will be able to get a new trophy to add to your cabinet. Good luck and have fun!

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