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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 147 > Editorial


Are you going to be doing anything else in The Ruins Of Maraqua? The place seems to be just sitting there now with no significance except for the colouring pages and the Bubbling pit... - Cat_cat_cat23
Yes, we plan to do a great deal with Maraqua including a cool plot involving pirates, amongst other things. This won't be released until early 2005 though.

In reply to the "the Neopets is Down For Maintenance Pteri", and turning it into a battledome opponent. I have another annoying piece that was put out to torture Neopians that we could turn into an opponent. That would be the Wheel Of Monotony. its driving me nuts but thank you bunches. - Benzchevychi
Hehe.. I can see your point there.

Could you please consider making an avatar for the people who make it to the top ranks in the gourmet and book clubs. I'd like to retire my pet from the gourmet club to give others a chance at that position but I'm scared you will release an avatar after I fall. - Adodo64
I will forward this on. Personally I think its a great idea.

What was the answer to the last Lenny Conundrum? It did not show it and people did not get the avatar and the prize. Is this a glitch or did you get rid of that one? - Xthedragontamerx
There was a glitch that happened when we moved a few things to another server. It should show now. In case you can't see it the answer was 1,971,000,000 NP.

Where do you find Neocola tokens, when on Kreulodor it says you can find them on the space station but I cant find them anywhere, could you tell me where I fight find them - Edgehead03
I believe they are sold in the Space Battle shop on the Virtupets Space Station. You may also be lucky enough to get one when you redeem a virtual prize code.

Would you be willing to make some more Jeran things? Like an avatar or perhaps more books ect... I mean he is Meridell's greatest hero yet there seems to be very little about him. I want to make a gallery dedicated to him but oddly enough *hint hint nudge nudge* There isn't much I can collect. - Lily_bluewaters
Yes, in fact the day Meridell was first discovered is coming up very soon and there will be lots of Jeran and other Meridell themed things added then.

Can you please make the bank let people have more withdrawals as they increase bank levels and show the number of withdrawals you have taken?? - Lizi71
I am not sure about this, I will have to talk to our programmers.

Can the Staff TCG Tournament be played faster? I guess everyone of us is eager to know who will win it but it is still in first round - Skysky1983
We are trying to get everyone to hurry up, but they have to fit their game playing around work so it will take a little time :)

Is Dieter the Polarchuck's name pronounced as one who is on a diet or is it pronounced as the German name, Dieter? I could guess, but I've learned the only thing I can truly expect from neopets is that the staff likes to be as random as a bald wombat in a giant rubber glove. - Curlysloo
It is Dieter as in the German name :)

What program is used to draw the Neopets? - Ofuwari
We mainly use a program called Flash made by Macromedia. There are more details about the programs we use and how you can get them on this page.

How come you guys never mention Canada Day for the Canadian neopians? I for one feel unappreciated. Could you maybe do something about that? - Evils_misstress

I am fairly disappointed at the new Kougra. :( The Kougra was cute how it was, but now, its horrible. It was adorable when it was sad, now its really, silly looking when its sad. Maybe you could change the Kougra back? Please? I loved it the way it was :'( - Arwyn_1189
It seems you are not alone. I have received many comments about how existing Kougra owners are upset with the recent makeover. I have added a poll to the front page where you can cast your vote as to whether or not you think it should be redone.

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Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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