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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 147 > Comics
A Little Grey #3


by starrkitty03

About a Buzz

Wouldn't it be funny if it weren't about a Buzz?

by caster_oil

And The Meepits Outgrabe

Look at the Meepits! They're outgrabing!

by kittylin


Something has happened!

by nefelim99


Lightning bites.

by ardor187

Diddley and Squat

They don't know diddley squat.

by angels_love85

Dr. Sloth's Disguise

In other words, the disguise that belongs to a Sloth who specializes in medicine.

by paige_mathews2000

Family Fun!

Ohmigosh! They have circles for feet!

by coin_s


Algebra... grrr....

by linzee27

Getting Past The Snowager

Chia Flour? I think I'm in love.

by stoneman3x

Humor of the Flowers

That sooo wasn't funny.

by angelpup5738

If You Only Knew...

It's too bad you don't know, because if you only knew....

by mindela_me

It's Just...

That's a dang big bead of sweat....

by lilaznstar25

Major Malfunction

Foom goes the flower....

by moonxtal


Oooh, lense diffraction!

by neekko


Everybody mombo!

by placid_nightmare

Neopia Over Used

#11. Funny comic descriptions.

by hyper_n_confused


Well, duh.

by mintiz

Rational Lunacy: Modern Art

I don't know what to think about these Tonu realism artists... they sure paint life as they see it!

by tambourine_chimp

Really Confused

"About A Scruffy Haircut"

by stoneman3x

Slightly Insane

Spin rhymes with thin, which rhymes with bin, which rhymes with....

by penguizon


I've seen that hairstyle somewhere....

by szlord

Straight From The Meepit's Mouth


by caitlin_morgan

Testing... 1-2-3

Let's bake a pie!

by mltmlt22

The Guardian Ixi #5

100 NP a minute? What do you think I am? RICH? Huh? HUH!?

by sir_draikalot

The Hitchhikers Guide To Neopia: The Prelude

What is it with big beads of sweat these days?

by mewmaster26

The Meerca Siblings 3

One fat Quiggle + one small Airax = one heavy load.

by comedian872001

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny: Fetch

Down, hyperactive Doglefox, down!

by immortalmina

The Pet Patrol Revolution

Howdy, neighbor!

by neo_tomi

Typical You

Silly Lalomele!! Oh, Lalomele, you're SO silly!

by spiker7786

Version: My Pets

The delicate texture and exquisite color make for a masterpiece... right?

by blue_bunny_


If Neopia is a big blue box, then yep, you're back.

by fostic_popcorn

What In Neopia? #12

Yeah, a Sponge Kiko that's suspended in space forever.

by wonderweezel

Woes of a Comic Writer

Food... just food....

by rainbowface94


A big mean animal... yeah, that's the last time we listen to what you say.

by _demon_master


"In the Failing Light" by barbcat00 - Nobody who came here noticed the lights. Nobody except the Lupe, and that is why he never went into the front... more>>

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In the Failing Light
The deafening pandemonium in the front room reached a crescendo and the Lupe was forced to put his paws over his ears in a vain attempt to block it all out...

by barbcat00

Okay, So a Lenny With a Flamethrower and A Plagiarist Walk Into a Room...
"Okay, Lennert… well, I'm sorry that completing my first article isn't cool enough for you…"

by buddy33774

It's Supposed To Be Fun
I myself can relate to those saving up for something special. Granted I have been very fortunate, I play games and try to rack up Neopoints just like the rest of you.

by charmedhorses

A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume F – K)
Well now it’s time to continue that article with even more petpets, these ones ranging from F through K.

by playmobil_is_my_life

Jungle Eyes: Part One
When the class arrived on Mystery Island, they were all oozing with even more excitement than before. They could hardly concentrate...

by blubblub317

Twice in a White Weewoo: Part One
"You ain't gonna find a white one for 400,000 Neopoints. White Weewoos are still a new thing. But there a few brown ones. Follow me."

by ridergirl333

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