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The Neopian Times Week 147 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Fourteen

The Defenders of Light: Part Fourteen

by npmasterx01

Total Destruction

All of a sudden, the statue started to move. The eyes of the statue lit up and the rest of the statue turned black except it's claws and the area around the eye which was red. It looked like the Monoceraptor.

    "The DNA of this ancient beast was used to create the Monoceraptor, but was nowhere near the power of the Monoceraptor. Dr. Sloth tried to copy the Monoceraptor, but it was unsuccessful. He also tried to copy the Monoceraptor which was another beast that was meant to battle the Monoceraptor and destroy him. With the help of the good wizard and the Monoceraptor, this great creature was locked away. What happened to them afterwards is still unknown even today," explained King Cobra.

    "King Cobra, help me," said a fatigued voice. Everyone turned around to see a mutant Grarrl crawling towards Cobra.

    "Why should I help you?" asked King Cobra.

    "Please," begged Anaconda very weakly.

    "You disobeyed my orders and stole equipment to sell for lots of Neopoints. What happened to those Neopoints? You kept them!" yelled King Cobra.

    "How did you know about that?" asked Anaconda exhaustively.

    "I have watchful eyes all over the base and even outside of it," said King Cobra as Chameleon grinned. The grey Shoyru looked more serious than ever before. There was something different about him.

    "I still have all the money! I will give it back," said Anaconda once he was barely standing in front of Cobra.

    "Sorry, I will have to make an example of you!" said King Cobra.

    "Let me handle him instead," said Chameleon. "He has something that belongs to me anyway."

    "No!" said King Cobra. "I have a better idea! He will be the first to test the power of the Monoceraptor"

    "Please no!" begged Anaconda as the monster aimed at him. A bunch of lines led from his head to the rest of his body as he stood there. They changed colors. About ten seconds later, a giant ball of energy formed in his mouth and the creature shot it at the mutant Grarrl. As the fourth snake disappeared in the blinding light of his attack, there was an ear shattering scream. When the smoke cleared, there was nothing left of him. There was only a very large crater in the ground.

    "His Chaotic wave is legendary! Nothing has ever been left after that attack. Not even the strongest armor," said King Cobra. Dr. Livingston stood up.

    "Come on! We will finish the fight later! We must regroup first!" said Dr. Livingston as he ran to the elevator.

    "Do you really think that I will let you go?" asked King Cobra. Dr. Livingston put his hand into his pocked and pulled out a small device. He attached it to the wall and it activated.

    "This bomb has enough power to blow this building sky high," said Dr. Livingston. The rest of us followed him. Dr. Sloth had disappeared and King Cobra was left behind with the creature. The Dark Ninja appeared in front of the monster that was about to attack us.

    "Get out of here now!" said the Techo. "I will distract the Monoceraptor!"

    "Thank you!" said Canken as he disappeared into the elevator.

    As the elevator doors opened and we exited onto the rooftop, there was a small ship waiting for us.

    "You were planning this all along," I said. All of us went aboard the ship and took off from the roof. A moment later, there was a large explosion. I turned around to see the building disappear in a cloud of smoke and fire.

    "I am glad that is over!" said BurnDragonX.

    "It is not over yet," said Dr. Livingston. "They are still alive!"

    "How do you know?" asked Barry.

    "Well, from my recent research I have discovered that it would take a lot more power than that to destroy the Monoceraptor," said Dr. Livingston.

    Our ship landed in Meridell. There were soldiers and civilians standing around the area.

    "You look like you need healing," said a voice. I looked up and saw the Water Faerie.

    "How did you get here?" I asked.

    "Dr. Livingston was communicating with us as you were battling and the word was spread that we would need an army to defeat this creature," said the Water Faerie as she cast a spell on me. "Your health has been restored. I will now heal the rest of your friends."

    "Thank you!" I said as she walked away. A familiar Lupe approached me.

    "How strong is this monster?" asked Sabre-X as Grarrg walked up from behind him.

    "Unbelievably strong! It annihilate one of the four snakes like it was nothing," I said.

    "All of the Ransack army has been captured, but the Defenders of Light Headquarters and the X-Ransackian buildings have been destroyed. We are taking care of the remaining soldiers. We also gathered up all of the willing Neopets and joined them with the two other armies. All of the Ransack generals and leaders have escaped without a trace," said Grarrg.

    "That is one less enemy we have to worry about," said Sabre-X. "I hope you destroyed those androids. They are the ones that destroyed the buildings. None of us stood a chance against them. We were forced to retreat."

    "Why don't you go rest in the castle? Skarl says you are allowed, because of what you did for him last time," said Grarrg.

    "We will be preparing for battle," said Sabre-X. "You will be notified of when we leave as soon as possible."

    "Thanks," I said as I headed toward the castle. Once at the castle, I was greeted by Jeran.

    "The chance of us winning looks grim with how people have described this creature in the past. What was it called again?" asked Jeran.

    "The Monoceraptor is worse than the descriptions," I said as he directed me down the hall until I reached a staircase. I climbed to the top and saw the Green Knight. He asked me some questions and I nodded in reply. The knight pointed to another staircase that I had to climb. When I looked out of the window at the top of the stairs, I saw the Citadel far in the distance. The room I was in had a bed made of wood with a mattress stuffed with straw. I laid down on it and fell to sleep. About an hour passed.

    "Hurry! Look out the window!" yelled a voice.

    "We better get down there fast!" said another voice.

    "I will tell King Skarl!" said a more familiar voice.

    "Wake up!" yelled a deep voice from downstairs. I started to hear footsteps getting closer. I looked toward the doorway and saw Master Vex enter the room.

    "It's here! He's here! They are both here!" said Master Vex. I sat up and looked at him questioningly. "King Cobra has arrived!" said Master Vex.

    "Where exactly is he?" I asked.

    "He is in the castle!" said Master Vex.

    "How did he get in here?" I asked.

    "King Cobra walked up to the castle without anyone noticing it was really him. There are so many different colored Neopets around here that he easily got through the crowd," said Master Vex. "It wasn't until he met Jeran that he was discovered. The small snake marking on his body gave him away."

    "What is he doing?" I asked.

    "All the soldiers inside of the castle can't exit the building to fight the monster with him blocking the doorway!" said Master Vex.

    "This always happens when I sleep," I said. "Why are you here? I would have to think that you would be the Citadel still."

    "There is no time for explanations! What do you think we should do?" asked Master Vex. As we made our way down stairs, I looked out the window. There it was! The Monoceraptor blasting soldiers away with a shot from it's mouth.

    "Good thing it takes sometime to gather the energy for a giant blast such as the Chaotic Wave. Of course, it should have more than one attack," I said. As we came down the last set of stairs, there was a voice from the other room.

    "Come on! Who will be the first to die? Nobody will challenge me?" asked Cobra.

    "I will take you on!" challenged a voice. There was the sound of a sword being drawn and then a loud cry of pain. When we finally entered the room, there were soldiers all over the place crowding around the entrance. As we got a closer look, I noticed an armored Skeith on the floor with a sword in his hand. He had tried to attack Cobra, but failed to see the villain's strike coming.

    "Surrender your king and I will promise not to kill all of you!" said Cobra. "No takers? All right! It is your funeral!"

    "HeckDragonX," whispered a voice. I turned around to see BurnDragonX, Barry, Gin, Bain, Canken, Dr. Livingston, and surprisingly Tonimono.

    "Okay," I whispered. "What is the plan?"

    "We will do everything! All you have to do is finish him off," said Dr. Livingston. Barry's eyes turned white and he used his psychic attack to keep Cobra from moving anywhere. In other words, he couldn't move his feet, but Cobra could still move the rest of his body. Gin appeared behind Cobra and he grabbed onto the staff. The Desert Shoyru pulled back. Tonimono, Bain, Canken, BurnDragonX, and Dr. Livingston attacked Cobra while he wasn't looking.

    "Heads up!" I said as I jumped into the air and threw two Lost Desert Daggers at Cobra. He disappeared before they had a chance to hit him.

    "He is outside!" yelled one of the soldiers. All of us exited the castle to find that the Monoceraptor had stopped attacking. Cobra was right on top of it.

    "I will give you ten minutes to come up with a new strategy," said Cobra.

    "Why do you think he is doing this?" asked Barry.

    "He is just toying with us for his own amusement," said BurnDragonX.

    "Never mind him! We can use some extra time," said Dr. Livingston. We followed the scientist up the stairway. He led us to King Skarl and pulled a map out from his pocket. The scientist laid it on the table.

    "So you have a plan?" asked Skarl.

    "Yes," said Dr. Livingston before Sabre-X started to explain.

    "We will attack him from all sides! More soldiers should be arriving soon to aid in the battle. Maybe even some unexpected help might occur today," said Sabre-X.

    "The troops have already surrounded him," said Grarrg as he entered the room. King Coltzan III entered the chamber, too.

    "I have gathered up some men to help combat the corrupted villain," said King Coltzan.

    "Will it be enough?" asked Sabre-X.

    "This creature's power is ineffable," I said. "We can only hope so."

    "Tell them to attack at once!" said Skarl. We followed the Green Knight outside the castle and into the crowd of soldiers. The knight drew his sword and commanded them to attack. The soldiers drew their swords and ran towards the creature. They did anything they could to defeat the monster, but it was too strong. Their swords bent when they tried to strike it. Arrows just bounced off of his hard leathery skin and hit another soldier instead. Even Grarrg tried to attack it. The back of the monster was unguarded until his tail magically extended and a dagger sharp needle appeared at the end.

    "What do you think we should do?" I asked.

    "Well, he now has defence on all sides except from above," said BurnDragonX.

    "We need to snatch that staff from Cobra," said Bain.

    "How are we going to do that?" asked Canken. "Maybe Barry can bring us up there with his psychic powers."

    "Sorry," said Barry. "My power was drained after all of the fighting today. I will have to wait several hours until I can use them again."

    "What about Dr. Livingston's ship?" I asked. After we found and went aboard the ship, I told Canken and Bain to stay with the troops.

    I claimed the pilot's seat. The aircraft took off from the ground and started to approach the Monoceraptor When Cobra caught on to our plans, he started to shoot at us with the power of the Staff of Chaos.

    "We've been hit!" yelled BurnDragonX.

    "We lost both of our wings," explained Barry as the ship slowly descended and span around in the process. When we were about to hit the ground in front of the Monoceraptor, I steered the ship to go straight up into the air. After we were about twenty five feet above the monster's head, Gin, BurnDragonX, and I jumped off and landed on it.

    "I destroyed the ship's wings!" said King Cobra.

    "They are for decoration," I said.

    "Get them off your head!" commanded King Cobra. The Monoceraptor started running in the opposite direction of the castle throwing it's head around. I quickly grabbed onto one of it's horns. King Cobra just stood on the creature without even moving. "Stop!" commanded Cobra. "Looks like I will have to deal with them myself."

    "Are you going to try anymore of your tricks or are you really going to fight us this time?" asked BurnDragonX.

    "I am tired of you ruining my plans!" said Cobra. "I would still have an army right now if it wasn't for you and the rest of your friends. Once all of you are gone, I can rebuild my army with this mystical beast at my side."

    "We'll see about that," I said as I threw one of my Lost Desert Daggers at the Desert Shoyru. It stabbed him in the arm, but not the arm I was aiming for.

    "That was unexpected, but that will not happen again," said Cobra as he attacked me with his staff. I fell off of the creature's head, but grabbed onto one of the spikes on it's back. I slowly started to pull myself back up again. From my position, I could see Gin and BurnDragonX fighting the villain. It was a good thing that Gin represented endurance in the X-Ransackian group. It took me two minutes to get back up to the top. To my surprise, they weren't doing too bad. I guess it was because I threw the dagger at his other arm. Since he was too busy battling, I decided to throw my other dagger at him. This time it hit his back. He quickly pulled it out, turned around, and threw it back at me. With great skill and practice, I caught the dagger in my hand by the handle. The blade was almost touching my face. King Cobra tried to tackle me, but Gin hit him in the side instead.

    "What are the soldiers doing?" I asked as I spotted them running towards the beast. Canken was leading the charge. I also just noticed that the Monoceraptor was focusing it's energy toward it's head again.

    "Your friend is a fool!" said Cobra who stood beside me watching the action from above. I called Canken on my DOC.

    "What are you doing?" I asked.

    "I am buying us some time," said Canken.

    "The reinforcements have arrived!" said Dr. Livingston from the DOC. All of a sudden, faeries of all types started flying around the Monoceraptor's head.

    "They are casting a spell," said BurnDragonX.

    "Where is Barry?" I asked.

    "I am fighting some ships that are coming from the direction of the Virtupets Space Station," said Barry from the DOC.

    "I guess Sloth decided to hide behind his army again," said BurnDragonX.

    "The engines have been destroyed! I will have to land!" said Barry.

    "This time there is no way you can win!" said a familiar voice.

    "Commander Garoo!" I said in surprise. All of a sudden, a ship appeared in the sky. It started to shoot at the faeries.

    "I see his aim is very good," said Dr. Livingston. "I will take care of him!"

    "There aren't enough faeries to complete the spell," said a voice on the DOC. The faeries started to attack the monster instead. The Monoceraptor quickly turned away from the faeries and attacked them with his tail.

    "It is too powerful!" said another voice as the faeries retreat after three attacks from the creature's tail. The soldiers continued the charge and the creature sent a Chaotic Wave sailing towards them.

    "Canken, turn back now!" I commanded.

    "Sorry, I can't do it this time!" said Canken as he disappeared in the blinding light. From all of what had just happened, I had forgotten about King Cobra. A force from behind knocked me off of the creature. After I hit the ground, I noticed something as I stood up. The stone in the Monoceraptor's foot. Gin and BurnDragonX were also attacked the same as King Cobra did to me. The only problem is that they had ran out of energy to fight or even get up. I approached his foot and pulled at the stone. It didn't budge one bit.

    "Need some help?" asked a voice from behind me. I turned around to see the Dark Ninja with Barry and Bain. All four of us pulled at the stone together, but it still didn't move. King Cobra fell from the sky and landed in back of us. He attacked Barry and Bain. The Dark Ninja disappeared as the two defenders fell to the ground. The evil Shoyru laughed.

    "You have crossed me for the last time," said the Desert Shoyru angrily. He swung the staff at my head, but I ducked just in time. I drew a sword that I had used in a battle not too long ago. King Cobra continued to strike me with his staff, but I kept blocking his blows with my Shoyru Battle Sabre.

    "This dual is getting us nowhere fast," I said.

    "Patience is the true key to success when attempting to rule Neopia," said King Cobra as he threw his staff at me. The end of the staff was as sharp as a blade. I quickly moved out of the way as the weapon sailed through the air and stuck in the side of the hole that contained the Revival Stone. The Desert Shoyru approached the Monoceraptor's foot and quickly pulled his staff out of the creature. The grip of the stone was weakened dramatically. All I had to do was pull it out. Cobra shot a blast of energy from his staff and I fell to the ground. My endurance failed me as I tried to get up again. "This fight is over," said King Cobra as the Monoceraptor lifted the evil Shoyru from off of the ground and put him on it's back. Then, he transported himself to the monster's head.

    "What just happened?" asked King Skarl.

    "We're doomed!" exclaimed the Court Jester.

    "Our only hope is that we can over come this creature with our small army. We might have to go our there and battle the Monoceraptor ourselves," said Dr. Livingston.

    "Perhaps the Castle Defender will save us," said King Skarl.

    "I will now destroy your pathetic excuse for an army," announced King Cobra. As the Monoceraptor advanced toward the castle, I continued to try to stand up again. The monster almost stepped on me, but stopped about a foot short in distance. The Monoceraptor aimed at the troops and focused it's energy to it's head. The creature was almost ready to fire when I finally stood up and threw my body at the monster's leg. I pulled at the stone, but with such a great loss of energy, the rock would not move. Time was running out and I could not stop King Cobra from getting his way. The Monoceraptor fired a Chaotic Wave at the large group of soldiers. Just then, I remembered something that would have helped me a long time ago. Before we left the Ransack base, I had saved the Monoceraptor's Claw from getting destroyed in the explosion. Only seconds remained until the impact of the monster's attack. I quickly attacked the Revival Stone with the powerful claw. King Cobra must have seen me because right after I attacked, the Monoceraptor kicked me and sent me flying about a yard in front of it. The Chaotic Wave disappeared before it had the chance to hit the ground. The stone had been removed from the hole.

    "What is happening? I can't move! Curse you, HeckDragonX!" exclaimed King Cobra. The monster's foot turned grey and it expanded up the rest of it's body until the creature was completely covered by it's doom. The grey started to spread onto King Cobra, too. "No!" yelled Cobra as it covered the rest of his body. Once the process was complete, the statue descended back into the depths of Neopia's core. The hole disappeared and so did the statue. Neopia was safe once again. I guess I fell asleep right in that spot. When I had awoken, I was in the Neopian Hospital.

    "What happened?" I asked.

    "You mean that you don't know?" asked Barry. I turned around to see Tonimono and Dr. Livingston standing next to him. Next, I examined the rest of the room. BurnDragonX and Gin were in two other beds next to me sleeping.

    "Never mind," I said. "I am also guessing that you shot down Commander Garoo."

    "You should rest," said Dr. Livingston. I fell asleep again after that.

    Later, we visited all of the people who had helped in the fight. By the time I was done, the sun was going down. The headquarters was a mess! Nobody knew exactly what they were going to do. The Dark Ninja had disappeared and everyone else went home except for Barry, Dr. Livingston, BurnDragonX, Bain, Gin, and I. All of a sudden, Jeran appeared from out of nowhere.

    "What is it?" I asked. We were standing in front of the ruins.

    "We found Canken's helmet!" said Jeran.

    "I guess he got what he wished for," said Gin. "He will be in the history books for sure. The first one to actually have something found remaining of them. I will never hear the end of this one."

    "Brutal and Fury have escaped," said Jeran. "There were guards everywhere, too."

    "Right now, I would believe anything," said HeckDragonX.

    "Do you think Cobra will ever return?" asked BurnDragonX.

    "I wouldn't doubt it. This is just the beginning," I said as I looked into the sky. "I can't help but wonder where Chameleon went."

The End

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