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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 147 > New Series > Jungle Eyes: Part One

Jungle Eyes: Part One

by blubblub317

Also by chocolateisamust

Makiki was sitting eagerly at his large wooden desk in class 213 at the Neopia Central Public School, impatiently waiting for Ayrauna to enter the class so that he could discuss the exciting events planned for the stimulating day. Around the island Gelert were his classmates who were chatting animatedly about the fieldtrip to Jhuidah's Cooking Pot. Every single student had a grin plastered on his or her face. Suddenly, a blue Zafara hopped in the class and began shuffling to the desk located beside Makiki's.

      "Hey Makiki!" the Zafara piped contentedly. She jumped into her desk-chair and turned to her best friend. "Aren't you excited for the fieldtrip today?" she asked with definite enthusiasm in her voice.

      Makiki beamed at her and nodded. "Who isn't? We've been waiting for this fieldtrip for two months and now it's finally happening! I really can't wait to see how the cooking pot looks like and the different things that are in it!"

      Ayrauna nodded as well. "Well, I'm really excited about meeting Jhuidah! She looks so cool! Plus, she's my all-time favourite faerie."

      All of a sudden, Ms. Makoka, their teacher, stepped in the classroom and strode to her cluttered desk. She then turned to her favourite class and exclaimed, "Are you guys ready have fun to today?"

      "YEAH!" the class cheered.

      The red Kougra beamed, gathering a first aid kit and an overloaded handbag into her paws.

      "Then let's all go the harbour to catch the ferry. All of you pick a field trip buddy to stick with; I do not want to see you without them. Please have your permission slip with you and I will collect them as we leave the classroom. And please, stay in an orderly line, and stand beside your buddy."

      After reciting the rules that she told her class prior to every field trip, Ms. Makoka scurried over to the door and yanked it open.

      The classroom was quite hectic for a moment; pets flew across it, trying to find a buddy, and once they had, all ran over to the door to give Ms. Makoka their permission slips. Soon, though, the buzz died down, and 21 pets (including the teacher) were parading down the linoleum-floored school hallway, and toward the Neopia Central Harbour.

      Ayrauna and Makiki (who had picked each other as buddies), walked side-by-side, grinning happily at each other. This field trip was sure to be absolutely remarkable. They exchanged cheerful looks and remarks the whole way to their first destination. It took a short amount of time to arrive at the small ferry that was awaiting the eager group of students.

      "Could everyone please listen to me?" Ms. Makoka yelled at the top of her voice from the front of the lengthy line. The students' chattering muted and the group was now paying close attention to their teacher.

      Ms. Makoka began explaining a new set of rules to the class. "When you board the ferry, please do not try and move around to much. There is very limited space for the class. And I certainly ask you NOT to fool around! I'm warning you all that any fooling of some sort will be reported immediately to your guardian."

      Ayrauna gulped nervously while listening intently to Ms. Makoka. She never enjoyed it when her teacher became dreadfully serious. There was always this feeling in the pit of her stomach that one day, her teacher would burst into anger and become a terrifying beast. This would sound exceptionally comical to many of her classmates, but for her, it was a fear that she would certainly not share with anyone. Not even Makiki.

      Makiki unexpectedly cut through her thoughts. "Finally!" he exclaimed cheerfully, "We can board the ferry!"

      The extensive line began moving hastily. Within seconds, Makiki and Ayrauna were on board the diminutive ferry. They were instantly squished in the corner of the boat, but neither of them minded much. Their thoughts were too busy thinking about Jhuidah and her mystifying Cooking Pot.

      All of a sudden, the tone of a motor erupted in the still afternoon air. The ferry began moving slowly but surely away from Neopia Central Harbour. Makiki and Ayrauna were now on their way to their second destination, Mystery Island, where a cluster of adventures would be awaiting them.

      "So," Makiki whispered, "how long do you think the ride will take?"

      Ayrauna gulped. "I dunno'," she whispered back, "Alexa - my older sister… she went on this trip two years ago - only told me that it's pretty long when I asked her."

      Makiki sighed, leaning his head against the cold, slippery ferry wall. He had never liked boats in the first place, and sometimes got seasick while on them for too long. Ayrauna turned away from her friend, and she peered over her classmates heads and out toward the sparkling blue ocean. How pretty it was! She looked at it for most of the 2-hour remainder of the ferry ride.

      When the class arrived on Mystery Island, they were all oozing with even more excitement than before. They could hardly concentrate; Ms. Makoka's speech about another set of rules went into one ear and out the other.

      "This'll be fun!"

      "I can't wait to see Jhuidah!"

      "It's so beautiful here!"

      Those exclamations and more were the words coming from the Kougra's class.

      "CLASS! CLASS! Settle down!" the Kougra bellowed.

      The class's chattering dimmed but there were some occasional shouts of anticipation that popped from the students. The group of pupils then began pursuing their teacher, who was now marching steadily down a rock-strewn path.

      Makiki and Ayrauna tremendously enjoyed the stroll to Jhudiah's Cooking Pot. They got to witness many of the exciting locations that their siblings had mentioned so many times before. The two friends crossed the paths of the Training School, Tiki Tours, The Beach and Techo Mountain.

      At last, Makiki, Ayrauna and their classmates arrived at the entrance of the Cooking Pot. The class couldn't have been more excited then this. Calls of zeal erupted from almost all of the students in the class. Suddenly, a petite faerie appeared at the entrance with a large smile on her face.

      "Good morning, class 213." Jhuidah addressed the course group cheerfully with a strong accent in her tone, "Are you ready for a fun adventure?"

      For a second, the class was deathly still. However, the silence shattered when the group of students hit the roof in cheers. Even Ms. Makoka was clapping with a big smile on her face.

      Jhuidah laughed merrily. "Well, I guess that means yes. Now come on! Let's go check out the Cooking Pot!"

      There were shoves and pushes to get into the front row; the pets were being anything but orderly. And Ms. Makoka didn't even bother to calm them, for she knew already that it would never work.

      One the class had finally settled down, Jhudora began the tour.

      "Pets from lands all around gather here daily to try to please the great Pango Pango!" Jhudora proclaimed, "If pleased, he will present the pet with an exquisite, rare item. Though you shall beware of dire consequences that can occur if he is not happy with you!"

      "What have the consequences been?" a scrawny Christmas Blumaroo, who was standing in the front of the crowd, asked.

      Jhuidah smiled cleverly. "Ah, now that is a secret, young Blumaroo."

      "Does this Mumbo-Jumbo-Whatever guy ever kill any -"

      "Terrance, that is enough!" Ms. Makoka interrupted Terrance, a trouble-making Acara.

      "Anyway," Jhuidah said, "does anybody have any offerings for the great Pango Pango?"

      Oooh! Ooh! Me!!" Makiki's paw shot up.

      "Young Gelert, come forth," Jhuidah replied.

      Makiki grinned, snatching Ayrauna's backpack from her. "I'll give this back later," he whispered, and then paraded up to the faerie.

      "What are your offerings?" Jhuidah asked.

      Makiki unzipped the pack, and pulled out three items; a Turkey Packed Lunch, a Bottle of Water and a bright blue cap. "These," he proclaimed.

      Ayrauna gasped; Makiki was offering her lunch as well as her treasured cap! She wanted to scream for him to stop, but she held her tongue. Ayrauna simply continued gazing at Makiki with wide eyes.

      "Drop your items in the great Cooking Pot and silently wait for the almighty Pango Pango's reply," Jhuidah calmly explained to Makiki.

      Makiki smirked and stepped up to the large Cooking Pot. He stood on his tiptoes and let the items fall from his paw into the red, oozing liquid. The three objects were rapidly sucked into the pot. A deathly silence arose as Makiki anxiously waited for Pango Pango's voice to echo throughout the small setting. Seconds swiftly passed with minutes quickly nearing. Then, without warning, an awfully piercing voice began roaring.

      "How dare you hand me this rubbish?!" it boomed furiously, "I will not be treated as a mere commoner! You must suffer my dismal consequence!"

      Makiki opened his mouth to begin speaking. However, this was not possible for he abruptly disappeared into the cool air that enclosed the whole island. The entire class gasped in accord.

      An expression of absolute shock hastily overtook Ayrauna's once surprised face. She cried out heatedly, "What have you done to Makiki?!"

      A pause followed as the group of students quickly exchanged looks of insecurity. Subsequently, the voice continued roaring in fury, "AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HANDED THAT PILE OF JUNK TO THAT USELESS ANIMAL! YOU WILL SUFFER MY grim CONSEQUENCE AS WELL!"

      And before Ayrauna could reply to this ear-shattering comment, she abruptly vanished, with all of her horrified classmates screaming in terror.

To be continued…

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