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The Pant Devil's Dire Mistake

by lunagirl52


Author’s note: This story portrays Potatorewkiki’s characters and not my own. So Potato, if your characters differ from how I wrote them, please don’t sick any Meepits on me. Also I apologize for portraying the Pant Devil similar to Gollum, he just reminds me of him.

Blue was in a foul mood. She sat in the living room lounging on the couch and glaring at the little red Shoyru sitting across the room on the floor. Angel was the shadow Gelert’s little sister; she was also incredibly annoying and was a snobbish brat.

     “Prepare to taste the steel of my blade, Kass!” Angel cried while shaking a Jeran doll at a Kass doll and giggling happily.

     “Go play with those moth eaten rags somewhere else won’t you?” Blue growled at Angel.

     Blue couldn’t stand her younger sister, all she did was complain, whine, and kiss up to teachers (which really annoyed her). Angel was the cutesy-wutsey one in the family and did many annoying things such as playing Meridell when she knew it would irritate Blue.

     “Hyaaa!” Angel leapt into the air and beat her two dolls together as if they were locked in mortal combat and she came crashing down onto the couch… and Blue.

     “That’s it!” Blue cried, outraged. She leered at Angel and narrowed her eyes as she loomed over her sister. “Put those little dollies of yours away before I feed them to a starving Doglefox.”

     Angle looked up at her sister and frowned, “Why are you such a bully to me, aren’t we supposed to be siblings?”

     “As far as I’m concerned we aren’t!” Blue sneered.

     Angel frowned at her older sister and gathered her Jeran and Kass dolls in her arms as she held back the tears that were beginning to well up in her eyes. “Why are you always so nasty?”

     “Because you give me no reason not to be,” Blue stated. “Now do me a favor and go away.”

     “Fine!” Angel said bursting into tears. She spun around and ran from the room and out of the house.

     A red Eyrie lying in the corner opens an eye from his nap and yawns. “You really shouldn’t be so mean and sarcastic you know, Blue.”

     Blue turned around and narrowed her eyes at the Eyrie. “And what business is it of yours on how I act, Floryn?”

     Floryn merely shrugged, “None I suppose.”

     “Then stay out of it,” Blue said coldly.

     “Aye, aye then Captain,” Floryn said with a salute and then walked off.

     Blue grumbled and sat back down on the couch. It’s Angel’s own fault I yelled at her, Blue thought to herself. If she had listened to me I wouldn’t have had to yell. She lay back and rested her head on the arm of the couch and merely stared at the ceiling for a while, studying the plaster molding that decorated it. After awhile she managed to drift off to sleep and had been having an interesting dream when her nap was interrupted.

     Someone was shaking her arm and calling out her name. Blue cracked open an eye to see Angel standing over her.

     “Oh, it’s you,” Blue mumbled before turning over to go back to sleep.

     “Blue! Wake up!” Angel said sobbing. “Please.”

     The shadow Gelert would have just as soon ignored her annoying younger sister if it had not been for the fear in her voice. Blue sat upright and looked at her younger sister who was shaking and had tears running down her cheeks.

     “What is the matter now, Angel?” she asked.

     Angel sobbed and rung her hands together while staring at the floor. “M-my dolls!”

     “What about your dolls, Angel?” Blue asked.

     “They were stolen from me! I was outside, sitting in the yard and then the Pant Devil came over to me, and he-he stole them from me!” Angel burst into tears and sobbed louder than ever.

     Blue stared at her sister skeptically; maybe she was just playing a practical joke to get back at her for yelling at her earlier. But then again, she was crying rather loudly and seemed sincere. Drat, Angel was most likely telling the truth.

     “All right, all right Angel. Calm down, okay?” Blue said softly to her sister. “Are you sure it was the Pant Devil?”

     Angel stopped crying and looked at her sister like she had just grown an extra head. “Of course I’m sure it was him!” she cried. “Who else looks like a fat blue sheet with little horns glued to its head other than the Pant Devil?”

     Great, Blue thought, just great. The Pant Devil steals my sister’s dolls out of all the other, better, items he could steal.

     “It’s okay, Angel, I’ll get those dolls back for you.” Especially since it’s my fault that you were outside where the Pant Devil could get to you. With that, Blue stood from the couch and went to her brother, Floryn’s room.

     “Floryn, you in there?” Blue asked, knocking on his door.

     “Yah,” he called out from inside.

     Blue opened the door and stepped inside of his room. Books were heaped all over his room along with old issues of the Neopian Times. It figured, as it seemed that all Floryn did was read. And then there was Floryn sprawled on his bed, his beak in a book, as usual.

     “Floryn, I have a question for you.” Blue said.

     “What would that be?” the Eyrie asked, slowly tearing his attention from his book.

     “The Pant Devil lives in the Haunted Woods right?”

     Floryn blinked. “Yes, that’s what most Neopian’s believe to be true.”

     “Good,” Blue grinned. “I’ll see you later. And if Potato gets back before I do, just tell her I’m out for a walk or something.”

     A few hours and Neopoints later for the travel fare, Blue found herself in the Haunted Woods. She looked around at the broken and abandoned houses with creaking doors and shutters that slammed shut and opened again in the typical haunted house fashion. The trees were all dead, gray, and had withered, claw-like branches that shook in the wind as if to catch any that walked past them. Blue spotted a Halloween Grarrl walking along a twisted gray path and chased after it.

     “Excuse me! Can I ask you something?” she called out as she chased after it.

     The Grarrl paused and turned around to see Blue. “I guess,” it said.

     “Tell me where the Pant Devil lives?” Blue asked.

     “I know where he lives,” the Grarrl said. “But I’m not going to tell you.”

     Blue narrowed her eyes and grabbed the Grarrl by the collar of its cape. “Yes you will, or I can think of many ways to cause you pain with just a plain stick.”

     The Grarrl’s eyes widened a great deal as he squirmed in Blue’s grasp. “Okay! He lives in a hollowed out tree in the middle of a dead grove, that way!” It pointed with a claw off in a southern direction.

     Blue released the Grarrl and smiled coldly as it ran off in quite a hurry. She headed off in the indicated direction. She didn’t exactly know how to get there, but she’d know when she did. Besides, that thief needed to be taught a lesson. No one could pick on her family and get away with while she was around. The beating of wings startled Blue and drew gaze to the black sky above; it was only a lone Korbat minding it’s own business, no reason to fear.

     After awhile of walking, Blue came to the grove that the Grarrl had spoken of. She walked around and began tapping on each trunk listening for an echo. After about five trees she came across a hollow sounding one and looked around for an opening. See none Blue slumped against the side to ponder, she had inadvertently leaned against a hidden door and it swung inward, dumping her on the ground inside.

     “Whoa,” Blue said looking at all of the items dumped inside the tree. She saw many rare items including a rod of nova, which she quickly stuffed into a bag she had brought with her. “Now where are those dolls?” Blue looked through the piles of items and was unable to find the dolls and was about to give up when she heard a voice outside.

     “Yes, my precious', we will have such fun. You shall be ours forever!” the voice cackled.

     Blue stuck her head out of the tree and saw the Pant Devil floating about five feet away from her, unfortunately he saw her as well.

     “Thief! Come to steal my precious’! You can’t have it!” the Pant Devil hissed.

     Blue saw that he held Angel’s two dolls and growled at the Pant Devil. “Alright you floating pillow with horns, hand those dolls over.”

     “Never!” the Pant Devil cried.

     “You asked for it, can’t say I didn’t warn you.” Blue shrugged and rolled up her sleeves as she grinned evilly and advanced towards the Pant Devil menacingly.

     About five minutes later, Blue stood over the Pant Devil who was clutching the bumps on his head and sniveling. “She cheated, stole my precious’!”

     Blue glowered at the thief cowering at her feet with distaste. “If you ever steal anything from my family again, you’ll wish you’d never been born.” And with that, she headed back home.

* * * *

Blue stood in front of her front door and slowly creaked it open and looked inside to make sure that the coast was clear. It was, so she entered and ran into none other than her owner, Potato.

     “Where were you Blue?” She asked while giving Blue the look that said ‘if you don’t fess up you’re in for it.’

     “Umm, the Haunted Woods,” Blue mumbled while glaring at her feet, how could she not have seen Potato?


     “To get back an item that the Pant Devil stole from Angel.” Blue grumbled.

     Potato was taken aback. “You did that, for your sister? That’s Wonderful!” Potato exclaimed. “You stood up for your sister and did something nice for her!”

     Blue blushed furiously which was a good trick for someone with black fur. She quickly thought up an excuse to save her reputation. “Hey, no one can pick on her unless I say so!”

-The End-

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