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Short Stories

A Relaxing Vacation

"This should be a wonderful vacation!" the Acara said aloud. "No Luna, no Dane, no owner, and no scary green guy doing the cha-cha!"

by violinoutoftune

A Time To Learn

Sure, they each had the same owner, and they were both brothers. But when it came to school, the two were entirely unlike each other.

by yellowlabs765

Completely Harmless: Crossover

"Do you think if I raided the Grooming Parlour they would have a good supply of it?"

by potatorewkiki

Grundioy's Painting

Suddenly, thunderous footsteps were heard, and Grundioy turned around to see where they were coming from. Would it be something to inspire her?

by chipster33

Honour Bound

No one ever dares to cross me…well, not twice, at any rate.

by oily106

Leaving the Fire

It could be any day now that Aurelius would receive his letter. It wasn't that Aurelius wasn't brave enough to fight, it was his fear for what would happen to his little brother.

by dancepixie100

MaxKanine’s Rowze

Max walked outside in the early morning light to find that the Rowzes were opening, slowly spreading their petals wide as if to greet the fingers of the sun that were beginning to reach out over the eastern horizon...

by tdyans

Melodramatic Stories and Tales for the Soul

""Listen to the story and behold, for you will be enlightened in such trivial facts."

by erika_idle

Metaphor Man and Simile Son

"Lennert, they aren’t customers… they’re robbers… they’re robbing the bank…"

by buddy33774

Never Forget Me

For a few months, it was bliss.

by frostcrystal

Room 3

Thirty minutes had passed and Alison and Garth were now entering the Neopian Pound. Garth was clinging enthusiastically onto Alison's arm with a wide smile spread across his features...

by blubblub317

Summer Sorrows

"Right, well, I'm trying to start a replacement school. You know, something to keep us students busy during the summer so we don't get rusty and forget all our skills," Buffy said, getting straight to her point.

by charmedhorses

Tangy Lemonade

"Why are you hiding in the gloomy woods? It’s scary up here!"

by costa_rican_girl

The Faerie Festival

"Ever since the day I met you, Baelia, I have detested you. I want to put an end to your reign as a faerie, and I will do it tonight."

by tennisblondie16

The Limbo Queen Versus The Self-Proclaimed Limbo King

Now, she had returned. And she wasn’t going to put up with oily amateurs who only go to contests to flaunt their looks...

by wolfofthewoods

The Pant Devil's Dire Mistake

"They were stolen from me! I was outside, sitting in the yard and then the Pant Devil came over to me, and he-he stole them from me!"

by lunagirl52

Three Deeds

"I’ve come to the conclusion that if, and this is a very big if, Feol, you can show me you’re going to be a proper faerie, I will decline the Headmistresses request for you to be schooled elsewhere."

by erileen

Wishing for Wings: Buzz Off

Tonight was the night. Tonight, he was going to get wings.

by sharakh

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"Tangy Lemonade" by costa_rican_girl

"Why are you hiding in the gloomy woods? It’s scary up here!"...

Other Stories


All Plush, No Brain
Maybe you think they are adorable. Some of you might have spent months saving up to own one; after all, to have your pet's features formed in plush is worth it, right?

by shimmering_aurora


The Bookstore Book Reviews
Have you ever had trouble deciding which book to read? Are you one of the many Neopians who can't decide whether learning social skills or trying to stay fit is more important?

by christinetran


The Story of Stan: Part One
"Hey!" Emerald yelled indignantly. "If it weren't for me, you'd have never found that ring! It's mine!"

by waterboy711


Al Tastes Revenge: Part One
Moments ago, Al was eating quite happily. He chatted noisily to the people in the tables around him about his lupological discoveries.

by al_the_chia


Fruity Salad
Arigato? No thanks, I'm not hungry.

by marilltachiquin


All Ears
Ohh... it's a Moehog.

by sir_draikalot

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