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Just how do these people get quote of the week? Id like to send some but I have no clue how to! - Confunkle303303
There isn't a specific place to send in quote of the week suggestions. All the quotes are taken from stories and articles that appear in that issue. There is a link to the article/story from the username of the person who submitted the quote.

Why is the cross on the hospital GREEN?!? The cross on the "HELP" board is also green. What's going on? - Jade_princess24
We were politely asked to change the colour of the crosses, so we did :)

Do you still give away secret item codes at your conventions? And if so will you be giving them out at the mall tour? - x_Skyyblue_x
We no longer have the rare item cards that we used to give out at Limited Too events, but inside each Neopets TCG booster pack is a rare item code. You can get these at the mall tours by winning various games and activities.

How DO you get a Devilpuss? - Lupepack04
Rather than replace the Halloween Angelpuss with this image and have the flocks of existing Halloween Angelpuss owners hate us, we added the Devilpuss as a new Petpet. This is much the same as the Snotbunny only a little less rare and less expensive.

What is the point of the Roo Island Merry Go Round? We pay 50np, and come out with nothing. - xCatholicxgirlx
It actually makes your Neopet happier whenever they go on it. Which can be handy if you are trying to avoid the blue random event.

I was just going around the site looking at things, when I noticed how many Chokato things there are. Shopkeepers, an avatar, and if I remember correctly it's own day a while back. But when I started looking for Tigersquash things, to my horror, there weren't many! All it has is items and a fun image. Now I don't understand why Tigersquash's go unnoticed while their tropical cousins get all the praise. So Maybe we should show some appreciation to the fruit that helps us to roar like a tiger. - Tigersquashman
Hehe, OK. More Tigersquash items coming up!

Where did Meristones go? It isn't in the games section or on the Meridell castle map, but it's not in the Games Graveyard either. What happened to it? - Pixel_fantasy_153
Meristones was too broken to keep up anymore so we have taken it down. We can't add it to the Games Graveyard though as that is for flash games only.

Why have Blibbles been PPL winners twice (weeks 22 AND 48)? Shouldn't other petpets have a chance? - Swiftbreeze
We switched who was running PPL and I guess Blibbles sneaked by unnoticed the first time. I will make sure no more Petpets are repeateded as it is not fair to all the other owners who are patiently waiting for their chance to win.

Can you make it so we can read the Neopian Times while the site is down for maintence? it'd be soooo helpful. Thanks! - Careese
Hopefully *crosses fingers* the site won't be down for maintenance much more. We have almost finished moving everything around. I will see if this can be made so for the future though.

Is the new Neopet going to be giraffe-like or canine-like? - Greenneo566
Nope, and nope! It is very unusual and not at all like and Neopets we currently have.

Could you please, PLEASE add Neoquest and Neoquest II charecters and monsters to the "how to draw" page!?!? - Ktcougarus
That is a great idea! Yes, I will get those added to our to do list ASAP. Can't have Mipsy, Velm, Talinia and Rohane left out of things now can we :)

Hi, I searched on the Shop Wizard for a Spicy Red Pepper Omelette, because that's what i got, and I wanted to sell it, but it says that Spicy Red Pepper Omelette doesn't exist! I did the normal search and it still says it doesn't exist! What's up with that? HELP! - Pyro_dragon_
Only items up to a certain rarity are shown on the shop wizard and yellow bar searches. We dont want to tell you everything about every item in the game - where would the fun be in that ?

When you discard an item, does another one regenerate somewhere else in Neopia? - Kittenpawsswt
Nope, that item is gone for ever.

What in NEOPIA is a GATHOW??? - Bigeyespinkdragon5
A Gathow is a Tyrannian Petpet. They are pretty hard to get hold of being rarity98. If you are lucky enough to find one on sale in the Tyrannian Petpet shop, they are around 14,000 NP.

I was wondering, did you even release the mediocre avatar because I know about 20 fan sites and none of them know. - qwaz12
It has been released, but nobody has managed to get it yet. You need to win the grand prize of 1,000 NP on the Wheel of Mediocrity in order to get the avatar. We tested it and it does work, it is just extremely rare!

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