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Three Deeds

by erileen


Note: Based on the story, "The Naughtiest Faerie". Farrah was originally created by precious_katuch14.

“Feol, I am this close to snapping!” the faerie exclaimed, practically in hysterics. She gazed angrily at the little Fire Faerie sitting politely at the kitchen table. The little faerie sighed, groaned, and fidgeted.

      “You know, Mom, I could be doing valuable things right now!”

      “This is no time for your, ‘valuable things!’” the tall Fire Faerie exclaimed. She was tall and slender, with short, red hair that was in a crisp cut at her ears. Orange wings exploded from her back. Her face was tired, and tight as she looked at her little daughter, Feol.

      Many often said that Feol was a miniature example of her tall, slender mother. In identical Fire Faerie brown dresses, the flaring dark hair (though Feol’s hair was a deep red orange, contrasting her mother, Farrah’s, light orange), and the simple complexion.

      There were also many personality overlaps between Feol and Farrah, but those similarities were unknown to the mischievous little Fire Faerie sitting, bored to death, at the kitchen table.

      Farrah sighed and sank into a chair next to Feol, holding the crumpled piece of paper in her hand. She sighed. It seemed every day her bright and beautiful daughter brought home reprimanding notes.

      Farrah unfolded the newest note and read it aloud:


Today, Feol was extremely disruptive during classes, and proceeded to enchant sixteen grapefruit to zoom about the cafeteria and smash on the Elder Faeries heads.

My concern is great about Feol. I suggest sending her to a tougher school, where her discipline level can be met. Consider, “Faeries Institutional”, a boarding school, not far off.


Miss Persephona

Resident Headmistress

      Farrah was shocked. Never before had the Headmistress suggested sending Feol away…and to a boarding school, nonetheless!

      Farrah faced Feol with severe displeasure on every inch of her pale face. “Feol,” she said in a shaking voice.

      Feol burst out for the first time that afternoon, “Mom, you can’t, you just can’t, send me away to that prison!”

      Farrah folded her arms severely. “I am seriously considering it!”

      “B-But all of my friends are here!” Feol said, deliriously. “And…I love it here! You couldn’t send me off!” Desperation shone in Feol’s face.

      She never meant to be a just had all arose so suddenly, like a wave off the shady Mystery Island beach. It was fun, trouble. A thing Feol had always known, like a security blanket.

      Her thoughts were cut off by Farrah’s snapping voice. “Go to your room, Feol! I have a lot of thinking to do…”


When Farrah entered Feol’s tiny room hours later, she saw Feol sitting cross-legged on her bed, holding her Yellow Gelert Plushie. “Mom…” she whispered. “I don’t want to go away.”

      Farrah sat down on Feol’s bed, and said, “I don’t want you to leave either Feol.

      “I’ve come to the conclusion that if, and this is a very big if, Feol, you can show me you’re going to be a proper faerie, I will decline the Headmistresses request for you to be schooled elsewhere.”

      Joy invaded Feol’s chest, but it quickly sunk like the paper boats she had made as a child and floated on the Mystery Island ocean. “Mom…how…?” she spluttered.

      Farrah smiled, and put three fingers with perfectly polished orange nails her outstretched. “Three good deeds, Feol. By sunset this time tomorrow, you need to have performed five good deeds.”

      Feol’s eyes opened wide. She wanted to comment and banter and argue with her mother, but Farrah swept out of the room before Feol could make a sound.


“Three good deeds…” Feol whispered. She kicked a stone as she walked down a dusty road in Faerieland. She pondered over what she could do.

      “It’s not like I’m Fyora or something…” she murmured. “I’m a tiny little Fire Faerie! Like I can make any difference…” she muttered.

      All of a sudden, she saw a small Water Faerie sitting on a cloud, crying.

      Feol walked over to the Faerie. “What’s the matter?” she said, worried.

      The little Water Faerie sobbed. “It-it’s Sk-Skippy my Floud!” she cried. “He got off his leash and I can’t find him anywhere!” she sobbed.

      “Oh…” Feol said, tenderly. She remembered when she had lost her petpet in Faerieland Central Shopping Centre. She took the little Faerie’s hand and walked on.

      It was half an hour of desperate searing before Feol and the Water Faerie finally located the Floud.

      “Thank you, Miss Faerie!” she said as she hugged Skippy. Feol smiled sheepishly. “Anytime.”

      She sighed and went back to her business of pondering good deeds. “I could go down to Neopia and serve at the Soup Kitchen…” she mumbled.

      Suddenly, she heard a bell ring. It was one of the Institutes; they were having class.

      Faeries poured out of the school. Suddenly, an Earth Faerie caught her eyes. Feol could only tell it was an Earth Faerie from the leafy green wings and long green skirt. Books upon books were piled in her hands, teetering. Feol could hear the Earth Faerie murmuring, “No! Stay…stay!”

      Feol rushed passed all of the chattering faeries to the Earth Faerie. “Let me help you!” she said, grabbing five of the books. She saw the faerie’s face for the first time; green eyes shone brightly, nearly hidden by masses of frizzy brown hair. “Thank you!” she said. “My home isn’t far off…only a few blocks.”

      They walked and talked until they arrived at the faerie’s house. “Thank you!” she said gratefully, as she opened the door. Feol followed her inside and placed the books on the frayed sofa.

      “Anytime!” she called cheerily, as she waved and departed.

      Feol tried to think of good deeds as she walked along the cloudy roads. “Oh, but what?” she murmured as she walked in a confusion. “I’ll never get three good deeds by sundown!” she said worriedly, as she walked on.

      The sky was draped with pink and orange, and the light was dying down as Feol hurriedly walked, desperate to find some source of goodness possibly to perform. She bit her nails and whimpered as she walked in a panic.

      Suddenly, she heard someone shout in frustration, “I’ll never find it!” she looked over and saw a small, yellow Aisha stamp her foot in impatience. Feol ran over. “What’s wrong, little one?” she asked, gently.

      Tears of frustration rolled down the Aisha’s cheeks. “I…I FINALLY got a job at the Employment Agency, and I can’t even find the item!” she shrieked.

      “I’ll try to help!” Feol said. “What is it that you need?”

      The Aisha pointed to a flyer she had received at the agency. “I Yellow Gelert Plushie!” she said, hopefully.

      Feol’s face fell; there was no toy store up in Faerieland, and by the time they flew down to Neopia Central to the toy store, it would be too late.

      “I know what I should do,” she whispered. “But I don’t know if I can do it…”

      In a split second, her mind was made up. She scooped up the tiny Aisha and ran for her home. She barged in, not even spending the time to check if Farrah was home. She rushed into her room, and grabbed her Yellow Gelert Plushie. She gave the plushie a long, sad look before she ran into the living room, scooped up the Aisha, and ran for the Employment Agency.


“Congratulations, you have completed this quest,” a bored-stiff looking Air Faerie announced.

      The Aisha squealed and hugged Feol’s neck. “Thank you!” she screamed. Feol nodded sadly, and started her way home.

      The sun had sunk behind the cloudy bluffs, and the day was over. Tears sunk down Feol’s face. “I didn’t do my three good deeds.” She said to no one, as she walked.

      She pushed the door open to her home. Farrah was at the kitchen table, eating a sandwich.

      “I’m going to pack my bags now,” Feol said miserably.

      Farrah’s eyes bulged. “Feol, what in Fyora’s name do you mean?” she screamed.

      “I…I didn’t do my three good deeds!” Feol shouted, walking to her room. Farrah raced and caught up with her. “Feol, what are you talking about?” Farrah said, deliriously. “You helped that Water Faerie find her Floud, you carried that Earth Faerie’s books, and you gave away your favorite stuffed toy!”

      “So?” Feol said, angrily. “They aren’t good deeds!”

      Farrah smiled and crossed her arms. “Feol, what are they then?” she laughed.

      Feol thought for a long time before she whispered, “Good deeds.” Then, with a laugh, she hugged her mother tightly.

      Farrah walked Feol into her bedroom, and sat on Feol’s bed. “Feol…I-I have something to tell you…” she said. Feol plopped down on the bed.

      “What, Mom?”

      “Well...Feol, you know how people always say we’re alike?” Feol nodded; she had heard thus a thousand times. “Well…well Feol, I’m afraid it’s more thank just looks.

      “I was exactly like you when I was your age…” Farrah laughed. “They called me The Naughtiest Faerie. But, I learned my lesson, just as you did.” She turned off the light, and kissed Feol on the forehead. “Good night, my sweetheart.”


The next morning, Feol woke up to find a Yellow Gelert Plushie sitting squarely atop her chest.

The End

Author's Note: Thanks for reading my story! Yayness for 150 Issues of the NT!

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