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Short Stories

Beware the Robot Petpet...

Happy Sloth Appreciation Day!

by hyper_heather1
The Giant Squid Looks For a Friend

Larry The Giant Squid Searches for a Friend

by _polonius_
The Other Jobs

Not every faerie can rely on magic...

by the_spirit_realm
Adventures of the Black Pawkeet (No, the Other One)

Where was Garin’s petpet during the battle for New Maraqua?

by cookiez101
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Top Ten Household Items to Slothify Your Neohome

This Sloth Day, celebrate properly by adding some seasonal touches to your Neohome. Whether it's personal items, furniture, or house decor, these ten popular Dr. Sloth items will brighten anyone's day. Some of these may be harder to hunt down than others, but from notebooks to statues, there's plenty of variety here to celebrate the holiday properly. 1) Dr. Sloth Lamp What better way to brighten a household with Sloth energy than this innovative lamp? There's clearly no light in Sloth's eyes as he is constantly planning new plots, but instead, enjoy the ray of light coming out of his mouth to brighten a dark room.

Other Stories


10 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Sloth Appreciation Day
The Month of Sleeping is finally here and you know what that means- yes, it’s time to celebrate our favourite Neopian hero Dr. Sloth!

by alaynaweb


Neo Year Resolutions
It’s the new year, and then some. How did the weeks fly by already?

by aurorapearl


Trouble in Paradise
“Cheers to a long-awaited vacation!”

by parody_ham


Brothers in Stars
The thrilling conclusion to Brothers in Stars!

by precious_katuch14


Trading NC Items
So, what have you got?

by romina_r


Sloth Appreciation Game: 7 Errors
We love Sloth! Find the 7 errors. Collab with gabi100pitty and emanuelle_rockgirl.

by belindaword

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