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Continued Series

Brothers in Stars

The thrilling conclusion to Brothers in Stars!

by precious_katuch14
The Case of the Missing Acara

Ada the Transparent Blumaroo concludes her investigation...

by sunbathr
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"Beware the Robot Petpet..." by hyper_heather1
“A nother N-4 Info Retrieval Bot? How many of these can you win in a day?” Blebix the grundo, custodian of the Virtupets battledome, tried very hard not to grin as an angry-looking lupe and his owner walked by him, robot in hand. When they had walked out of sight, he continued whispering his song, the tune that had gotten him through this past month of watching hundreds of spoiled neopets and their owners complain about their robot prizes. “The day is almost here. The day is almost here” Blebix almost skipped in his excitement. Dragging his mop along in a dance, ignoring the slime that trailed behind it, he cackled maniacally. His years of patiently waiting were almost at an end. The virtupets robots, the most common prize of the Virtupets battledome, were the creation of Dr. Frank Sloth...

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Beware the Robot Petpet...
Happy Sloth Appreciation Day!

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10 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Sloth Appreciation Day
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Neo Year Resolutions
It’s the new year, and then some. How did the weeks fly by already?

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A Cyzable Mistake: Part 1
Cyza makes a uniquely Neopian mistake... Collab with acara_575 and ghatna

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Cautious Approach
Are you feeling okay?

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