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Short Stories

Uma's Ummagines

Umamarie the Usul is looking to bring back something special from her trip to the Lost Desert...

by pigeons707
The Plushie Tycoon Taxman’s Feelings

Have you ever considered how the Plushie Tycoon Taxman feels?

by illusique
Fyora's Gown

Authors Note: Thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends who edited this short story! I truly appreciate the neo-love.

by butter_bar12
What Do You Mean There’s No School Today?

It was just like any other day when Lisha set off to school...

by crazaybabie
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"Uma's Ummagines" by pigeons707
Umamarie the Desert Usul looked out from the highest step of the Words of Antiquity shop on to the main square of Qasala. She was at once taken by the landscape in hues of brown and yellow, a sandy sea of Neopians draped in lightly coloured robes as shields against the unrelenting sun, and pointed towers that reached toward the sky. She also noted how, every few streets apart, endearing onion domes sat perched atop some buildings. Unlike at her home on Guild Street in Neopia Central, the wind was not strong. What gentle breeze that did exist rustled her robes ever so slightly, creating the effect that she was dancing. Her plushie Snarhook, always so faithfully beside her sandals, matched the light blue details of her robes.

Other Stories


Help for Those in Need
You don’t have to sit there and starve any longer! With a little bit of hard work and determination, you can pick yourself up out of the slums and start living in – relatively speaking – luxury!

by yautja_warrior


The Highs and Lows of the Mutants of Neopia
In celebration of Mutant Day, it is time to look at the best and the worst of what Mutant neopets have to offer!

by selfbetrayal


Forever And A Day
Zach must find the elderly Acara he has been bumping into!

by iamnotaaron


Quarry Life
The final chapter of Quarry Life!

by blueys45


Mutant Pet Assumptions
Celebrate Mutant Day by asking what kind of food your mutant pet wants!

by saintmotel


Getting Better?
Sure about that? Collab with chocokelle

by testemunha_

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