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Continued Series

Quarry Life

The final chapter of Quarry Life!

by blueys45
Zulu's Adventure of Bravery

Zulu's group continues on the hunt for the missing Neopian and the treasure! collab with forgottenbirthdays

by diabloartificial
Forever And A Day

Zach must find the elderly Acara he has been bumping into!

by iamnotaaron
Touring Troubles

A Lot Like Pteris continue their Neopia-wide tour in Meridell and Brightvale!

by cinnamontea
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The Origins of Chuffer Bob - An Exclusive!

Most Neopians have heard of the infamous Chuffer Bob, one of the Cheat! Masters. They know him as a larger-than-normal Meerca with an insatiable appetite. He really loves eating and his most infamous quote is “Caution: This body makes extra-wide turns!” But how did Chuffer Bob get to this point? We know from the Neopedia that he wasn’t always this large, nor was he always a good eater. In fact, as he says, his mother used to feed him healthy food, including fava beans, but he would feed them to their pet Snorkle. Well, a reliable source has come forward to reporter SirToofy with an inside scoop on the life of Chuffer Bob.

Other Stories


What Do You Mean There’s No School Today?
It was just like any other day when Lisha set off to school...

by crazaybabie


Fyora's Gown
Authors Note: Thank you so much to all of my wonderful friends who edited this short story! I truly appreciate the neo-love.

by butter_bar12


In order to celebrate Grundo Day, we gathered a list of 9 Grundo-themed items we find particularly interesting!collab with fernandomf and menosprezar

by necromancer_6


Usukicon: A Guide With Lawyerbot
We’ve taken the initiative to get all the helpful tips and tricks from one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable Usuki collectors in the land, Lawyerbot!

by roxi2rox


That's Not Funny!
I see dead pets...

by exttravasa


An Unexpected Sunset, Part II
Collaboration with kieselcamper

by xxautumnxx

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