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Short Stories

Usuki Singing Stars #43: Lola's Spring Garden

"I'm so excited to start gardening!"

by downrightdude
Forever Together

In the infirmary in Faerieland, a lone wraith Lupe sits by a bed with a Faerie Kougra sleeping in it. It may be hard to believe, but the two were best friends who had found each other after having been apart for six years.

by orisasda
The Re-discovery of Lutari Island

This story was a guild collaboration celebrating our second year together! Whimsicality, best guild ever!

by karlynne1964
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"Usuki Singing Stars #43: Lola's Spring Garden" by downrightdude
"I'm so excited to start gardening!" Lola gushed to her friends. The yellow Cybunny closed her locker and clapped excitedly. "The garden will mainly grow flowers, tomatoes and carrots for now. But in the future, I'd like to expand it to add more vegetables." Scary sighed. "And you're telling us this…WHY?" demanded the purple Bruce. "I was wondering if I could invite some of my friends to come along and assist me with the gardening," Lola explained. "With a few extra hands, I'm sure I can get all the digging and planting done in one day." Sparkles nodded. "I would love to help with the flower planting," said the pink Bruce, as the three girls exited Neoschool. "Splendid!" cheered Lola. Scary rolled her eyes. "Bo-ring," she drawled. "I was also thinking that we could have a backyard picnic after the planting is all done," Lola continued. She hopped excitedly. "This is going to be such a fun Saturday!" "You honestly want me to waste my precious Saturday gardening?" scoffed Scary. "Do you have any idea how dirty my clothes would get?" "It sounds like a gardening party," said Sparkles happily, "and we'll be certain to be at your house nice and early! Then we'll get the gardening started." "I repeat what I said before: bo-ring!" Scary groaned. "You two are the best!" Lola gave her friends a hug and a beaming smile. "I'm certain my garden will flourish wonderfully as long as I have two of my closest friends by my side! And we'll have lots of fun, too!"

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