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One Chias treasure is another slorgs rubbish!?

Finders keepers losers weepers...

by hunnybunnie
Royal Pain: The Wraith Resurgence

Fyora needs healing!

by winner19955
A Chocolate PUN

Do tell...

by kennielee
Malum is Better Than You at Pet Basher

Suddenly stocking up on healing potions makes a whole lot of sense.

by johnthezombie605
BD Item Sticky Hands' Valentine's Day

What do you think they do, given that item stealing in the BD has been broken for so long?

by mbredboy31
Happy Valenpine's Day!

Cuny words...

Collaboration with Rurirawr.

by dirt_tea

Rock Hard Candy

Guaranteed to be a jawbreaker!

by andromedric

How rude...

by sylvannia
Flupeh Things

Alien Aishas have GROSS tastes!!

by flupeh
The Struggles of Saving

When your heart says yes but your bank account says no...

by khanhm666
Valentine's Delivery

Love is in the Air

Also by also by neschulz

by sthephanie

Gray Pets vs Happy Petpets

Just because the pet accepts the petpet, it doesn't mean they're made for each other. Ok, in this case, maybe they are.

by tangamandapiano
Cooking is hard

Ohh I see...

by wizzardolus
Random Oddness - Valentines

Aww how cute...but wait...

by mistyqee
V-Day on the Cheap

Try not to get TOO good a gift.

by applejuicerain
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"Tales of the Plot: Lost Desert Plot:Part Two" by triarthrus_eatoni
Maximillien brushed the back of his head and followed behind the Shoyru, who had used her mapping device to be able to map the rest of the tomb. They eventually came to the Tomb of Pharaohs which had the sarcophagus in the middle of the room. There was the sign of something which had slid across the floor and a few pieces of bandages, but Eyrieki was nowhere to be seen. Maximillien walked over to the open sarcophagus and reached inside, pulling out a parchment which seemed to reveal the locations of the various tablet pieces they had been searching for. "Take a look at this.", The Werelupe's tail wagged, "I think I've found something." "Let me see...", Pepper took the parchments and examined them, "It seems that the doors on the parchment correlate to the number. If we can identify which room holds a tablet piece, we should be able to not only find the pieces we need...we can even do it in order!" "Can you program that?", The Werelupe tilted his head quizzically. "I certainly can!", The Shoyru beamed, "Let me fine tune the coordinates..." Beep, the machine made a noise when the correct coordinates had been input inside of them "Ahhh, there we go! It should work now." The pair managed to scout the many different locations and narrowly evade the traps all while walking through the tomb. They had collected all of the separate pieces of the tablet before long, and made their way back to the exit of the temple.

Other Stories


The Re-discovery of Lutari Island
This story was a guild collaboration celebrating our second year together! Whimsicality, best guild ever!

by karlynne1964


Forever Together
In the infirmary in Faerieland, a lone wraith Lupe sits by a bed with a Faerie Kougra sleeping in it. It may be hard to believe, but the two were best friends who had found each other after having been apart for six years.

by orisasda


Unexpected Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!
Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about gifts!

by k3l26


Valentine Rarities to Keep Away from a Brat
Of course, there's the classic box of... candy, but there are also many other creative and unique gift ideas which your friend will surely love. Some are incredibly rare and valuable, making them a great choice for someone you truly care about.

by _brainchild_


Change Needs Growth
Thank you to those who supported me and believed in my creativity the whole time. A big thank you to Mikey J and Papa Be

by jehtredmonkey


Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas:Part Four
Last time on Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas

Mundo had gotten himself in quite the predicament, finding himself arrested and placed in jail among a group of other criminals. A stroke of luck occurred when the electricity was knocked out, causing all the cell pods to malfunction and release the prisoners. The rag tag trio of Mundo, Tyree the Lutari, and a tax-evading Acara named Petrina set off to try to create a weapon to fend off the enemy, but they were stopped short.

by randmar

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