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New Series

Cordilion's Big Adventure: Part One

It was a world that Cordilion knew little about. Other than his brief forays onto the balcony, the pampered plushie Noil never went outside. He idly licked a paw and flicked his small round ears as two Beekadoodles flew by.

by 77thbigby
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"A Beautiful Blumaroo and her Mystical Treasure" by _brainchild_
"Good morning, young Neopet," Naia the Fountain Faerie greeted Tivlia the Blumaroo. "Have you found the item I asked for?" "Certainly!" replied Tiv. "One Gypmu!" She placed the petpet in the palm of the faerie's hand. "I hope it doesn't bite." "It won't," stated Naia. "Gypmus are very timid." She set the petpet aside. "May I please have my reward?" asked Tiv. "Sure," answered Naia. "Which color would you like?" "Maraquan," Tiv smiled eagerly. "Of course." Tiv stepped into the fountain and grinned as the wondrous waters swirled around her. Rainbows danced across her skin as it changed color. However, something wasn't quite right. When the process was over, Tiv was horrified to find that she had been painted Maractite, not Maraquan. "What gives?" Tiv blurted out. "I asked for Maraquan!" "Maraquan?" replied the astonished faerie. "I'm so sorry! I thought you said Maractite, not Maraquan!" "Could you please repaint me?" requested Tiv nervously. "I would, but the magic has run out!" frowned the faerie. She thought for a few seconds, then added, "Raincheck. Please come back tomorrow when the magic has been replenished, and I'll repaint you. I'm so sorry about this!" "Okay," replied Tiv. She left, somewhat disappointed. However, the problem wasn't devastating to her because she knew it could be fixed the following day. The next day, Tiv returned to the fountain excitedly. "Good morning, Tiv," the faerie greeted her.

Other Stories


So You Want To Be A Villain?
Many have tried for every evil villain's dream of the power hungry grab to rule just one land, like Captain Scarblade's attack on New Maraqua, or wrest control of the entirety of Neopia, like the attempt Hubrid Nox made with his horde of undead slaves. Many have tried, but none have truly succeeded.

Also by dark_angel_ds

by the_lady_j


Testimony of a Thousand
Apollo was pounded for being a superfluous substance. His owner loved him very much, but LOVE was no bold enumeration on his birth certification. LOVE was not placed below AGE above FISHING SKILL; it only dependently existed, LOVE, a quantity slathered on the discriminating peripheral.

by dimartedi


How Well Do You Know Tyrannia?
That’s definitely a day to be celebrated. However, in this guide I’m not discussing the war event itself, I’m trying to disseminate Tyrannia’s fascinating culture. Let’s get started!

by mazaii_3


A Day Out In Neopia Central
If you and your Neopet are bored one day, and it’s sunny out, why not walk around Neopia Central and be entertained for the entire day?! Hopefully this article will remind you why it’s the most frequented Neopian world, and why everyone loves it so much!

by salutation


Over at the Virtupets Space Station...
Dr. Sloth and Gargarox discuss future menu plans for the Grundo Cafe

by toffeedatepudding


Just Jelni: Unlikely Friends
Jelni the Cloud Cybunny chooses an unexpected Petpet.

by angul888

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