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Continued Series

The Adventures of Trina: The Glass Key: Part Twelve

Aardo shook his head with sorrow. “Afraid not. Something went very wrong. You see, when you’re with us, battles just simply aren’t ‘won.’ There are always losses…”

“But is Trina okay?” Pat asked anxiously.

by ummagine3284

Eye of the Crokabek: Part Six

Mayor Dilbert stood proud and tall between Doug and Bob, the two brutes. He looked about as dignified as it is possible to look while being held captive by a pair of hulking Skeiths.

by reiqua
Janet and Jane: The Case of the Rough Waters: Part Four

“Ugh, it stinks down here,” Kell complained as we went through the bilge of the ship on the way to the hold.

by chasing_stars44
Sakhmet Stories - The Witch And The Thief: Part Three

"We're lost Sethos." Nephthysma sighed, as she stopped mid-tracks and surveyed the surroundings. They were surrounded by a blanketing sense of nothingness. Nothingness and sand, and then more nothingness.

by iamnotaaron
Reign of Ice: Part Two

Brendon groaned. He had just been dragged into the middle of the one desert in Neopia that happens to be experiencing a blizzard as part of his sister’s daily rituals, and now he had to save the world? This was not his day.

by neolikepets
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"A Beautiful Blumaroo and her Mystical Treasure" by _brainchild_
"Good morning, young Neopet," Naia the Fountain Faerie greeted Tivlia the Blumaroo. "Have you found the item I asked for?" "Certainly!" replied Tiv. "One Gypmu!" She placed the petpet in the palm of the faerie's hand. "I hope it doesn't bite." "It won't," stated Naia. "Gypmus are very timid." She set the petpet aside. "May I please have my reward?" asked Tiv. "Sure," answered Naia. "Which color would you like?" "Maraquan," Tiv smiled eagerly. "Of course." Tiv stepped into the fountain and grinned as the wondrous waters swirled around her. Rainbows danced across her skin as it changed color. However, something wasn't quite right. When the process was over, Tiv was horrified to find that she had been painted Maractite, not Maraquan. "What gives?" Tiv blurted out. "I asked for Maraquan!" "Maraquan?" replied the astonished faerie. "I'm so sorry! I thought you said Maractite, not Maraquan!" "Could you please repaint me?" requested Tiv nervously. "I would, but the magic has run out!" frowned the faerie. She thought for a few seconds, then added, "Raincheck. Please come back tomorrow when the magic has been replenished, and I'll repaint you. I'm so sorry about this!" "Okay," replied Tiv. She left, somewhat disappointed. However, the problem wasn't devastating to her because she knew it could be fixed the following day. The next day, Tiv returned to the fountain excitedly. "Good morning, Tiv," the faerie greeted her.

Other Stories


The Hidden Treasure
I rode down to the river one morning to see the spring blossoms bloom. My eyes were focused on the ground there, with each step a piece of earth crunched under my feet and the grass bent toward my way. Bending for an old Gnorbu, life and vitality bowing to time-worn straits.

by redken9x9


Dixie's Wings
Did you know that faeries are not born with their wings? They have to work hard to earn them. Let me tell you the story of how Dixie earned her wings.

by she_chose_love


Spell-or-Starve: An Advanced Strategy Guide
In this game, you play a Purple Mynci who has been captured by an evil computer called Neopets V2. Well, it isn't evil exactly; it's just lonely and wants a friend to play with. Except it doesn't value the biological life of its friend. So unless you play its word-game, it won't let you go, and you will starve.

by swordlilly


Custard: The Often Forgotten Edible Color
When you hear “edible pet,” what do you think of? Jelly? Chocolate? Biscuit? Fruit and vegetable Chias? There is one more option that is often forgotten about, that being Custard; a material consisting of egg yolk and milk.

by mbredboy31


Random Oddness
Oh Lulu, this is where your career is heading.

by mistyqee


Neocity - Protest
There isn't anything to protest these days, really.

by wiley1080

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