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Okay, so I've gotten a lot of questions about the scoring and standings of the final round so I'm gonna break it down for ya. Basically, based on your scores in the Round Robin you are all placed in three different brackets. Now, the scores shown to you during this round are ONLY your Final Round score. The Round Robin scores will be used later but are not reflected during the Final Round. So, if Roo Island does awesome and dominates in the Final Round, they will move up in their bracket (and yes, teams can move from bracket to bracket if they do well/poorly).

Then, when the Final Round is over and you have your Final Round score, we will put the scores of the Round Robin and Final Round together to create your FINAL score. So, both the Round Robin and the Final Round scores matter immensely. So continue to battle as hard as you can these next few days!! Always follow my own, original motto (that might've been said by someone else before but it's mine now): "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!!"

P.S. You can always give a shout out if you still have any questions!!

What happened to the Ghoul Catchers app? It's not on the app store anymore. Has it been discontinued or something? ~zuko_fan_girl_1
I'm glad you brought this up! Do not fret, our team has noticed the issue and is working diligently to fix this as quickly as possible!! We are hoping to get this fixed and back up and running very soon but it WILL be back!

Hey Scrappy! *gently sets a plate of brownies on your desk* I'm about to travel outside my home country for an extended period of time. I've heard of users getting frozen while visiting other countries. Should I avoid playing Neopets, or are their precautions I can take? ~eg_squeegie
I don't know how you knew, but brownies are literally MY. FAVORITE. TREAT!! And I totally deserve a treat after that awesome AC play, right?!? So, when users move countries the number one concern is that your account has been taken over. Therefore, as long as there is no suspicious activity and it is clear your account has not been hacked then you will be perfectly fine!! Have so much fun traveling :)

If I see someone cheating should I report them?
ABSOLUTELY! We all love Neopia so so soooo much and we want to keep it as safe and as fair as possible. So, if you ever suspect someone is cheating you should always report them to our support team so they can look into the matter thoroughly!

Hi Scrappy! After 18 years, I feel our Neopets have proven they are responsible enough for a second petpet and there are so many awesome petpets who need homes but our Neopian landlords seem to have a strict 'one petpet' policy. Is there any chance we could have this lifted? ;D ~ broadcastquality
I mean, I would love to make this happen for you but I gotta be honest. I've seen some irresponsible pets out there. I'm just not 110% you've all really earned it. Two petpets is A LOT of work. They require equal love, care and attention. I can't make this happen until I am absolutely certain no petpets would suffer. However, I will consider it and spy on observe the lands to see if I believe you're ready.

Hello Scrappy. Sorry to ask another AC question, but I hope you'll answer it so there's no more debate in the AC community. Is it allowed to use the "End Game" button on games like Shootout Showdown and Slushie Slinger after reaching the minimum score in order to max out the number of game plays faster? Some people say it's clearly not allowed since it isn't how the game is meant to be played, but others see nothing wrong with being "efficient". So what's the official stance? ~not_a_troublemaker
Your wish is my command, dear Neopian! I am here to end any and all debates on this subject. Final ruling, straight from the rule-makers is that it IS indeed allowed to purposely end a game. Hey, if you don't wanna get a higher score, who are we to argue? So you can go end those games whenever your heart desires!

*hands out fruityputity smoothies* for everyone in the office. Question: Will my pet die if I don't feed it? ~sky_side1
*sipping my smoothie on the beach of Mystery Island after a great performance in the Staff Tourney this week* Wow, that was delightful. Now, your sad, hungry, lonely pet will of course live on. However, you can always check them into the Neolodge where they will keep your pet happy and fed :) I recommend that. Definitely recommend the Neolodge. By the way, I may or may not have stolen everyone else's smoothies....don't tell...

Hey, TNT! I saw that question about playing YYB and other Altador Cup games during work hours, and I just have one question: Do you happen to be hiring? ;-) ~the_crimson_rose
Well, I must warn you, be prepared if you expect to interview with us. We take our craft very, very seriously. The most important step in the interview process is the gaming portion. We require you to play three games (of our choosing, of course) and if you can't get a high score then you're out. We can't have any rookies around. (Just kidding....



*Slams hands on desk* I have played Neopets for years, and only NOW do I realize the clever reference to a song in the descriptions of the Blue Pop and Sour Blue slushies... How very 90's of you, TNT. ~ hackenbacker

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