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Usuki Singing Stars #40: The Great Chadley Chase

by downrightdude


      "Wahoo! Hooray!” Snaw ran towards the living room sofa and jumped excitedly. “It’s unbelievable!!!”

      Calla, Snaw’s new friend, waved the NT in the air and ran around Scary and Sparkles. “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” she shrieked, joining Snaw on the couch.

      Scary raised an eyebrow. “What is wrong with you two freaks?” the purple Bruce snarled.

      Snaw jumped off the couch. “Chadley, THE biggest celebrity in all of Neopia, is visiting the bookstore tomorrow for a meet-and-greet session! Calla and I have been dancing ever since somebody told us about it!”

      Sparkles clapped. “Ooh, how fun!” the pink Bruce gushed. She, like Snaw and Calla, adore Chadley and thought the green Zafara was the coolest Neopian ever. Scary, however, just rolled her eyes. “So, does this mean we’ll be seeing him tomorrow?” Sparkles gasped.

      “We have to!” Snaw insisted. “The first thirty fans will get free Chadley Usuki dolls! There will also be free posters, buttons and masks, but an Usuki is too good to miss out!”

      Calla leapt off the couch and screamed. “CHADLEY WILL BE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER AND I SHALL STEAL HIS HAIR!” She danced excitedly and Snaw joined her.

      “Will your pets be joining us too, Calla?” asked Sparkles.

      “All my pets are hiding fro me,” Calla explained. She shrugged. “Oh well. This means more Chadley for me!”

      “So do all of us have to accompany you freaks to se Mr. Overrated?” Scary pressed, folding her arms over her chest.

      “You can either come or stay here and do nothing,” Snaw instructed.

      Sparkles nudged Scary. “Come on, Scare! It’s we’re talking about! Wouldn’t you love to meet him too??”

      “I’d rather eat coal,” Scary remarked.

      “Perfect! We’ll have coal for tomorrow’s evening meal,” Snaw declared.

      Scary facepalmed. “You’re all morons,” she grumbled as Snaw, Calla and Sparkles chattered eagerly about the meet-and-greet.

      “It’s going to be the best day ever!” Calla insisted.

      “I hope we’ll be able to see him,” Sparkles said hopefully.

      “Of course we will,” Snaw insisted. “Or my name isn’t, and never will be, Queen Fyora!”



      The next day, Snaw, Calla and Sparkles eagerly skipped towards the bookstore. Scary, who never cared for Chadley and never wanted to, lagged behind with a bulging backpack over her shoulder. “You morons are skipping too fast!” she hissed.

      Sparkles slowed down. “Gosh Scary, what’d you fill your backpack with?” she asked. “Stuff for Chadley to sign?”

      “Pfft, as if Sparkles,” Scary scoffed.

      “I’m going to have him sign my hair!” Calla gushed.

      “I’m going to have him sign every piece of my clothing, and then sell everything for millions of Neopoints!” Snaw declared.

      Scary rolled her eyes. “Well I plan to pelt that wannabe loser with eggs. Then I’ll run away and leave that gamer-geek to be humiliated in front of my legions of low-life fanatics!”

      Rather than scold Scary for her prank, Sparkles twirled and said, “I hope he give some one of his fantastic winks! That would mean much more than a poster or button!”

      “I’m going to take fifty of everything and decorate my room with his stuff,” said Calla.

      “Well I plan to wear a Chadley makes and use it to help rob a bank!” Snaw declared.

      “Snaw, I forbid you to pull off a bank robbery!” Sparkles frowned at her owner and turned to Scary. “What do you want, Scare? An autograph?”

      Before Scary could reply, the four-some found themselves behind a swarming crowd of Chadley fanatics. Everyone was screaming, waving their arms in the air and chanting Chadley’s name over and over. Scary rolled her eyes. “You geeks look ridiculous,” she remarked to a faerie Uni.

      The faerie Uni sniffed. “Only the coolest Neopians worship the ground Charley steps on!” she turned away, and Scary was relieved to not be staring at the Uni’s hideous Chadley t-shirt.


      “I see it, too!” Sparkles exclaimed, pointing to a tuft of green hair far in front of the crowd. “Now all we need is to find the line and–”

      Calla began pushing her way through the crowd. Snaw, not wanting to be left out on the Chadley Usuki dolls, followed right behind her. Sparkles sighed and shook her head as the two eager owners disappeared through the thick crowd of screaming fans. “Now what?” she asked Scary.

      Scary clutched her backpack. “I say we go after those two idiots,” she insisted. “If we don’t, then Snaw will never find his way home and Calla will never be seen any anybody ever again.”

      “Well, if you say so,” said Sparkles uncertainly. Both Bruces took a deep breath before plunging themselves into the crowd. While Sparkles tried to make her way politely, Scary opened her backpack and began throwing eggs at everyone who stood in her way. “Excuse me…excuse me,” Sparkles mumbled as she walked past a group of eager Zafaras.

      “WE LOVE YOU CHADLEY!” a blue Bruce shouted near Scary. Scary threw an egg at her head and elbowed her way past the frantic Bruce as she screamed, “OH MY CHADLEY! SOMEONE THREW AN EGG AT ME!”

      Huffing and puffing, Scary and Sparkles made their way to the front of the crowd, where they saw Chadley greeting two pink Skarls. Sparkles looked around. “Say, where are Snaw and Calla?”

      “Probably still in that swarm of geeks and freaks,” suggested Scary. “Besides, I have lots of eggs left over to egg what’s-his-face!”

      Sparkles glanced at the crowd again, and then looked over at Chadley. After the two Skeiths received their items, a blue Zafara escorted Chadley from his table and closed the surrounding velvet rope. “Sorry, but the meet-and-greet is officially over,” the Zafara announced to the crowd.

      Those at the front of the crowd heckled the Zafara with insults, while others decided to leave the bookstore peacefully. By the time Snaw and Calla had made their way inside the shop, the massive crowed of Chadley fans had dispersed and the shop was completely empty. “Where’s my Chadley?” gasped Calla.

      “He left,” Sparkles sighed.

      The blue Zafara approached the four-some with an apologetic expression. “Sorry, folks. Chadley only agreed to attend the session as long as the supply of free goodies lasted. No stuff, no Chadley.”

      Snaw sank to his knees and wept. “But what about my super expensive Chadley Usuki doll!?!? I was going to take twelve!”

      “And I wanted to have Chadley compliment me!” Calla wailed.

      “What n00bs,” said Scary, shaking her head. “Besides, what’s so great about Mr. Overrated? The twit is a terrible gamer, he’s ugly AND he was stupid enough to leave his stupid backpack behind!”

      Sparkles gasped as she picked up the blue and red backpack. “Guys, this belongs to Chadley!” she squealed. “We have to return it to him immediately!”

      “Or sell it for millions!” Snaw suggested.

      “But first, let me have his address book,” Calla urged. “I need to schedule our dinners for the next three weeks!”

      Sparkles led everyone outside, and in the distance everyone could see Chadley walking away. “We have to get his attention,” said Sparkles.

      “I’ll throw an egg at him,” Scary offered.

      “No eggs,” said Sparkles.

      Scary sighed and took Chadley’s backpack. “Fine, but everyone stand back!” After flinging the backpack in the air for a few seconds, Scary flung it towards Chadley and grinned when it slammed the back of his head. “Bingo, we’ve reached the target!”

      Sparkles gasped. “Do you think he’s okay?”

      “I’ll take very good care of him if he needs assistance,” Calla piped up.

      “Oh, who cares,” Scary groaned. “Besides, the freak looks fine—except for the slight headache.”

      “Hey where’s Snaw?” asked Sparkles, looking around.

      Snaw ran towards them, waving a Chadley Usuki doll in the air. “I was able to take this from a blue Shoyru! Quick, we must run home before he summons the Defenders of Neopia!”

      “I’ll go to the Money Tree to find any donated Chadley stuff,” said Calla.

      “And I’ll go home and pretend this day never happened,” Scary remarked. “This whole day was nothing but a boring Chadley-obsessed circus!”

      Sparkles sighed dreamily. “I do hope Chadley comes and visits us again.” Calla nodded eagerly and Snaw ran around, playing with his new Usuki.

      “Not me,” said Scary. “One crazed group of fans, and three pathetic losers, are more than enough for me!”

      The End.

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