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Riddle Time

Have you ever wondered?

Also by neptunely

by sportsaddict01

Too Soon?

It's always going to be too soon....

by o_babypet4me_o

And there it is.

by ssjelitegirl
Holy Kau, Don't have a Kau Man!

Happy Kau Day!

by keeperbaby
Dirt Pie

Thrifting is all the rage.

by gollyga97
Slush: Let's be honest...

Team Maraqua Edition.

by _torchic__
Villainous Apple


by voskit
Coffee Chaos

Someone's causing trouble, I wonder why...

by applejuicerain

Couldn't you choose another time?

by ealm528
A Kadoatie Dream

I believe I can fly!

by applefaerie99
Something rotten

When the cheese and rotten omelette looks the same...

Also by a_dragonjakelong13

by gnorbu_yarn

Go Team Lost Desert!

He's doing his best!

by angel_aura_quartz
What A Coincidence

No thanks...

by jjensen688
Everyone's a Critic....

Free Karaoke?!

Also by harper_1618

by sailorini_1

Thinking outside the box

Innovation at its finest

by _grizabella_
Two new avatars, yay!

I'm the kacheek.

by supertualet
Slushie Slinging Struggles

Enjoy your slushie!!

Also by somethingsosurreal

by ilovemykitties12

Ze Cool Kid - Unwelcome

A familiar face.

by krabbox
Eyrie Eccentricities 1 - Night of Sleep

Even darkness needs its rest.

by 360spinfish
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"A New Flavour" by 1isprime
Splat! The Slushie waitress turned back to see that the Lime Berry Slushie she had just prepared and whipped down the table had fallen to the ground. She looked toward the door and saw the impatient fan who ordered it running back toward the Yooyuball field. “Seriously? I made that in two seconds,” she sighed, and shuffled toward the mess to clean up. As she did, a roar began in the distance, and the ground began to shake. Fifty thirsty Neopians, half decked out in the red and blue of Meridell, and the rest sporting the pink and green of Faerieland, stampeded to the Slushie counters and began to yell their orders at the poor Tuskaninny waitress while also yelling at the rival fans. Apparently, Meridell and Faerieland were tied after the regulation time during the day’s surprisingly close Yooyuball game, and the fans were desperate for a Slushie before the shootout. The waitress sighed once more, and then put on a huge smile and started to grab empty plastic cups. She pointed to restless fans one at a time, ran to the machines to get what they wanted, slapped a sticker on the cup corresponding to the right team, and whipped them down the polished counters – no time to walk it over. Some fans got the wrong flavours, but they barely had time to complain before the next order was underway. After hundreds of cups had been slung down the tabletops, drained, and then left for the waitress to pick up, she finally had a moment of quiet. The shootout was about to start, and no one wanted to miss it, running back at full speed back into the hot Altador sun. But the waitress had a nagging feeling about the rush. Despite the huge amount of people, she felt it had been quieter than usual for some reason.

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A New Flavour
Despite the huge amount of people, she felt it had been quieter than usual for some reason.

by 1isprime


Usuki Singing Stars #40: The Great Chadley Chase
For Calla, the biggest Chadley fan in all of Neopia!

by downrightdude


Top 10 Beach Essentials This Summer
Here is a list of the 10 essential things to bring with you on your trip to the beach this summer that will assure you have the best time!

by hopeandjoy


The Grand Neopian Neolodge!
One of the largest hotel complexes in Neopia, the Grand Neopian Neolodge, has been a perfect place for pets to stay while their owners are on vacation for many years.

by katietease


Captain Karen: Part Four
There had to be something missing. There was surely something connecting her to this mystery. Karen couldn’t quite figure out just how she belonged in this or how she had even gotten mixed up in it to begin with.

by cyber1ofkakoradesert


Defender Scarlet Shadow in the Robots of Heart: Part Three
"And why would it interest you? Aren't you supposed to be finding the lab's escaped experiments, not sneaking around here?"

by orisasda

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