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Recently battlers have noticed a new blank arena after the premium cosmic dome. This has caused a lot of speculation and excitement on the battledome chat. Is this just some sort of glitch, or is this the first sign of a new update/arena/war/something? ~ piledriver
Hmm... A new dome you say? It's almost like someone has been working on something new... Very interesting indeed...

Dear CQ, please answer this: Since we were allowed to get the 9th Birthday NC Mall Cupcakes on our sides, are we also allowed to transfer our battle pet from the main account and feed him the cupcake on the side to gain stats? Is the cupcake exclusive to gain stats for the pets in the account it was redeemed? Or is this considered abuse of side accounts? Thanks, please remove my username. ~ username removed
So, it's not *technically* against the rules, but it's against the spirit of what the cupcakes were for. They were a gift for your pets, not a cheap way to level them up, and we ask you to respect that.

Hi CQ, a little while ago you said something about making HTML 5 more prominent on here and I was just wondering; do you guys plan on changing the Premium Space Faerie Scratch Cards to HTML 5 as well? It's kinda frustrating not being able to scratch them when I'm on my mobile. ~ dukula
Hi! So the plan is to eventually make everything not available on mobile now HTML5. Emphasis on the word eventually though - there is a loooot on this site and it is a very lengthy process. Our focus will definitely be on the biggest and most used pieces of the site first though, so hang tight for a while.

Hi there. :) So we all know (or at least should) that we cannot trade NC for NP in any form. I've been gifting mostly NC recently - and been gifted that as well. But then a friend wanted to gift me an NP item - and I told her not to do so, because TNT is known to freeze for that. So my question is: how can we safely gift each other? Are we stuck with NC now? Do we have to wait a few days/weeks/months? Thank you in advance - and remove my username, please. :) ~ username removed
If y'all are truly gifting each other just out of kindess, then you shouldn't have a problem. If you gift someone NC, and they immediately gift you back an expensive NP item... well that can look a tad suspicious. Remember - there is no quid pro quo in gifting. You're not stuck only gifting NC forever, but just keep in mind you shouldn't give with the expectation to get in return, especially when NP and NC are involved.

hi! I noticed the pet spotlight hasn't been updated in quite awhile. Are there any plans on bringing it back or has it retired? ~ arsenickitten
Hi! It has not been retired, just on a little hiatus :) It will grace us with it's presence again one day.

Is mr. coconut still around? He hasn't said goodnight in a while. :( ~ potatoes_and_jelly
Your wish my friend...


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