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Happy birthday all! I'm excited that there is a new 'pet out in the Neopian wild, but how exactly do you pronounce Vandagyre? ~handball002
It's pronounced with a hard g sound: van-duh-guyr.

Are the new themes only for this week or are they permanent? ~geminixcreations
Permanent. You may enjoy them from this day forth until the end of time.

Ah, the Tale of Woe...
That's kind of a long time...

TNT, pleasepleaseplease with the most delicious Cherry Bori Lolly on top consider making the Site Spotlight avatar available for past winners! It's a once a week event and there's only one winner each week. Unlike the Beauty Contest, it's not easily achievable again. ~semmy_genius
We have been getting many of these requests this week, and we totally understand. We are planning on implementing a workaround for this, so please bear with us. Hopefully we can get this to you soon!

I was just lucky enough to receive a coupon from the Faerie Queen herself... which is good for 10% off an item in the Hidden Tower. I want to use it, so my question is: how long is the coupon good for? ~ninhappislave
It doesn't expire. It's only good for one purchase, though, so choose wisely!

I used the Minor Healing Ointment on my 'pet who had Blurred Vision. The ointment description says, "Rubbing this on your forehead can help to clear up blurred vision." The reaction I got said it didn't do anything but the 'pet used it anyway. Does this item only work randomly or is this a glitch? Thanks! ~ladydragonfly20
Items from the Lost Desert Medicine Tent and Remarkable Restoratives in Shenkuu don't always work, but if they do, you might save a bit of NP versus buying the guaranteed cure at the Pharmacy in Neopia Central. It's up to you which to use.

It could just be candy floss in there.

Hey, TNT! I know you've been really busy with glitches, but I'd like to point out one more: Classic Neohomes are not accessible. My application for land has been ready in "less than an hour" for a month. Can we please fix this? ~empressofspiders
We've added it to our list of things to fix. We'll get to it when we can!

Bursts through wall... drinking "nuclear powered Achyfi".. *twitch* Ahhh, TNT CHEESE-BASED HIDDEN TOWER WEAPON? *twitch* aGGGHHHHHH... *runs off into the sunset chasing a Meowclops* ~deltamorious
We, too, find the lack of cheese in the Hidden Tower... disturbing. We look forward to the day when cheese reveals its true power. Soon. Sooooon.

Hi there, TNT. I had a question. If somebody is listing my username and / or Neopet's name on their Pet Page without my permission and I mail them asking to remove it and they refuse, is it reportable? (Please remove my username if this makes it into the Editorial! Thanks :) ) ~username removed
Yes, you can report them. We will then look into the matter and take the appropriate action.

Why does the description for (or, rather, why does the item exist in the first place) Skeith Quesadilla say Skeiths love them if Skeiths are allergic to cheese? ~azmatthews
Sometimes we love foods that don't love us back. :(


Hey, TNT. I'm writing to you for the first time from the account I've held since I was 12 years old (I am now 22). This site kept me entertained on all the days I waited at my parents' office as a kid, and continues to keep me entertained after I finish my own work days now. I appreciate all the hard work and time you've put in to keep this site running all these years. You guys may catch a lot of criticism for any glitches that may arise, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we're all so thankful that this little part of our childhoods hasn't disappeared with the modern age. You guys are the best. Happy birthday! ~surfchikbabe92

I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things you've added to the site this week! Everything is absolutely wonderful. We Neopians know you've had a rough transition and are still working through it, but we are truly excited to see what Jumpstart has in store for us. You've been doing an awesome job! ~cheyennexcrystal

When I used to play this site as a kid, I'd always be really excited to see the news and see what you'd added. This week, you brought back that feeling. Thanks, TNT! ~affluentflaw

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