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Diversify Your Trophy List

by fr0zenpeanut


Collecting bunches of trophies is a great pastime on Neopets. Some people like to make sure all the trophies they collect are gold. Or maybe you like the look of all bronze trophies. Well, how about trophies that differ based on which rank you get? That would be a pretty neat trophy collection, if I do say so myself.

Bouncy Supreme

The better you do, the more jelly you get on your trophy! Yum, save some for me! Personally, I think the silver trophy looks pretty cool. I love the color scheme! But, pick out which one you like in order to have the perfect diversified trophy list.

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

If you get a gold trophy, Bruno's super happy! Kinda happy for silver and well, he's still there for bronze. Perhaps go for gold in order to make sure he's the happiest he can possibly be. :) He deserves it. Poor guy.

Clockwork Codebreaker

Hmm, these are pretty different from each other. I think the silver trophy looks cool. I'd take a good long look before you decide to go for the trophy. One of these could really spice up your diversified trophy list!

Cloud Raiders

These differ from each other quite a bit. Maybe I just really like silver trophies because I like this one too! Although the cute little bird for bronze is pretty nice too. This one's pretty hard to pick!

Freaky Factory

You can pick which cute little blob you want on top of your trophy! Finally, I prefer the bronze over the silver. :P But! Really though, look at his evil little face. You can't really go wrong with one of these though. It'd be the perfect addition to your list!

Hasee Bounce

I would say you have to go for a gold trophy for this one! You don't get a doughnutfruit otherwise, and that would be a shame. :( But I mean, I guess the bronze trophy is pretty cute too. Though any of them are great because Hasees are adorable. But really though, how can you say no to the doughnutfruit? Impossible.

Itchy Invasion

Awww look at these cute little P3s! That Blechy on the gold trophy is pretty darn cute with its evil grin. You might prefer the Mozito or Itchi though, up to you! Again though, this is one of those that you can't go wrong with because petpetpets are the cutest.

Legends of Pinball

These aren't too different from each other. I like the simplicity of the bronze trophy, I think it'd be a great addition to your list.

Nimmos Pond

Another that celebrates the better the trophy you get! But, I think the thumbs up that the Nimmo gives you on the bronze trophy is pretty nice. The silver looks like he's going "Ayyyyy" though and that's cool too. But he looks so happy on the gold. I don't know, you'll have to look for yourself and decide which one you like the most!

Petpet Battles

I'm going to have to go with the cute little Snorkle in the gold trophy, hands down. Bronze is pretty boring :( But perhaps if you really like the simplicity, it'll be more your style!

Scourge of the Lab Jellies

I'm a really big fan of the silver one, yet again. :P But these trophies are so different than most that you can't possibly choose wrong. Take a good long look before you choose!

Shenkuu Tangram

Hmm, these are all simplistic but in their own way. I'm not really sure which one I would choose if I was trying to pick one to get. I might have the most trouble with this one than any of them!

Snot Splatter

Eww, the bronze trophy looks kinda gross. I'd probably rule that one out. I like both the silver and gold trophies though. Perhaps maybe gold a bit more, not sure..


I love all three of these! Why can't I have all of them! :( Wow. I just really don't know which one I would pick out of these. Maybe the gold because the little guy is so cute? Silver because I love the colors? Bronze because of the cute little guy on the computer? Which one! I don't know, ahhhhh!!


You know, I might have to go with bronze on this one because I like the lightning bolt. Reminds me of a certain wizard. ;) But I also really like the hat on the gold one! I'm not too big a fan of the silver trophy for this one, it's not nearly as cool as the others.

Super Hasee Bounce

It's official, you HAVE to get the gold one! Look at its balloon! How could you say no!! I mean the others are cute, but... the balloon!!!!


A Chia, a Kacheek, or a JubJub? Hmm. I'm pretty partial to Kacheeks, but that JubJub looks pretty cute too. Can't really go wrong with one of those cute little gnomes.


Last but not least, Zurroball! I really like the gold trophy for this one. The colors look nice together :) But I think the bronze would look pretty neat in a diversified trophy list too.

I did not mention the ones that differ based on the number they have on them. (Gold has 1, etc.) This list would be forever long if I did! Perhaps if your favorite number is 3 you could collect every trophy with the number 3 on it! That would look pretty neat. :) There are a lot of ways you could go about making your trophy list look extra nifty. Maybe collect all the ones with petpets on them! Then you'd have the cutest trophy list around.

The big thing to keep in mind is to not get too down on yourself thinking you can't obtain the trophies you want. You definitely can! Just set a goal for yourself and slowly work to obtain it! Much like anything else, you can improve your gaming abilities with practice. Even if you only play a couple times a day, that trophy can be yours in time. Don't give up! Best of luck on your trophy hunting! :)

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