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Bashful Babaas

The task of helping your Neopet choose the perfect petpet is never an easy one and a variety of factors must be taken into account before settling on your Neopet's perfect companion.

by neuroticat42
White Weewoos: The Ideal Petpet

There are hundreds of petpets out there in Neopia, all perfectly worthy of being your beloved Neopet's new petpet. But how do you go about choosing the right one for your pet?

Also by drobit

by bha288

Kelp Restaurant Review

What dishes do you need to try? Which ones should you stay away from? How's the service? Is this place worth your valuable time?

by xxrayray
Diversify Your Trophy List

Collecting bunches of trophies is a great pastime on Neopets.

by fr0zenpeanut
Masila: 10 Years On

Where are you, Masila? Where are you?

by _usuki_collector_315
Places To Visit On Neopets' Birthday!

It's Neopets' Birthday and all of Neopia is celebrating!

by pikachu315111
A Farewell to the Random Contest

On the 29th day of Collecting, in Y6, a new contest was revealed - the Random Contest! This was completely new and revolutionary for Neopians...

by azienskieth
Fall-ing For Your Autumn Neogarden

Many people don't think much about gardening at this time of year but it is possible, especially in the world of Neopets.

Also by hummerthug

by blue_eyed_tiger_j

15 Ways to Celebrate Neopets' 15th Birthday

That's right, it's time for Neopets' birthday once again.

by whisperingspirit
A Happy Birthday!

Ah... November 15th. It is time for that special day of the year. Balloons, cakes, gifts and so much more fun (not to mention that theme that always makes you feel like a child)!

by alexrider4568
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"Today is the Day" by shadyy15
After slamming my fist on the alarm clock, I forcefully rub the sleep from my eyes. "Today is the day," I whisper confidently. "Today is the day." I throw back the covers and bound to my feet. Walking towards the window I pull back the hangings and observe the street below...

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Shattering Darkness
Once, his people called him Lord Darigan. They used to be prosperous, happy, knowing nothing of war or disease or the thousands of things that plagued the world...

by likelife96


Friday Game Night
For those who are unaware of the King of Cards origin, his story began on a particular Friday game night...

by vanquishee


A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing: Part Eight
Sierra wove her way through the busy marketplace, hoping to blend in with the crowd. She quickly scribbled a SOS message to the Seekers and sent it off with a nearby weewoo...

by dogz_rock_98


Agent of the Sway: Departure - Part Six
"We have located the devices Xandra asked us for," the Duchess announced. "We have altered the plan slightly given her brief on how the artefacts work..."

by herdygerdy


The End is Nigh!
Dedicated to the Random Contest.

Also by coloridge

by msjanny


Qasala Quest - Part 1
A new adventure begins.

by taynacious

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