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Hi, TNT! If a user submitted something for a spotlight (such as gallery or User Lookup) before the server switch, should that user resend their submissions, or do you still have those saved from before the move? ~urawolff
We still have all of your submissions! You only need to resend if you've made considerable edits or want to change the description.

First of all, thanks for all of your work running around like crazy trying to get everything back up to speed. :) However, is there some cosmic, awe-inspiring reason that the Light Faerie Cookie Sandwich is sold in the Bakery and not at Faerie Foods? ~emaperez
It looks like a Neopian Shipping Department error! We do agree that it makes more sense for it to be sold in Faerie Foods. Future Light Faerie Cookie Sandwich cases should now be sent to Faerieland instead of Neopia Central.

Hi there, TNT! I am a huge fan of Neopets (and Gormball :P). The transition happened the week of the Gormball Championship, so everything went crazy. Therefore, when I got the chance to check the Gormball Championship page, I didn't see this year's tournament listed! This has been bugging me for weeks now, so I was just wondering who won this year. :P Thanks again! ~arnie10 (and Puffleneopet_, Reloss, Nina_Anubis3, and Tokatti)
One of the bugs on our side is new Neopedia entries not going live, so we'll paste the new entry here for you:

Year 16 - Champion: Zargrold the COOL
Runner-Up: Ursula
Third Place: Farvin III

It took fifteen years, but Zargrold knows that persistence is COOL, just like he is. The Grundo was happy to take home his first championship trophy ever this year. In a rare drop of the usual rivalries, the other contestants came together after the tournament to throw him an impromptu party... and to give him the soaking he'd missed out on, thanks to a Virtupets fire hose. Zargrold was pretty cool about it, naturally. That leaves only Kevin the Korbat with no gold trophies to his name. Perhaps he can get some tips from this year's winner?

I recently adopted a Neopet from someone. I then looked up the meaning of the name and was not sure if the name was appropriate. Can you please ease my fear of being frozen by telling me if the name is okay?!? ~username removed
If you're ever unsure if a name is inappropriate, always feel free to contact our Support Department and ask! We always appreciate honesty and coming forward, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have concerns about your account.

Hi, TNT! Can we see what your new office space looks like? ~ammyx3
Sure! We've moved our stuff in and are enjoying all the awesome snacks.

I have a Woodland Skeith Morphing Potion that I recently got from a trade. However, there is no option to use it. It was suggested that I inquire about the issue here, since I now have a potion I can't use that I wasted my Neopoints on. ~tankwarmasta
Oh, dear. It seems the cork was stuck in those potion bottles. We've done our magic and it should now be usable.

Hi! Thanks for answering my question last week. This one is a little strange: can you show us a pictorial representation of how the move was on you? I wanna see what you thought. I'm curious! ~chasing_stars44
Sure! Here it is in chronological order:

The announcement
(Please note the programmer on the left.)

Making preparations

Moving day

Aaaaand we're back!

The cleanup begins

The aftermath

We think that sums it up pretty well.


Thank you for all of your hard work getting the site up and running, TNT! *tosses cookies your way* ~wunderwall

Just read your thoughts. Happy ones, that is. I always skipped the bottom of the Editorial before, but now I don't. Keep positive and thank you for keeping things running. Just seeing my 'pets each day keeps me going while I wait for the fixes. Here's to a special pug hug. Nothing more cheery than one of those. :D ~blackpugpuppy

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