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Daunting Pirate Captains

by aleu1986


Pirates are feared across Neopia. They sail the open ocean in search of ships to board and plunder for riches. They desire gold above all else, yet they're not just a horde of unrefined hooligans, they're skilled sailors, capable of navigating the seas better than anyone.

For this article I've picked some of the Pirate Neopets that look like they would be the captain of the ship, the leader of the crew.

Pirate Yurble

Clothes: Hat, coat, belt, tattoo. The latter is interestingly enough not visible unless you remove the coat.

Let's start at the top: The Pirate Yurble has a stylish hat resting comfortably between his ears, with a fluffy feather to boot! Not your typical captain hat with a skull and bones decoration, but nonetheless dashing and leaves no doubt about who's in charge of the vessel.

His coat is black with red sleeves and gold buttons – and you can bet the gold in those buttons were not bought in any shop! A nice detail is the Yurble's belt featuring a wheel for a buckle. There's also a skull tattoo hidden underneath that dashing coat.

I personally love the details of the black mane and nails, plus the bushy patches of fur around his eyes, a clever twist on the facial features of the common Yurble, also a nice way to avoid the typical eye patch.

Pirate Wocky

Clothes: Hat, shirt, earring, eyepatch.

The Pirate Wocky is flying red colours! The dark red of the coat and captains hat is a refreshing break from the usual black coats and stripy shirts of other Pirate Neopets.

The small gold ring in his ear is a nice detail and picks up the yellow from the skull and bones decorating his large hat. A completely unique feature about the Pirate Wocky is his gold tooth, hard to miss if you don't look hard enough.

Felines generally prefer to keep their feet dry, but the salty sea spray is no problem for this Pirate! The dark grey fur and the black ruff effectively give this Wocky a menacing look, and the one open eye staring at you strikes fear into your heart. Prepare to be boarded!

Pirate Ruki

Clothes: Hat, coat.

Similarly to the Pirate Nimmo, the Pirate Ruki looks more like they'd be in charge of a military vessel than a pirate ship. He looks more elegant and stylish rather than scruffy and intimidating. Though a Pirate he is, and his presence adds a touch of class to this list of swashbuckling hooligans.

The dark blue of the coat with its rich gold decorations and cuff links just shouts riches! That's right, you can bet your NP this Ruki has more than his fair share of dubloons to spend whenever his ship docks at Krawk Island.

And that hat! *whistles * Similar to the headwear of the Pirate Yurble, this isn't your typical captain's hat, but this Ruki has the air of a leader and someone who's used to getting his way, so I've no problem imagining him shouting orders at a busy crew.

Pirate Peophin

Clothes: Hat, coat.

What better Neopet to navigate the waters of Neopia than a species who normally dwells underneath the surface, glancing up to see the bellies of ships cutting through the waves?

The Pirate Peophin proudly wears the classical captains hat, note that there is only two bones in a cross and no skull – you'll have to look elsewhere for that! It's on the Peophin's headdress in place of the regular gem. The yellow feather also makes the Peophin stand out from the other Pirate captains who all sport white or grey feathers in their hats.

His coat is so beautiful; I love the fine white lines and the gold chain.

Pirate Lenny

Clothes: Hat, coat, boots. As odd as it may look, a bird wearing any kind of footwear, the outfit doesn't look complete without them.

If you overlook the elegantly posed wings for a moment, the Pirate Lenny's expression is quite unsettling and adds detail and personality to this Pirate pet.

I like that the coat is open; it suits the Lenny's tall, thin frame. It has some nice details to it, such as the gold buttons and the white lace that can be seen sticking out from the sleeves.

This is one Lenny you don't want to cross paths (or swords) with!

Pirate Meerca

Clothes: Hat, shirt, trousers, boots, earrings, golden hook.

Your average Meerca is a jolly fellow who loves nothing more than to play pranks and practical jokes on unsuspecting Neopets. The Pirate Meerca is a whole other kettle of fish. You'll find a fierce snarl in place of the usual cocky smile.

A Neopet with the small, round body shape (such as the Kiko) may be difficult to customise but I think the Pirate outfit for the Meerca works brilliantly. He's got the standard striped shirt with a stylish red belt. His trousers are tattered, probably the result of months at sea with no tailor on board. (If any of the crew members had sewing skills, they certainly wouldn't admit it!) He's got sturdy black boots and the big gold rings really complete the outfit and go well with the Meercas generously sized ears. The captain's hat is obviously the most impressive piece; two bones in a cross leave no doubt in your mind that this Meerca has no intention of showing mercy!

The captain has no time for fun and games; he's got a ship to steer and a crew to command! It may be tempting to be amused by the mental image of a Neopet of such short stature being in charge of a vessel, but the Pirate Meerca has a fearsome temper and his voice can carry further than you think! All hands on deck!

Pirate Grarrl

Clothes: Hat, coat, wooden leg.

His hat is quite similar to that of the Pirate Peophin, except the Grarrl has a white feather. The coat is really dashing, giving the impression of high rank and power.

The fearsome Grarrl of Tyrannia can certainly find his sea legs! Or.. that is, he appeared to have lost one of them, unfortunately. The wooden leg is a striking feature that surprisingly is only shared by the Pirate Gnorbu.

Can't you just imagine this captain hobbling around on the deck of a great sail ship, roaring to his crew members, or sitting by his table in the captain's cabin, gorging himself with the finest dishes of Neopia? I'd say this Pirate captain has just a great appetite for food as he has for gold and Neopoints!

Of all the Pirates on this list, I think the Grarrl is the most daunting. You certainly wouldn't want this captain to be in charge of the vessel that is about to board your ship!

I hope you landlubbers enjoyed this article, cast me a message in a bottle if so! Arr!

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