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What does it mean when, in a user lookup, it says "Stealth!" under "Last seen"? - Bookfreak144
It means that person has set their preferences so you cannot see when they were last online.

Could you please add a reason box for why leaders suspend and delete members from guilds? - Guildmaster124082
Maybe, although there would have to be preset reasons from a drop down. We cant have a mud slinging fight happening :)

What are the names of the NEW Geraptiku Petpets? - Piloneo
They are called (from left to right) Vacana, Tuceet, Crocalu.

In the editorial section in the neopets magazine there was a question about boochi zapping your pet into a baby. Who is boochi? I already tried the help section and "search neopets"! Please tell me who this boochi is, please!? - 66beaglelover77
Boochi is a Baby Bruce with a particularly evil glint in his eye. He loves to randomly appear around the site and zap unsuspecting Neopets into cute Baby versions. I will get a Neopedia article done about him so that people can find this out more easily in the future.

Hi, My pet has a Bilguss. It has no ears right. When my pet talks to it it will wiggle its ears. It has no ears! It will also blink its ears! How is that normal? It also has no arms. My pet talks to it and it will rub its tummy. I just find all those things a little weird. And impossible. Could you make it make a little more sense? - Diechee10
That is just a little fun thing to add something to your Petpet's character. To change it so it recognises the characteristics of every single Petpet would be a huge task and require a total recode.

When is Neoquest III going to be released? I really want to know this!!! - Space94boy
Haha, this isn't even being worked on as yet. I am not even sure if there is going to be one. I will give Mr Insane a nudge though, you never know he may be inspired to create number three...

Why can't you buy a item that is labled 100,000 in a shop. I mean the prices at the trading post are cool (some of them). But i mean, if it's in the shop and we have galleries now why can't we buy it? - Hoopsgurl2010
I think we were going to change it so you could sell things for a higher price in your shop. Let me check on that one. Obviously we would give everyone lots of warning so their rare and valuable items didnt get sold for 100,000 NP :)

The neoHTML editing box for the neoboards is kind of too small... I end up having to copy/paste my code everytime I make a post, which gets irritating. Could you make the edit box bigger, please? - Pink_penguin28
Hmm.. I thought we increased the size of this earlier on. I will ask around and see what can be done.

Would it be possible to have morphing potions that only change the species of your pet, and not the color? For example a "Chia Morphing Potion" would simply change your pet into a Chia but not change its current color. - Mistystar555
We will have to think about that one, as it could cause problems. Not every Neopet is paintable in every colour so what would happen if you used a potion and that colour didn't exist? This is possible, it just needs a lot of thought to make it work.

How come there's a lutari in happy valley and you can't own one? - xixiwang242
Because they haven't been released yet :P

Under the Guild FAQ question 'how do I promote my guild' It states 'Each week you can try to get your guild on the front page of the Neopian Times. Make your guild description intere....' I don't see anywhere on the front of the NT about anybodies guild... - ccat3_
Oooh, well spotted. That dates back from a very, very long time ago. We used to do that, but it wasn't really fair as it was incredibly hard to choose which guilds to use. Plus some guilds cease to exist after a certain time or totally change their theme. I will get that updated.

I feel bad for it, and I noticed it a long time ago, and asked this same question, but never got an here it goes: I don't care if it is magical or not anymore, I want to give that plushie a loving home, so can I adopt it? - xdracoxfanx1
I am afraid not, but there are loads of other cool plushies on sale in the toy shop :) I know its not the same, but if it wasn't discarded all the time it wouldn't be half as interesting.

Is there a Petpet pound? And if not could you make one? - wakari167
We don't really need one as you can just trade Petpets the same way you can any item.

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