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Continued Series

Janet and Jane: The Case of the Monster Hunter: Part Four

“I know we agreed not to talk about it, but I've been wondering about it recently,” Kell answered. “Since I didn't want to talk to you about it because of our agreement, I went to Janet.”

by chasing_stars44
Captain Karen: Part Three

He came to stand beside her and fixed his gaze on the portrait. It was a portrait of a young woman and a little girl.

by cyber1ofkakoradesert
Yooyuball Dreams: Part Three

The parade had only just started for the people standing at the beginning, and the team was the final group to go through, so it would be a while before they reached the two friends. Marcia was full of nerves as she clutched her shoulder bag with Xana the Yooyu inside of it.

by golden1188
Defender Scarlet Shadow in the Robots of Heart: Part Two

Some of the hardest decisions any Defender has had to make during their lifetime is usually centered on a conflict between their duty and the right thing to do.

by orisasda
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"Tenz and Steel~ A pound story" by rkbear
Steel hid behind the trash can and tried to wipe all the omelet out of his hair. The yellow bits were hard to miss in his dark purple hair, but he didn't want Tenz to see it. The big Mutant would want to know who'd done it. Tenz was always looking out for him, even though Steel was older. Steel was supposed to be the one who looked out for the younger boy, but Tenz was bigger than he was, and stronger, and scarier, and just wasn't a good target for bullying. Steel on the other paw, was perfect, he was small for his age, scrawny, and hated by many for where he was from. Even though as far as he could remember he's never even been to the Citadel, or Meridell for that matter. As far as he knew they were at peace with Meridell, but that didn't mean he was a good target for having one's breakfast being dumped on one's head. Steel usually liked omelet day, usually they got a whole helping of jelly, but he always felt a little fuller on omelet day, and there was more variety. He'd gotten a sausage omelet, he loved sausage, he'd only had it once before (when he'd dropped his omelet and Tenz had given him the rest of his). The nice pink Uni that showed hopeful owners around, had smiled at him when she'd served him. He'd sat down, not waiting for Tenz, who often over slept if Steel didn't wake him up, when a big Skeith and a Grarrl sat down on either side of him. They were brothers, or at least that is what they said. Both had been adopted four or five times at least, but they were always brought back. On their plates were a plain and pea omelet, respectively. “Good Morning, Steel,” said the bright orange Grarrl, brightly. He was often adopted because of his bright color.

Other Stories


Grave Danger Delights
She had to go to the meeting though, otherwise who knows how atrocious the Ball would turn out. They were absolutely dependent on her fine taste in decorating and they’d be utterly lost without her.

Also by wellthatsfantastic

by juggal3tt3j


Mutant Bog
Sequel to Cafeteria Food.

by forestfleet


Q&A: Team Darigan Citadel
This week’s Altador Cup exclusive will be presented directly to you, through our very own; Shen.

by rivera_ice_princess


The Altador Cup: Avoiding Rest Day Boredom
It can be a jarring experience when you’ve been focusing all your efforts on Yooyuball to suddenly not know what to do. So here are some ideas to help you re-focus and achieve something meaningful on practice days.

Also by kayahtik

by plasticrose


Pocket Change
Curious? Curious? 500NP if you're curious.

by snackbox


Ze Cool Kid - Fame
He doesn't live on looks alone, y'know! ;)

by krabbox

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