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Avoiding Rest Day Boredom

Rest days during the Altador Cup can be a welcome break from the craziness of tournament days. They’re a chance for players to rest tired fingers, have a cup of tea, and relax after several days of working hard to help their teams win the cup. But they can also pose a difficult question: “What do I do with my time now?!” After all, dedicated players spend several hours every day on the Altador Cup games.

Other Stories


Mutant Bog
Sequel to Cafeteria Food.

by forestfleet


Tenz and Steel~ A pound story
Tenz was always looking out for him, even though Steel was older. Steel was supposed to be the one who looked out for the younger boy, but Tenz was bigger than he was, and stronger, and scarier, and just wasn't a good target for bullying.

by rkbear


Is Your Neopet Ready To Go Vegan?
ver since the Health Food shop opened in the Neopian Bazaar and Shenkuu was discovered in Year 8, tofu dishes and vegan platters have been introduced, and it’s been easier than ever for your Neopet to jump on board with this trendy diet! Here are some FAQs for both you and your pet.

by hey_choking_hazard


Shop Wizard Tricks
Since Jubjub day is this week, I wanted to give you a nice guide as to how the wizard works his magic and how you can get the most out of using this feature.

by brodysseus


Quiggle Squiggle!
Happy Quiggle Day!

Also by suixx

by neptunely


What A Coincidence
It all makes sense now.

by jjensen688

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