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The Re-discovery of Lutari Island

by karlynne1964


     The Re-discovery of Lutari Island

     Mystery Island was truly beautiful year round thought Zipthele as he groomed the feathers on his wings. The Pteri had just flown in from the rainbow fountain having been painted invisible. He just wanted a few days of rest and relaxation without interruption and being invisible seemed like the best way to do it.

     The holiday season was finally over along with all the shopping, parties, shopping, and more shopping. The crowds, the noise, even the snow always seemed to bother him after a few weeks and this year with the release of mini-packs, Dyeworks, mystery caps, plus the winter shop and other shops being filled was madness in itself. There were times he wished he could hibernate like the Snowager.

     Zipthele had just settled himself on a branch to take a nap when he heard rustling down below. He groaned internally. He hadn't even had a moment's peace yet.

      Llasandra the Acara was quietly searching around Mystery Island for unique and special items. Her favorite activity was finding beautiful things to offer her friends each week for bidding. She wandered through the Tiki Tack shop and sighed; same old tourist items. She wondered why that silly Tombola didn't try harder to find real treasures, things like that pretty shell shop on Maraqua, but she wasn't in the mood to swim today. She remembered hearing about a very special place called Lutari Island, but she had no idea how to find it. It was said to have the greatest treasures of all, better than what one could find from those thieving pirates on Krawk Island. She was left to wander around Mystery Island for now.

     Suddenly, out of nowhere, she heard something from the tree above. She looked up quickly, but saw nothing. She was sure she'd heard something more than the wind through the leaves. What could be up there, she wondered? She noticed a lovely Decorative Ladder near the volleyball net on the beach. Placing it against the tree she climbed up to see what was there. Nothing! She had heard about pets that found a way to become invisible, could that be what was happening here? She poked her finger into the air just above the tree branch, the loud squawk sent her and her ladder reeling backwards.

     Llasandra the Acara closed her eyes tightly as the ladder seemed to fall in slow motion. She braced for impact, only to realized that the ladder was no longer moving. Below her was an excited group of Myncis who had just arrived to play volleyball. The myncis gently pushed the ladder back against the tree, and Llasandra climbed down to the warm sand. She glanced back up into the tree, and gently shook her head. Nothing was up there. The myncis all wanted to know what she had been doing in the tree. Rather than explain that she was chasing invisible pets, she told them all she was a treasure hunter. The myncis immediately began to give her suggestions on where she might continue her search. With a backward glance at the tree, Llasandra set off into the forest towards a large outcrop of caves.

      Zipthele overheard the Myncis speaking to Llasandra and decided to follow her. Swooping down low and silently flying behind her, he entered the largest of the caves.The sound of dripping watered reached his ears and he flew up higher to see if he could find the source of water. Unfortunately, the light faded shortly after entering and he couldn't see more than a couple of feet ahead. A splash below made him turn around.

     Llasandra was cautiously creeping forward in the dark. She heard dripping so a water source was probably in the cave. Vague ideas about diamonds and other gems entered her mind and the thrill of discovering treasure filled her. She began to hurry and suddenly her feet left the ground and she was falling. Being an acara, she didn't have the ability to fly so as she careened downward she hoped for a soft landing. Splash! Not as soft as she hoped but better than soil. She broke the surface of the water and tried to see. There was a faint glimmer of light off to the left. Shivering a bit she started to swim toward the light.

     Llasandra dragged herself out of the water and onto land.

     After catching her breath she crept forward out of the cave and her eyes widened at what she saw. It was amazing, it was a lush tropical paradise. Looking at the sky she saw birds in brilliant colors. They were unconverted Pteris and Lennies! They were so beautiful with their wings spread;like rainbows in the sky. She didn't know Lennies could fly!

     Zipthele launched himself out of the cave, into the sky and joined a circle of Pteris. They must be distant, very distant cousins of his. Where was he?

      Rising high into the sky Zipthele looked down but the mist covering the land made it difficult to see much. He could make out water circling the land so it was definitely an island. That's odd. He thought he knew every island in Neopia.

     Llasandra scurried under a large plant as a fog rolled by, not unlike A Rolling Fog sold in the NC Mall. She sat there for quite a while listening before finally venturing forth toward a large building. Glancing at the sign in front it stated: Survival Academy. She shivered. The academy seemed much harsher than the training academy on Krawk Island. She quickly moved away until she heard music. Almost sprinting she saw a wheel in the distance. Could it be? Could this be the famed Wheel of Happiness? Glancing around she wondered if she had enough nps to give it a spin? Is the price of happiness ever too much? Sighing at only finding 6 nps she moved away from the wheel and over toward a bustling marketplace. Never one to miss a sale she hurried over.

      Up in the sky Zipthele was wondering if it was safe to land on the Island. He thought pets were not allowed but it seemed no one was around. Then he spotted movement. Who or what is that at the Market Place?

     Its Llasandra shopping. She was so excited when she found 1,678 nps on the ground. She could return and spin the Wheel of Happiness! She hurried back through the fog arriving at the Wheel. She was so thrilled! What will she win? It seemed to take forever for it to stop spinning!

     Upon flying closer, Zipthele saw the Acara he had been following earlier. Hmm, maybe pets were allowed on the island after all? He quietly followed her as she approached what looked like an air faerie, who stood next to an amazingly colourful, fancy circle...maybe a wheel of some sort? Must be something good, because the Acara was smiling from ear to ear....

     Llasandra was giddy with anticipation as the wheel spun around and around. Spinning slower, and slower, and then finally coming to a stop, Briana (the islands resident air faerie) exclaimed "Congratulations, you won an item"! She reached behind the wheel and then presented Llasandra with the most magnificent thing she had ever seen....a necklace with a couple of fancy runed stones, and in the middle, the most beautiful feather imaginable. Shivering with delight she took the necklace and placed it over her head..looking down in awe as it lay against her chest.

     In her excitement, Llasandra realized she hasn't asked Briana the most important question of all..."What IS this place"?

     Briana smiled broadly and cheerfully replied...."why, this is Lutari Island! Welcome"!

     Llasandra slowly looked around again at the amazing tropical paradise, with its lush flora and colourful fauna. Then she reached up and gently touched her new necklace. In that moment she knew, that of all of the fantastical things she had discovered, the treasures she had found, the sights she had seen......this place, Lutari island, was the greatest treasure of all.

     This collaboration was a guild activity, submissions by karlynne1964, astrakat, hakolinsky, vidav, nikkigrrl85, cautiousapproach, grame5, and danielle13707.

      The End.

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