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Making the Most of Kadoatie Feeding

by combat_lobster_46903


     There are lots of guides on how to go about navigating the Kadoatery, whether you’re after a new avatar, a high number trophy, or just want to make a difference in the lives of some sad Kadoaties. A more pressing question exists however. Not how to feed a kad, but what to do while you’re waiting to feed a kad. Having to check the Kadoatery every seven minutes leaves a lot of short windows of time to fill, but you don’t want to leave Neopia and lose track of the seconds of time in case you miss a valuable opportunity. So, what are your options?

     Chatting on the boards

     Often there is a Kadoatery focused board where people will keep track of the time, post items that have been requested, and can share guides with new people. This is a great option if you are new and looking for tips, or if you’re nervous about remembering when to start refreshing the Kadoaties. Depending on the time of day, conversation may be more or less active. You should also keep in mind that the more active people are online, the more competitive the Kadoaties may be. While the Kadoatie dedicated chat is usually on the Games board, you may also find people in the Avatar board who are working towards the avatar. You can always spend your time participating in unrelated conversations as well, as long as you’re careful to watch the clock.


     You can also keep other shops open in other windows to be checking on their stock while you’re waiting for those hungry petpets. The advantage of this is being able to stay productive, keeping your own shop stocked to earn neopoints while spending money on precious Kadoatie food. The disadvantage you may run into is if a store restocks too close to a pending refresh, leaving you a tough decision: Do you go for that special item in the store? Or do you abandon it to check on the Kadoaties, who may not end up asking for anything anyway. Kadding and restocking simultaneously can be productive, but also frustrating if the timing doesn’t work out.


     If you haven’t yet, going through some daily activities like spinning wheels, or visiting Coltzan’s shrine, these are quick things to take care of in a short amount of time. Unless you’re spinning the Wheel of Monotony, most of these take less than a minute, so you can check a few off your list in a seven minute window. The only caution to be aware of is opening too many pages at once. If you have all of your dailies open at once, you may start to lag, or have trouble keeping track of where the Kadoatery is. You don’t want to be wasting precious seconds sifting through your open pages, so make sure you have enough space to navigate between things.

     Web-page based games

     Games that refresh with every move are a great option for playing between Kadoaties. Something like Neoquest, Dice-a-roo, or Sewage Surfer can be kept open in another window since any switching back and forth won’t lose any progress. Playing a game that requires refreshing a page also means you will always have an accurate view on the time, so you know exactly when to switch over. Many of these games can take a longer time to complete, but can also award the player avatars. So if you’re in the camp of feeding Kadoaties with the avatar in mind, you may be able to work on multiple goals at once if you do any of the web page based games. Something to keep in mind: You may get occasional random events while doing these types of games, including quests from faeries! If you plan on using the shop wizard to search for items for the Kadoaties, make sure you don’t have any faeries waiting on you since that will stop you from searching for anything else in the meantime.

     Flash games

     If you want to earn neopoints while you’re waiting, flash games can be the choice for you. However, choosing the right game can be trickier business. Some games last for longer periods of time, and aren’t ideal to play in seven minute increments. There are a few different ways to choose which games to play effectively during these short windows. First are games that have very short play times like Kass Basher, or Smug Bug Smite. These are games that take a very short time to complete, so even if you only have a couple minutes left before your next Kadoatie chance, you can get at least one playthrough in. The next category you can look for are games that don’t have a timer, like Spell Seeker, or games that pause between each level. Games that allow you to do something else before beginning a next level like Nova Defender, or Chef Academy, are ideal for Kadoatie feeding because you don’t have to complete the whole game within a certain time. You only need to find a break between levels before coming back to it during another break. Games with continuous play, or games that proceed to the next level automatically are not ideal. If you’re playing these types, you may be left in the position of needing to forfeit for the sake of the kadoaties, so it can be useful to check on your favorite games before settling into Kadding. If you have to press space to proceed to the next level, you’re safe, if not, you may save that for the longer break immediately after a Kadoatie refresh.

     Get items ready

     If games aren’t your thing, and you want to feed Kadoaties items that you already own, you could spend the time between feeds by filling your inventory and safety deposit box. There are compiled lists of items that Kadoaties might ask for, and whether you want to focus on a category to keep in your inventory, or have a wider range in your safety deposit box, you can follow lists to get ready for the next wave. This activity can pair well with chatting on the boards, since other Kadoatie feeders will often post updated lists of what items have been asked for.

     Or, if all else fails, you can just keep an eye on those Kads. Always waiting, always refreshing, ready to feed at a moment’s notice.

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