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Short Stories

The Kad and the Warf Rescue Team

The siren was loud in the petpet’s ears as it blared through the speakers. The Warf Rescue Team members didn’t mind though since they never wanted to miss a rescue operation.

by _polonius_
Food Club Shenanigans

Gooblah, Dan, Buck and Squire are competing in the lastest match of food club, but things don't exactly go as expected.

by erliane
Colourful Opinions

I hope this story amuses at least a few people

by ikiracake
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Making the Most of Kadoatie Feeding

There are lots of guides on how to go about navigating the Kadoatery, whether you’re after a new avatar, a high number trophy, or just want to make a difference in the lives of some sad Kadoaties. A more pressing question exists however. Not how to feed a kad, but what to do while you’re waiting to feed a kad. Having to check the Kadoatery every seven minutes leaves a lot of short windows of time to fill, but you don’t want to leave Neopia and lose track of the seconds of time in case you miss a valuable opportunity. So, what are your options?

Other Stories


Four Unusual Dailies to Do... Daily!
If you have played Neopets for any amount of time, chances are that you have a list of dailies. Maybe they’re stored as links on a pet's petpage, maybe they‘re just a mental to-do list, but either way, you do them everyday. In this article, I will share a few activities on my dailies list that are more time-consuming or unusual than standard dailies like Coltzan's Shrine or Kiko Pop. They may be more effort, but the reward is greater as well!

by costumely


Fostering a Love of Learning
Fall is here, meaning class has been in session for several weeks and summer is long gone! The initial hype of returning back to school is often felt by even the laziest Neopet. Who doesn't like seeing their friends after summer vacation and shopping for new clothes?!

by thebiscuitbunch


The Book of the Twelve:Part Nine
IX-I. Tradym, the Sailor

by herdygerdy


The Dark Detective
“Dark. Dark, wake up. Dark!”

by tanikagillam


Years of zapping and nothing happens?

by terukiyo


{ Crowded Woods } Communication Troubles
Life's hard when you can only talk via dance.

by candyplague

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