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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The tunnel was rather standard, as far as tunnels went. Dark, musty, and cold, Orlitz’s flashlight roamed along its earthen walls. Aside from a few wooden support beams (which looked very old and not at all up to code), the passageway was bare. There was no use turning back—the entrance had closed behind her—so the Cloud cybunny pressed on.

Four Unusual Dailies to Do... Daily!

If you have played Neopets for any amount of time, chances are that you have a list of dailies. Maybe they’re stored as links on a pet's petpage, maybe they‘re just a mental to-do list, but either way, you do them everyday. In this article, I will share a few activities on my dailies list that are more time-consuming or unusual than standard dailies like Coltzan's Shrine or Kiko Pop. They may be more effort, but the reward is greater as well!

Making the Most of Kadoatie Feeding

There are lots of guides on how to go about navigating the Kadoatery, whether you’re after a new avatar, a high number trophy, or just want to make a difference in the lives of some sad Kadoaties. A more pressing question exists however. Not how to feed a kad, but what to do while you’re waiting to feed a kad. Having to check the Kadoatery every seven minutes leaves a lot of short windows of time to fill, but you don’t want to leave Neopia and lose track of the seconds of time in case you miss a valuable opportunity. So, what are your options?

Traveler's Guide: Mystery Island

Introduction: Everyday, you may be stuck at your tiring job, then you go to your house and do not have enough energy to do nothing besides going to your bed, sleeping and recharging some of your energies to start all over from the beginning on the next day. But on Neopia, there are lots of cool places to visit, some of them you might not even know yet. Places where you can get to know new friends, enjoy yourself and learn more about different cultures. So if you feel like the only thing in the world you need right now is a vacation, here is my Traveler’s Guide to Mystery Island, containing a list of the 10 most cool places to visit if your destination is the Mystery Island.

Other Stories
"The Kad and the Warf Rescue Team" by _polonius_
The Kad and Warf Rescue Team The siren was loud in the petpet’s ears as it blared through the speakers. The Warf Rescue Team members didn’t mind though since they never wanted to miss a rescue operation. Team Leader Pat finished checking the parachutes. “Ok Team!” Our mission is to rescue a kadoatie named Fiddlesticks who is up in a large tree - approximately three branches up. It’s pretty high, but if we stick to what we’ve done in practice I know we can do it.” Warf Rescue members began slapping each other on the back. The energy was high. They were ready to get Fiddlesticks unstuck. “Any questions?” Pat asked, picking up his backpack filled parachute. Pat had rolled all the parachutes himself. He had learned the hard way that if they weren’t double checked there could be major problems. Pat loved his job. Being part of the rescue squad gave him a sense of purpose as a Warf. He loved helping kadoaties and making sure that they were able to get back to their regular lives. Pat had chosen all the team members himself for the squad and was sure of them. This was important to their success, since they really relied on each other.

"Colourful Opinions" by ikiracake
"Oh Martha, your scones are a delight, as always.” “Why, thank you, Constance,” the Kau said graciously, pouring her guest a cup of tea. One would think it would be difficult to handle a teapot with hooves, but the numerous wrinkles on Martha’s face hinted to her many years of practice to master the art. “I tried adding a bit of almond extract this time to give them a little pep.” “It worked,” said the third guest at the table, a diminutive and greying Bruce, adjusted the hat on her head, before selecting another scone from the tray for her plate. “I do declare, you must give us the recipe!” Martha simply laughed and shook her head. “Once I’ve perfected it, Agnes, and not a moment before!” “I doubt you can make them any better than this,” Constance the Yurble scoffed. She gave Martha a dry look over her thick glasses. “Unless you start using magic, that is.” Immediately all three elderly ladies started to titter and laugh as if Constance had made a very funny joke. “Oh Constance, you are so cheeky!” Martha chortled, wiping a tear from her eye with her hoof. “Magic! For baking! Could you imagine?” “Such a frivolous waste,” Agnes agreed with an upturned beak. “Magic shouldn’t be used for such things.”

"The Dark Detective " by tanikagillam
"Dark. Dark, wake up. Dark!” “What?” The Darigan Draik kicked his legs out from underneath him in surprise, and tumbled from the couch onto the floor. “Elena – what?” A pink Cybunny was hovering above him, her pretty face an inch from his. And she looked crazed, her eyes wide and her fur sticking up on end like static. “Dark!” “I’m awake! Stop shouting at me.” “Dark, this is an emergency.” “It had better be. I was dreaming I was the Lord of Jelly World.” “There’s no such thing as Jelly World,” the Cybunny scoffed as she sat down on the floor beside him. The Draik blinked his sleepy eyes at her as she held up an orange Meepit. “That is a Meepit.” “As succinct as ever, Dark.” Elena rolled her eyes and shook the Meepit vigorously at him. It looked mildly unimpressed. “This is Sebastian.” “Sebastian… as in your sister’s petpet Krawk, Sebastian?” Dark was starting to get a very bad feeling about this. “Elena – what did you do?” “It was an accident! I was just trying to make him orange!” Dark looked at the Meepit and screwed up his nose. “Well, you got half of it right.” “Lis is going to kill me.” “Yes, probably.” Dark was slightly unnerved by how the Meepit was staring at him without blinking. “I thought you turned him purple last week, anyway.”

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