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Autumntastic: Top Five Autumn Items - Food

by sosuleaf


     When people ask others what they like doing on Neopets or what things do they do that make them stay active and motivated, the common answers usually are avatar collecting, guilds, trophies, stamps, among others. However, My case is completely different. If I had to describe myself and explain what I do on this site, I'd basically say one word: Autumn. I just love this season so so much and Neopets knows how to represent it through all the wonderful Autumn themed items they have created and released throughout the years, such us books, grooming and even the amazing NP and NC wearable items. I think this season is very well resembled on the site and I have dedicated all my time towards it. Everything I do and talk about will always be related to it. Neopets and the Staff Team know exactly how to take the season to a whole new level. The wearable backgrounds they come up with are just stunning and the Fall Shop at the NC Mall is expected to get busy during the months of September, October and November - This season sure does draw attention! With these guide articles I want to put my thoughts and opinions on the items I think are the best among the over two thousand you can find all over Neopia. With these guides I hope I can motivate and inspire you to create wonderful and outstanding customizations for your pets! - Sit back, grab something to drink and enjoy the falling autumn leaves while reading this great article.


     Who doesn't love food? I mean ,it's one of those guilty-free pleasures we can all have at ANY time, anywhere, whenever we want! And this does not stop us from making the best fall inspired dishes and desserts for the best season. Oh fyora, we just get too excited by thinking about all the wonderful food you can cook, not only from late September to mid November, but all year round! Fall should be celebrated at any time during the year, so we hope you guys add that tiny spice of Autumn, leaf-shaped sprinkles and maple syrup to all your recipes.

     1. Fall Sprinkle Cupcake

     You know that feeling you get when you are arriving at a party and you are craving some good homemade, full-of-leaves vanilla cupcakes? This is literally what it means. The Fall Sprinkle Cupcake is just what you need to make for your fall themed parties during this beautiful season. It's not just a regular vanilla cupcake, it's a wonderfully baked, aesthetically appealing cupcake filled with the best maple syrup you could ever find in the deepest woods of Meridell. People say Illusen tends to hide cupcakes at everyone's doormates; we wonder if they mean under them or it's just a metaphor. Either way, we believe that a good fall cupcake should never lack of edible, colourful leaves made out of foundant (we recommend using yellow, orange and red edible dye colouring), a vanilla ice frosting on top and either apple or maple syrup to fill them with. Make them and wait for everyone to glomp at you for making the best little desserts ever!

     2. Pumpkin Spice Soup

     It's mid-October, the weather has finally set in and the temperature is getting lower as the leaves fall off of the trees; the best part of this season is definitely the cold, breezy air you feel the moment you step outside your house. Even after a long day, nothing could make it better than a homemade pumpkin spice soup. While yes, it is something you have probably tasted in the past, but have you REALLY tried a fall inspired soup before? Because those leaves are not only edible, they are made of mashed pumpkin with a tin of cloves and cinnamon. Our mouth drools by just typing this out! Please, make yourself at home, get on those comfy and fluffy Zafara themed slippers you got and cook this. You can make it on a medium to big sized pot, that way you get to enjoy such an amazing soup for one or two days, or even have guests over! Don't forget to make those leaf-shaped additions, maybe you could even replace bread from the market and make it yourself!

     3. Harvest Soup Bowl

     Please, hear us out! With the leftover pumpkin spice soup you have probably made by now, we will make a new one! YES, a harvest themed soup bowl for all your friends. This time, we used real leaves, which had been previously cleaned properly, just as a way to display and decorate such a wonderful way to eat a bittersweet pumpkin spice soup. We recommend adding a pinch of cinnamon and ginger, that way you can actually taste the flavour a bit more. Feel free to add any bowl you have, but to feel you are immersing yourself into Thanksgiving feeling, use a leaf-shaped one.

     4. Autumn Herbal Tea

     *zen mode ON* Ah how wonderful it is to get back home after a long day at work, feeding your beautiful neopets whom should be taking a deep nap right now, getting into that comfy and warm clothes and make yourself get cozier with a herbal tea for the season. This herbal tea is made with the finest herbs and maple leaves you can find at Illusen's garden. We heard that she is giving them for free to commemorate such a wonderful time of the year. You basically need to steep said herbs and leaves for a minute or two, and add just a spoonful of maple syrup to add a tiny flavour of sweetness to it. Don't you smell that mesmerizing aroma now? We can basically taste such an amazing tea by typing this recipe out!

     5. Pumpkin Spice Coffee

     Okay so we are just huge fans of coffee *jumps in the leaves frantically* Pumpkin spice coffee is actually super easy to make, and every neopet on Neopia will LOVE to try this out. We suggest harvesting some good pumpkins from farms in Meridell; people say they are richer in flavour and a bit bigger in shape than most pumpkins and gourds. You have to boil them for a bit, to later make a good mashed pumpkins (please, do not add salt as we want it to taste as sweet as possible) Once the mashed pumpkins have cool down, grab a spoonful of it and mix it with your favorite instant coffee. It can be mocaccino, latte, or just regular espresso. Whisk them all well and fast, and then add boiled water. For those who love creamer, replace water for warm milk. Please, send us selfies with these beautiful pumpkin spice coffees we are sure you're going to try.

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