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How to get your pet squeaky clean

by jackie09880


     Did your pet spend another day at the Meridell Rubbish Dump? Even the Faeries up in the clouds can smell it, time for a bath.

     Rumor has it, that maraquan pets, love taking baths, but there are also those that are a bit stubborn and won`t listen when their owner tells them, that they need to clean themselves up.

     Here is a list of items, that will help your pets enjoy their bathtime and of course get them clean as well. There is also a section on this list with items you should avoid at all costs. Let`s get started.

     Recommended Items

     Plain White Bath Tub - The right bath tub can already make or break your bath time. Most neohomes have the standard plain white bath tub in their bathrooms and there is nothing wrong with that. This tub fits every pet, no matter how small or big. It`s recommended to those that like a simple bathroom interior.

     Faerie Bath Tub - Some pets find the plain white bath tub boring. How can they enjoy their bath, if they already refuse to step into the tub? This fancy faerie bath tub will certainly intrigue them. It`s a bestseller in Faerieland. High quality and cute design, will make your pet jump right in.

     White Petpet Bath Tub - As many owners already have their hands full with the care of their pets, their petpets often get forgotten. Are you sure that the stinky smell comes from your pet and not the petpet it is attached to? Petpets notoriously like jumping into Turmac`s hole and get all muddy, please do not forget your petpets hygiene. The white petpet bath tub is the smaller version of the plain white bath tub und was especially made for petpets. You could wash your petpet in a normal bathtub as well, but it is environment friendlier to save on water with this smaller bath tub.

     JubJub Bubble Bath - Bubble Baths are fun for young, old and everyone in between. This jubjub bubble bath was inspired by the game jubble bubble, as can be seen by the overall look of the bottle. There is no other bubble bath that makes as many magnificent bubbles as this one does. The bubbles are soft, but also sturdy and will hold for a long time. They will still be there when your pets fingers will start to get pruny.

     Honey Bubble Bath - If you prefer a bubble bath with a fragrance and that is also good for your skin, i recommend the Honey Bubble Bath. Honey has been deemed an amazing ingredient in health and skincare for a long time. The honey is this bubble bath is of high moisturizing quality as has been approved by 100% of buzz`s in and around neopia. The fragrance is sweet, but also makes you feel warm and comfy.

     Donut Bath Bomb - As amazing as bubble baths are, some pets like their bath bombs even more. If you can`t decide between the two options, how about just using both and having double the joy?! This donut bath bomb looks amazingly like a real donut, but please remember that it should not be eaten. The water of your bath will turn a nice shade of pink with a few streaks and swirls of other colors that look like sprinkles on the donut. As the bath bomb slowly dissolves, a bright blue from the inside of the bomb will join the other colors. The smell of sweet donut glaze is almost overwhelming, but if you like donuts, you should go for to this bath bomb.

     Avocado Bath Bomb - A more natural bath bomb, compared to the donut bath bomb is the avocado bath bomb. Avocado is a trend food which can now also be a part of your bathing experience, that will turn the water in your tub into a soft shade of green. Shaped like an avocado, smells like an avocado is the slogan and no fan of avocados has ever been disappointed by this bath bomb.

     Raspberry-Scented Bath Salt - If you just want a nice scented bath for your pet without all the other flourish, a scented bath salt will be perfect for you. Even a tiny bit of the salt will wrap you in a strong fruity raspberry scent. How about putting a yummy fruit salad near your bath tub, so you can munch on some pieces while enjoying the refreshing bath?

     Cucumber Melon Shampoo and Cucumber Melon Conditioner - Did you already decide on which bath tub and bath ingredient you like the most? Now it`s time to start with the cleaning process. There are so many different kinds of shampoo and conditioners that you can easily get overwhelmed. Shiny Hair, soft hair, fluffy hair, different shampoo, different result, so what should you choose? Of all those choices i decided to recommend you the cucumber melon shampoo and conditioner. They come in a simple design bottle, but they are perfect for everyday use. Cucumber and melon have a nice smell, you won`t easily get tired of. Your pets will love having nice and silky fur.

     Feather Conditioner - While the cucumber melon conditioner can be used for every pet, owners of pets such as eyrie, pteri and vandagyre swear by the feather conditioner. If your pet has feathers this might be your go to conditioner, since it will leave your pets feathers soft and healthy looking, perfect for flying around. The pump dispenser is also super practical.

     Heart Shaped Soap - There are many liquid soaps, but we all love a good solid piece of soap. You can regularly change which soap you buy and the different shapes and fragrances will keep your pet interested it and want to play with it. Washing your hands and your pets paws can be done with such cute soaps. For this list i chose the heart shaped soap, so that your pet will always know how much they mean to you.

     Goldy Bath Scrubber - Some pets might have trouble reaching their toes because of a slightly lager belly (of course they are only trying to impress king hagan with their own impressive girth) or even their back, because they have shorter arms. Whatever the case may be, the goldy bath scrubber will help them reach those places. Besides the practical long handle, another feature is the double sided sponge. On one side is a soft and gentle sponge that especially pets with sensitive skin will appreciate, the sponge on the other side is a bit more harsher, but will help you get rid of even the most persistent dirt.

     Dartail Bath Toy - Your pet is still not convinced about taking a bath? There is no way, it can refuse playing with a bath toy. There are some nice inflatable bath toys, but the ultimate hit with your pets will be a wind up toy. Having the toy whizzing around in the water could keep your pets occupied for hours if needed. Just wind it up and let the fun begin. There are so many different kinds of windup toys for your bath, the assortment is amazing. Is your pet a peophin or likes peohins? Then buy them a peophin bath toy? Does your pet like goldy? Then buy them a goldy bath toy. Buy them one or even more in every available color. But a good starting point for a bath toy is the dartail bath toy, it`s swimming very smoothly thru the water, without making much noise or splashing around and of course it is cute to look at.

     Mynci Hair Dryer - Some pets have either lots of fur or hair. Some even wear their wigs while bathing and while some of those floor length wigs might look magnificent, it would take a long time to dry. The mynci hair dryer was made for pets who want to look their best on valentines day, but of course you can also use it on any other day of the year. There are different settings, the strongest one being so strong, that your pets hair will be dry in seconds.

     Air Faerie Hair Brush - As mentioned, there are many different hair conditions and styles. Even while using the mynci hair dryer, your hair won`t just magically fall right into place. For that to happen you need a hair brush. The choices are again endless and sometimes it takes a bit of trying out to find the perfect brush for your pet. Nevertheless i recommend the air faerie hair brush. The air faerie does have good looking hair, doesn`t she? But that it not the reason why i chose to recommend this item. Even pets with split ends or unruly curls will be surprised by how soft, just like a cloud their hair will feel after using this brush.

     Now after all of that, you can finally have your pet back in it`s finest garb (or tattered clothes, if that is what your pet prefers as it`s own style). But we are not finished with this list.

     While there are so many useful bathing items, there are also a few that would bring a good bathing experience crashing down, or maybe the aren`t the hype that you would expect.

     Some adventurous pets might like these items, they aren`t completely bad. Decide for yourself if you want your pet to have them or not.

     Not Recommended Items

     Dung Bath Tub - Yuck! This is the worst smelling bath tub. Normally a bath tub doesn`t smell, but this one was made out of dung. The creator of this unique piece of furniture must be a fan of dung, because no normal pet can stand the smell without retching. Stay as far away from this bath tub as possible, not only because of the smell, because it also won`t help in cleaning your pets, it will rather make them worse. If you still would like to give this tub a try, i recommend to hold your breath the whole time.

     Esophagor Bath Tub - Halloween fans and residents of the haunted woods really like this tub and it`s spooky chic. Other pets complained that they will get nightmares from just looking at it. You certainly will need to be very brave to step into the darkness of the esophagor.

     Miso Soup Bath - Miso soup is absolutely delicious, but you really need to love that soup to want to bathe in it. There is a big chance of the hot soup burning your pet and while the ingredients are tasty, it`s questionable if they will help your pet get clean at all. You should stick with eating your miso soup and not bathing in it.

     Voidberry-Scented Bath Salt - It would most likely be a nice bath salt if you could detect any scent at all, but this voidberry scented bath salt, doesn´t smell like anything at all. The voidness of this bath salt will leave you utterly unimpressed.

     Gravy Conditioner and Gravy Shampoo - Gravy, another thing you`d like to eat, but not necessarily use to wash your pets with. The conditioner and shampoo smell and taste like gravy, but there are absolutely no hair care ingredients anywhere in the bottles. Your friends might even wonder, if someone stumbled while serving dinner and dropped a whole bowl of gravy onto you by mistake.

          Sandy Body Wash - The vast lands of the lost desert give an endless supply of this sandy body wash. The sand feels like an abrasive peeling and it`s not easy to wash off. It`s not good for your pets skin and you might even end up clogging the drain in your tub. This body wash is only recommended to those that want to put sand all over themselves, but most pets would just feel uncomfortable with all the crunchy sand sticking to them.

     Darigan Foamy Soap - Your pet liked the esophagor bath tub? Then it might also like the darigan foamy soap, because it`s also scary. On the bottle are eeryie looking eyes and the red color of the foam is slightly unsettling. Stay away from this foamy soap, if you`re easily scared then you should definitely stick to more cute looking products.

     Bone Soap - There is thankfully no bone smell on this soap and the bright pink color and shape will attract pets as much as the heart shaped soap from the list of recommended items. There really isn`t anything negative about this soap, but we all also know, how much Lupe and Gelerts love bones. They might be so enthralled by the soap, that they end up biting into it without even thinking and eating soap is really bad for everyone. Please clearly and strongly remind your pets that this soap should not be eaten even if they are tempted.

     Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy - You might be thinking "How cute, a bath buddy!" but this one belongs to dr. sloth and he is not interested in selling, sharing or lending it to you. And you really don`t want to get on Dr. Sloths bad side. And while this item looks like a nice addition to your bathroom, it is in fact a very powerful and dangerous battledome weapon. If you should get your hands on one, don`t take it to the bath with you, it`s not a toy. If you give it to your pet for the battledome, that`s fine. I am sure, your pet will become a battledome champion!

     Snapping Jetsam Bath Toy - Looks like another great windup bath toy, or doesn`t it? The toy was made so that it looked exactly like a Jetsam, sharp teeth included. A mechanism that makes the jetsam toy snap was also included and there is the problem, no one wants to get snapped at while taking a bath. There is no news of any pet ever getting harmed while playing with this toy, but please be careful and buy at your own risk.

     Mutant Tentacle Hair Brush - The moment you`ve washed your hair and it`s all fresh and clean is a nice feeling, sadly the mutant tentacle hair brush will leave lots of gooey tentacle slime all over your pets head. The tentacles also have a tendency to pull on the hair or just hold on to it so strong that you can`t continue brushing. The eyeballs and teeth on the brush are also not visually appealing. Mutant pets however love this brush and swear that it makes them look even more strikingly mutated.

     Fiery Comb - Last but not least is the fiery comb, which can be nice and warm in the colder winter months, but then again it can also burn most of your pets hair and fur off. The smell of singed hair is not pleasant. After one use you won't have enough hair to comb anyway, so most pets won`t like this comb. But again there is a special niche for a product like this, fire pets can use this comb without having to worry about anything.

     Feel free to take an inspiration from this list and have fun pampering your pets.

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