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"The History of Dirt" by vampie_cat
"I know what this is," Scy said matter-of-factly. "I know exactly what we're digging up." The Shoyru was sitting atop a mound of freshly dug dirt, on her fifth or sixth mandatory break of the day. Pausing a moment in his own digging, Arkri could see the handle of her shovel sticking out near the bottom of the mound, but otherwise the little hill was covered with dozens of dirty books. "Oh yeah?" Arkri responded with a shrug and turned back to the hole he was creating. "And what's that?" Scy did not immediately answer, but he didn't expect her to. Either she just enjoyed being a terrible tease or she was just absent minded enough that she could acknowledge his reply then immediately forget that she was supposed to respond in turn, the Lupe still wasn't sure. But he didn't think too much about it, instead deciding to just refocus on his digging.

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The History of Dirt
Takes place during the Mysterious Dig Site chapter of the Obelisk, prior to the discovery of the Obelisk.

by vampie_cat


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For Wocky Day

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I've got a great, non-doomy feeling about this!

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Happy (belated) anniversary, Neopets!

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