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Farming Games Guide: Part Two

On the previous part of this article, I introduced you to the concept of a farming game. Just to summarize, it is a game that the only variable is the time requested for you to play. You can score as many as you want, since you are familiar with the important, but fairly simple strategy involved.

Collaboration with bartdrunkeys

by nice_collector

That’s so Fetch! Tips for a Trophy

If you want to re-visit a game you might have played in your childhood and pick up a nifty new trophy while you’re at it, this guide is for you!

by neo_kid_851
Top 16 Positive Random Events around Neopia

Be positive random events

by xlorally
How to get your pet squeaky clean

Funny Item Shopping List

by jackie09880
Keeping Up With Your Busy Shop

This is about restocking busy shops and different methods people can use to maximize their sales

by ashleyroxyersox
The Facets of Naming: What Should I Call My Pet?

With the arrival of the new pet slots, a lot of Neopians are wondering which pets they will create. It’s hard to decide, but once you have figured out which colors and species you want, your pets have to have names. Maybe you’ve browsed petpages full of untaken names, but you just can’t find one you like. That’s why I am here to help you name your beloved pet. There are six facets of naming which I will discuss: Fitting to color or species, fitting to customization, compounds, pairing with existing pets, misspells, and foreign real words and names.

by _brainchild_
Species Customization: Wocky

For Wocky Day

by aleu1986
15 Cosy Reads for Winter

Winter has to be one of the best seasons for staying at home, curling up in a cosy armchair, and losing oneself in a good book. With the snowflakes swirling outside the window, your knees tucked up to your chest under a blanket, and a mug of hot chocolate in hand, there is no activity more suitable than reading. Here are some books that will keep you entertained all winter!

Also by sarahsosilly and electroclash

by winterteas

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Keeping Up With Your Busy Shop

How many times has this happened to you? Your shop is fully stocked with items, you have everything priced accordingly, and your shop is officially ready for business. But when you check your shop later that evening you find that a majority of your items in there have already sold out. How could this happen to you so quickly? You are absolutely thrilled that you have (hopefully) scored some major neopoints from your massive sales... but now you need to attempt to restock everything all over again. Where do you even begin? It's going to take so much time and energy to find each item again and price everything back to the way it was. You might even ask yourself if it's even worth it to start all over.

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Rohane’s quest
The thing that Rohane couldn't quite wrap his head around was how a day that had started off so ridiculously boring had ended so terribly messed up.

by heautontimouromenos


The History of Dirt
Takes place during the Mysterious Dig Site chapter of the Obelisk, prior to the discovery of the Obelisk.

by vampie_cat


The Dark Detective:Part Two
“On the plus side – the rain has stopped.” Dark the Darigan Draik said cheerfully, as his best friend was bent over a bucket, the tips of her fluffy pink ears visible – and slightly green. She heaved again, and he patted her back soothingly.

by tanikagillam


Mystery of the Brightville Vanishing:Part Six
Her curly hair was tousled, and she looked terrified. Much to Orlitz’s relief, though, she did not appear hurt. Behind her, a trapdoor had been propped open with a box. The cybunny attempted to open the door, but it was locked.

by josephinefarine


Etta and the Old Timesake, Part 5
I've got a great, non-doomy feeling about this!

by shadowstrand


Wheel World Problems
What prize awaits you?

Collaboration with johannabelle2009

by jessica_sweetie8

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