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Etta and the Old Timesake, Part 5

I've got a great, non-doomy feeling about this!

by shadowstrand
I love screen-shaking random events

An earthquake!

by alphachicky
{ Crowded Woods } Clingy Petpet

Don't get too attached!

by candyplague
Please Confirm You're Not a Robot


by purplegirl_2012
The Party

Staying home was a better idea.

by trishabeakens
Life Comes At You Fast

Happy (belated) anniversary, Neopets!

by krawkgirl186
A Previously-Unseen Side Of The Neopian Holidays 1

Part of the fun is, everyone celebrates in different ways!

by korbat2_5
Wheel World Problems

What prize awaits you?

Collaboration with johannabelle2009

by jessica_sweetie8

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How to get your pet squeaky clean

Did your pet spend another day at the Meridell Rubbish Dump? Even the Faeries up in the clouds can smell it, time for a bath. Rumor has it, that maraquan pets, love taking baths, but there are also those that are a bit stubborn and won`t listen when their owner tells them, that they need to clean themselves up. Here is a list of items, that will help your pets enjoy their bathtime and of course get them clean as well. There is also a section on this list with items you should avoid at all costs. Let`s get started. Recommended Items Plain White Bath Tub - The right bath tub can already make or break your bath time.

Other Stories


The History of Dirt
Takes place during the Mysterious Dig Site chapter of the Obelisk, prior to the discovery of the Obelisk.

by vampie_cat


Rohane’s quest
The thing that Rohane couldn't quite wrap his head around was how a day that had started off so ridiculously boring had ended so terribly messed up.

by heautontimouromenos


Farming Games Guide: Part Two
On the previous part of this article, I introduced you to the concept of a farming game. Just to summarize, it is a game that the only variable is the time requested for you to play. You can score as many as you want, since you are familiar with the important, but fairly simple strategy involved.

Collaboration with bartdrunkeys

by nice_collector


Top 16 Positive Random Events around Neopia
Be positive random events

by xlorally


The Book of the Twelve:Part Ten
X-I. Lamora, the Beautiful

by herdygerdy


Mystery of the Brightville Vanishing:Part Six
Her curly hair was tousled, and she looked terrified. Much to Orlitz’s relief, though, she did not appear hurt. Behind her, a trapdoor had been propped open with a box. The cybunny attempted to open the door, but it was locked.

by josephinefarine

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