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Etta and the Old Timesake, Part 5

by shadowstrand

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The Facets of Naming: What Should I Call My Pet?
With the arrival of the new pet slots, a lot of Neopians are wondering which pets they will create. It’s hard to decide, but once you have figured out which colors and species you want, your pets have to have names. Maybe you’ve browsed petpages full of untaken names, but you just can’t find one you like. That’s why I am here to help you name your beloved pet. There are six facets of naming which I will discuss: Fitting to color or species, fitting to customization, compounds, pairing with existing pets, misspells, and foreign real words and names.

by _brainchild_


Wheel World Problems
What prize awaits you?

Collaboration with johannabelle2009

by jessica_sweetie8


The Book of the Twelve:Part Ten
X-I. Lamora, the Beautiful

by herdygerdy


The History of Dirt
Takes place during the Mysterious Dig Site chapter of the Obelisk, prior to the discovery of the Obelisk.

by vampie_cat

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