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Brujyh's Battledome Brawl

by wellthatsfantastic


      "One, two, three….and go!” Prince_Hailstorm, the ice Draik, shouted. Two blurs of color, one brown and one the electric blue of a different dimension streaked past him. Hail flew up into the air to better keep an eye on his friends as they took off across the racetrack. Poogle racing had been temporarily suspended as Poogle Four was down with the Neoflu and both Peophins agreed that now was the best time to train.

      Brujyh the dimensional colored and older of the two, began to edge ahead of his younger sister. He’d just started training at the not-so-secret Secret Training School underneath Techo Mountain and had a lot to prove. The peo was gearing up for his next avatar and knew he had to be in tip top shape for everyone told him that the Space Faerie was no joke in the arena and was only bested by the best of the best. Pure_Decadence, a chocolate Peophin who preferred hitting the NC mall for the latest fashion to hitting the Battledome for a new brawl, was holding her own against him.

      The two rounded the last corner, Deca a few feet behind and Brujyh put on a burst of speed. Deca scoffed and tossed her head as her brother quickly out distanced her. “That’s not even fair!” she shouted to the wind. Her gaze travelled skyward when she heard Hail chuckling above her. Sunlight glinted off his ice wings and she winced as it reflected into her eyes. “Get down here!” she called up to him good-naturedly and watched as he dropped like a petpet shot from a cannon. His wings snapped open right before he hit the ground and he landed with a soft thud, exhaling and shaking his head to get his red hair out of his eyes.

      “I’ll never get used to this dye job” the young Draik told his friend.

      “Oh please, blonde is so last season, red and green is the new black” the chocolate Peophin retorted back, patting her auburn locks. With a small twirl that sent her dress twirling in the Spring hair she sauntered back towards the starting line where her brother was waiting for them, pacing back and forth.

      “Hurry it up you two love Pteris!” Brujyh called out when he saw that neither of his companions were in any rush to make it back to him. “I still have so much training to do!” He looked down at his list of goals to cross off and frowned when he saw that his movement was still a little below the 220 he was aiming for. “388 strength, 385 defense, 384 endurance… gosh that movement though.” He frowned.

      “Stop worrying. You’re going to do fine.” Hail said, coming to stand beside the overly antsy peo. He snatched the list out of Bru’s hoof and crumpled it in a ball. “Statistics aren’t everything! You still have to worry about weapons plus you have to go see Aethia and cash in all those bottled faeries. As she always says ‘Battledome success takes more than fancy weapons, it’s always good to have a few special abilities at your disposal, too!” He winked at Bru, reciting the script word for word.

      “Ah my friend but that’s where you are wrong.” Brujyh smiled as he walked over to his rucksack that he’d left sitting near the start line. “Behold!”

      Pure_Decadence had finally made her way back to her brother as well, leaning in to check out what he had to show she gasped and jumped back. “Really Brujyh!” she exclaimed with disgust.

      Hail peeked around her and started laughing. “Are… are those smelly dung muffins?” He asked. Brujyh nodded, clearly pleased that his friend knew exactly what they were. “I thought you were fighting her with your turned tooths?” Hail inquired slightly exasperated. “You’ve practiced so much with them!”

      “Oh I’ll be using them too but word on the street states that she’s super weak against smelly dung muffins.” Bru said with a wink in Hail’s direction.

      “Of course she is! The Space Faerie is the epitome of fashion! Who wants gross muffins thrown at them and ruining their dress?” Deca exclaimed from a few feet away, eyeing the bag like it was a kad that wouldn’t stop mewing.

      Brujyh chuckled “So the Battledome chat had it right after all then.” He glanced down at his pocket watch. “I’ll be off then! I’m hitting up the Kelp for a nice Spicy Radish Salad before heading to the arena” Brujyh gave them a wave and headed off.

      ~~13 Kad Pends Later~~

      Brujyh stretched out, flexing his neck and curling his tail up. He was standing in the waiting area of the battledome, fully stocked up with six smelly dung muffins, his two beloved turned tooths and enough faerie abilities to take out Turmaculus. “Well here goes nothing” he said to himself as he heard the screams and cheers from the Neopets awaiting in the audience. “Avoid the Attack Fork, no need to worry about the Stone Hourglass, run when she uses Supersize Gargantuplex, cry when she brings out the Wand of the Space Faerie, and swat those nasty Exploding Space Bugs. She can’t be all that terrifying.” The chime of a bell brought Brujyh back to the moment. He felt a quick shiver go through him as the gate started to draw down. Stepping into the arena he finally came eye to eye with his opponent.

      “Let’s get this over with!” The Space Faerie shouted out to him and bore down on him quickly. Brujyh blanched and threw a smelly dung muffin at her, completely missing, before he had to roll out of the way to avoid her attack. Somersaulting underneath her, Brujyh flipped around and tossed two more muffins at her. With a splat one made contact with her back and the other smashed right into her hair.

      “Eugh yuck!” She screamed out and turned around. Brujyh was too slow and took an Attack Fork to the head before moving out of range. “Fly!” She shouted with a fierce battle cry and released a swarm of Exploding Space Bugs. Brujyh avoided the attack by using burrow to go underground, the bugs only clipping the end of his tail. He popped back up on the opposite side of the battlefield and reached for his muffins again.

      “Uhoh!” He proclaimed as he noticed them sitting next to the Space Faerie where he must have clearly dropped them. He pulled out both his Turned Tooth and squared his shoulders. The Space Faerie zoomed after him and Brujyh, releasing his Warlock’s Rage, ran right towards her. With a terrible crash the two combatants came together in a cloud of dust.

      The audience quieted, everyone’s eyes turned towards the center of the arena as the smoke cleared. Wild applause broke out as they noticed the Space Faerie’s health meter was at 0 and Brujyh was left with 187 remaining health points. “Wow, we could use you in the next war!!!” the Space Faerie said, getting up from the ground.

      “It was my honor to battle you!” Brujyh replied back. “Oh um.. sorry about your outfit. Please feel free to bill me for the dry cleaning.” The two warriors shook hand and hoof and when Brujyh pulled his hoof back he was holding two pieces of paper.

      He looked down at the first one. “Something Has Happened! You have defeated the Space Faerie in the 1-player Battledome and can now use the avatar on the boards” With a smile Brujyh turned to the second piece of paper, the smile slipping from his face. He looked back at the Space Faerie. “Do you always keep a quote for your dry cleaning on hand?” He asked bemused.

      The Space Faerie looked back at him with a grin. “You think you’re the first Neopet to hit me with a Smelly Dung Muffin? Please that’s the oldest trick in the book.”

      The End.

      Author's Note: Thank you Brujyh for letting me use you to fight against the Space Faerie again so I’d have on hand knowledge of her attacks. Sorry but thanks for being a great battle pony.



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