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*throws cookies at Scrappy* Why does Fun Neopets 8th Birthday Cake still restock in the bakery? Wouldn't that have gone bad by now? ~sportsagain
Well, I'm no baker but I heard rumors that a certain powerful Faerie is absolutely obsessed with that cake. She managed to use some kind of magic to keep it just as delicious as the day it was released. I'm not claiming there to be any truth behind it, but from what I've heard it makes a lot of sense. I wonder which Faerie it could be....

Hi Scrappy, I was curious about what causes a submission to be rejected for too many good entries compared to getting held over for publication in the week after instead? It's a little disheartening to have to resubmit again if a submission could have been saved for a later issue anyway. Thanks. ~winner19955
Well, as you know I get lotssss of amazing submission for Neopian Times. However, if i held them all over then some of them wouldn't be posted until months later. There are simply too many submissions for them all to be accepted. While I would LOVE to post everyone's, sadly there is a limit. Therefore, some get deleted if they are not as relevant/original as others. I do not want this to discourage you as a writer, as you are all ah-mazing! Just keep in mind I can get up to 30 article submissions a week, obviously not all of them can be held over but I do my best to squeeze extras in and accept as many as I can!

With the Altador Cup upon us, last year's disease that swept through a few teams made some of us a little nervous to participate. Are there some general tips you could list for us to avoid a potential freezing? Specifically, is it okay to post on the boards on a side account in a different browser while playing on your main account? (this doesn't seem to be against the rules, but the multiple account abuse is a problem I don't want to be confused with.)
Well, the first thing I would do is review the FAQ section of Altador Cup here. However, it is totally within rules to post on the boards with a side account. You can use any account to post on the boards! Also, when the official tournament begins you will be able to review the Rules Page, which will give you all the specifics on what is and isn't allowed!

Hiya Scrappy!! *gives a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas* If all of the ice on Terror Mountain melted, and flooded all of Neopia, and Mr. Chipper's ice cream cart was permanently stuck in your Neohome's yard, which flavor ice cream would you ask for an unlimited supply of? ~mudsdale
OMG these are absolutely amazingly (is that a word? who knows) beautiful! Thank you so much for this lovely gift!! First off, let me just say that would be awesome! Not all the melting and stuff but like ice cream permanently on my door step?!?! WOOOOOO! Now choosing one flavor is difficult but I would have to go with chocolate. I don't know if you know this about me...but I LOVE CHOCOLATE!

Hello! I've been wondering about the chances of being published twice in one week (ex.twice by the same user, or once by the user and once by another user that collaborated with the first user). There's a fan site that says it's unlikely, and of course I've not been able to stop thinking about it since I saw it. ~juggal3tt3j
Great question! I often get numerous entries from one user at the same time. While they may all be relevant and wonderful submissions, it would simply not be fair to the other writers still waiting to get published to post multiple submissions by one author/artist. So, to answer your question, no we do not post multiple submissions by one Neopian in the same issue.

Hey Scrappy! *offers authentic ramen* My husband and I have been talking about our anniversary gifts and I offered the hint for "neo-related." He caught up to my hint and offered to pay for premium which I'm very thankful of! I have noticed multiple people stating that premium is glitched at the moment and charging not only twice, but three times! This is also happening to people barely buying premium which my husband wants to do for me. Honestly, he is having second thoughts of getting the premium for me :( I'd like to ask your opinion when will premium's glitch will be fixed and when will be a good time to purchase premium? (He would like to pay for the annual sale, but for now I can settle for regular 'till the sale arrives!). Thank you for reading this!
*squints suspiciously at this non-cookie food...continues to eat it anyways* Yes this has definitely been taken into account by our team! We have looked into this problem thoroughly and it is being handled. You should be fine to purchase premium and if you had questions/problems with anything then you can send in a ticket and a member of our team will help you out!

Hey girl, *sprinkles a little bit of cookie* I was just wondering if *sprinkles more cookie* there would ever be an introduction *sprinkles more cookie* of a new island in Neopia? *sprinkles the rest of the cookie* ~drawlies
*anxiously collecting all the pieces* Okay I think I got them all, its all good! Interesting question, very interesting indeed. Speaking completely hypothetically, if I did know something like that, which I don't, then hypothetically, I would say it could be possible, at some point, I mean, I think it could be, you know....hypothetically.

Hey there, Scrappy! I'm working on a series for the NT, but I've noticed that there haven't been any new series published lately! From what I can tell, even before, only one new series seemed to get published per week, at most. Are there just not that many submissions, or do series really have a lower chance of getting into the NT, probably since they're harder to edit? ~eyre101619
Hi there!! First off, I am stoked to see your series! I LOVE series!!! And while submissions are booming for just about every other category, the series submissions have been a little slow lately. However, I would say they have the same chance of being accepted as any other submission! With that said, I am very much looking forward to reading your series :)

Will NT editors stop working if we don't feed them? ~bori_bomber

Hi Scrappy, hands you a large sweet tea. man is hot outside. I want to change the gender of my pet on my side account by battling the Lab Ray Scientist. I know I can't earn NPs or items on side accounts but can't afford 1 mill NPs for the potion either. So my question is how long do I have to play on my side account for it be deemed my main account? Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day :) ~nonamejustgames
Hello friend!! So, there is no formal way for switching a side account to a main account. Basically, stop doing any Neopoint earning activities on any of your other accounts (I would give this a few day buffer), and then start earning NPs on your new main account. It is basically up to you, as soon as you start treating your account as your main one then it will become that! However, just be careful not to earn Neopoints on both accounts or it will look like multi-account abuse. Other than that, you should be good to go! I wish you the best of luck in your future Lab Ray endeavors!

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