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102 New Things To Do In Neopia

by dunefurandlilypelt


There comes a time in the life of every Neopian when they simply become bored. Bored. Such a terrible word, am I right? Well, I’m here to give you a bunch of things to do so you can get over that boredom or avoid it completely.

I came up with this list out of a mixture of boredom and inspiration, actually. It got me to stop being bored! So take my advice. Follow the liiiiiiiiiist.

Some of these things may not be new to you. But, even if they aren’t, maybe do them anyways and see if you have some fun!

Let’s begin the list:

  1. Enter an article into the Neopian Times
  2. Enter a short story into the Neopian Times
  3. Ask the most random question you can think of to the Editorial
  4. Play a Flash Game you’ve never played before
  5. Walk into the nearest restaurant and have a conversation with the first Neopet you see there
  6. Say, “Hi” to one Neopet of every species
  7. Eat a slice of Yogurt and Asparagus Pizza
  8. Write for the Storytelling Competition (Don’t worry, it’s not too impossible-I won once!)
  9. Relax in a tree outside your Neohome and read one of your Neopets’ books
  10. Go on an adventure!
  11. Try a Squibble Berry
  12. Enter the Beauty Contest
  13. Try to get an avatar (any one-every avatar counts!)
  14. Try to beat your high score on any game
  15. Dress up your favorite pet in a wacky costume
  16. Edit your pets’ pet pages
  17. Buy as many slushies as you can for under 2,000 NP, and drink them all (or give them out to strangers)
  18. Pledge allegiance to one of the following: Queen Fyora, Dr. Sloth, or King Skarl
  19. Go for a swim in the nearest ocean
  20. Ask (and hopefully get answers to) all of your petpet-related questions at your local PPL office
  21. Make a new friend!
  22. Dance to the Blue Kacheek Group or Yes Boy Ice Cream
  23. Attend a concert in Tyrannia
  24. Accidentally spell Tyrannia “Tryannia” (As you can guess, I myself did this)
  25. Spend a whole day in Terror Mountain
  26. Spend a whole day in the Lost Desert
  27. Set one goal for yourself (You don’t necessarily have to reach it, you just have to set it)
  28. Ride the Merry Go Round
  29. Take a Mystery Island Tiki Tour
  30. Observe petpets in their natural habitats and take notes
  31. Donate one book, one (non-rotten!) omelette, and one petpet to the Money Tree
  32. Take 5 items out of your Safety Deposit Box and either use them, place them in your shop, donate them, or discard them
  33. Play with all of your pets (even the ones on any side accounts you have)
  34. Go to the Pound, and even if you don’t have room to adopt one, brighten at least one pet’s day
  35. High-five everyone you see. Even if it’s Dr_Death or Dr. Sloth
  36. Read 10 Neopedia entries
  37. Catch up on the New Features
  38. Neomail any random Neopian
  39. Chat with someone on the Neoboards
  40. Drink a coffee drink while reading the Neopian Times (which you are doing right now. So go get that coffee drink!)
  41. Go to Kelp. You deserve it!
  42. Go to the Golden Dubloon. You can afford it!
  43. Start a side account
  44. Share this list with someone else
  45. Spend one afternoon in the Games Room and see how many Neopoints you can make
  46. Gush at a baby Gallion (not the color Baby, just a young one)
  47. Daydream about paint color combinations you’ll never be able to afford at the Rainbow Pool
  48. Go to the Hall of Heroes and give the janitor a hug for all he has to deal with
  49. Change your theme for a day
  50. Feed your pets nothing but pie (yay, pie!) for a day
  51. Spend an hour in one land and do everything you can in it (Bonus: Try to do this in Meridell. There’s at least 20 things to click on there)
  52. Play a game of Yooyuball
  53. Talk to all of your pets’ petpets
  54. Give at least one of your pets a new customization
  55. Take a walk with your pets
  56. Pick your favorite color/pet combinations from the 5 latest pet days
  57. Count how many pet days there are in each month
  58. Go to the Calendar and look at anything
  59. Try to answer the Daily Puzzle without any help
  60. Do your dailies (all of them)
  61. Have exactly 49 items in your inventory (so you can buy 1 thing!)
  62. Spend 20 minutes looking through the Money Tree, the Second Hand Shoppe, and the Rubbish Dump
  63. Pick your top 5 favorite petpets
  64. Pick your top 5 favorite colors for each of those petpets
  65. Pick your top 5 favorite pets
  66. Pick your top 5 favorite colors for each of those pets
  67. Imagine what omelette lasagna would taste like
  68. Play Dueling Decks and develop a strategy (and try to get a worse score for it than you did for the Daily Dare so you don’t feel bad)
  69. Go to Meri Acres and Pick Your Own
  70. Check into every Neolodge once
  71. Buy all of the Forgotten Shore map pieces, even if you already have
  72. Buy a cheap morphing potion and donate it to the Money Tree
  73. Earn at least 5,000 NP playing games
  74. Plant a new plant in your garden
  75. Climb a wardrobe in your Neohome (good luck not falling over)
  76. Spend an afternoon at the Warf Wharf
  77. Spend the morning in the jungles of Krawk Island
  78. Go snorkeling in Maraqua
  79. Discard your Rancid Old Meat
  80. Take a quest from Jhudora
  81. Take a quest from Taelia
  82. Take a quest from Illusen
  83. Read the day’s weather forecast for a land you would never want to live in
  84. Go visit that land you would never want to live in and be grateful you don’t live there
  85. Get a job at the Faerieland Employment Agency
  86. Buy Healthy Food (not the restaurant, just food from it) and have a healthy picnic
  87. Buy three things on the Shop Wizard for 1 Neopoint each
  88. Donate exactly 1234 Neopoints to the Wishing Well
  89. Volunteer at the Pound to take care of sick and hungry pets
  90. Buy any item each from 5 user shops
  91. Give a 5/5 rating to 10 pets
  92. Wish someone a good day on the Neoboards
  93. Buy a Blazing Stone Mug of Borovan and drink it with extra asparagus
  94. Write a secret message in code on the Neoboards (Mine is 8-5-12-12-15. What does it mean?)
  95. Try to make omelette lasagna
  96. Plan a family fun day with you pets
  97. Redecorate 1 room in your Classic Neohome or Neohome 2.0
  98. Spell faerie “fairy” and gasp in horror
  99. Send a Neomail congratulating someone on their awesome Neopian Times submission/Storytelling entry/Poetry Contest entry/etc. (thanks to the user who did this for my Paint Brush Color Dictionaries: S article!!!!)
  100. Act REALLY silly for a whole day!!!!!!!!!!
  101. Fix all of your “101” lists to “102” lists
  102. Redo any of the items on this list!

I hope that reading this list and doing some of the items stopped you from being bored! And I hope that you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go try to make me some omelette lasagna.

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